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    Lord of Envy? I guess I'm envying those in the Beta :D

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    posted a message on Q&A seriously?

    Anyway, here's a quick summary of what was said (those are not their words)


    64-bit explain a bit how it will improve our experience: Load times, Direct X-11, etc.

    Paragon: No plans. Challenge Rift will be there to somewhat solve this issue.

    Waste: Additional change soon on PTR

    Necromancer --- What about Poison? : Blood and Decay. Poison hasn't come into it yet. They want Necro and WD to be different and WD already has poison.

    Will PS4 and XBone get the patch at the same time as PC? : Yes, and they will get seasons too.

    Saffron Wrap --- Any plan to incorporate Overpower into a Barb Set? : They will let people experience it and see later on what they can do with it.

    Solo vs Group --- Group more rewarding: It's on our radar

    Akkhan --- any plan to rework it? : We're interested to see what kind of builds people come up with before seeing what to do with it.

    More Achievements? : More to come with Necromancer patch.

    Sets vastly outperform others --- how do you feel about it and how to balance them: We don't want people to log in and feel weaker. We buffed some sets on PTR. We plan to continue to monitor the situation.

    Any plan to overhaul and improve the character skill system: We wouldn't rebuild the skill system. Went on to talk about their amazing itemization...

    New transmog for seasonal reward? : New cosmetics for season 9

    Timeline --- S8 ending and S9 starting: Announce more info very soon

    Will there be an alternative true endgame that can compete against GR? : Seasons really help to keep the game fresh. It is an endgame route. No other plans... GR is the place. Challenge Rift also coming... New Challenge Rift on a regular basis.

    Archon skill dominance --- Any plans to increase variety? : Check out Delsere... we'll continue to look at this.

    Why don't CM and Dev develop more with the community? : We're kind of experimenting different ways to communicate with you. The forum is a small community. This Facebook is one of those experiment. We want to reach a broader audience. We tried Twitch, Youtube and now Facebook.

    ---(changes to GR) additional tweaks coming to PTR---

    (Last official question)
    What kind of things the D3 team wants for XMAS? : Wyatt wanted some snow for XMAS... (blah blah blah)

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    Steps to unlock it

    -Rotten Mushroom (level 9 I think)
    -Go back to Adria's cauldron to consume the Rotten Mushroom to get the Witch's Brewl
    -Click on Farnham's Corpse to receive the Drunkard's Dept
    -Click on Ogden's Corpse to receive Garda's Letter
    -Click on Pepin's Corpse to receive Healer's Prescription
    -Click on Griswold's Corpse to receive Wirt's Leg recipe
    -Learn the Recipe at the Blacksmith
    -Go to "Mace" and Craft Wirt's Leg
    -Salvage Wirt's Leg to receive the Map of the Stars
    -Go to where "there's 3 Cow Corpses" (just next to Adria's hut)
    -Click on Corpse #2, then #1 and finish with #3
    -Go inside that Portal
    -Go to the middle
    -Open the Chest
    -Consume the item
    -Enjoy your Cow Pet

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    I hope they have more to reveal because having new zones is irrelevant as long as GR is the place to go. It will be as irrelevant as previously released maps.

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    posted a message on Do you think Diablo 3 will get another expansion?


    Dunno if it's legit or not. Sorry if this was already posted.

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    posted a message on Diablo IV: Who is going to GamesCom?

    Gamescom 2016 for D3 can be resumed this way:


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    Numlock appears to be legit, but as always, using those things at your own risk.

    I think the bigger issue is... why should this even be allowed to exist? Skills like EB and Condemn requires an unhealthy amount of spamming to optimize it. I would be in favor of increasing their cooldown while also increasing the number of blasts (for EB).

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    I remember telling myself "WTF were you thinking?!" when the Warrior took the Soulstone and inserted it into his forehead...

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    posted a message on Would you play season 7 (or any season) if no stash tab given?

    Would I play Season? Well, since most of my friends may be there, I likely would also end up there.

    The issue is that we barely have any activities outside of GR. Once you are sick and tired of GR (like me), NS has very little to offer. If we had other legit end-game activities, then yes, my NS characters would see more usage.

    Gearing up has never been easier. What's left for NS exactly? Paragon grind. I'm not a fan of that... or GR.

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    I find it unlikely that D4 is going to be announced... but who knows.

    I mean, they were recently looking for a game director and also needed to fill some other slots.

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    Yeah, there was a new wave for Thud users I think. It was NOT linked to bots.

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    Paragon only really began to become an issue when the amount of XP you could gain from GR exploded.

    Regardless of what they do with the XP acquisition rate, I personally believe that the current Paragon system is boring.

    Ancient Items = More main stats (except for weapon)
    Paragon = More main stats after Plvl 800
    Augment = More main stats

    I would prefer something that doesn't revolve around that.

    Nowadays, D3 shifted from a Loot Hunting game into a XP farming and fishing simulator.

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    I don't think there's any "new" info about it. I also don't think that "all" botters got caught. It's great thing though.

    I get to drink salty tea for weeks now (made from their tears!) :)

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    posted a message on what happened to the loot hunting?



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    posted a message on How we could put a Stop to Botters from Gaining the Advantage on Legit players
    Quote from Booker64»

    Quote from Shapookya»

    there are 3 possible reasons why botters are not banned.
    1. blizzard can't detect them with a certainty or
    2. they don't give a damn or
    3. both

    4. Warden detected that there is such a huge player base that use bots, they would be eliminating 60-70% of all their players. I don't think that is the case, but it could be a possibility. It would be business suicide for them to ban 60-70% of all their players.

    But at the same time, if they don't do anything, that % may very well grow. It will also make more legitimate players throw in the towel.

    At some point, they need to get rid of rotten apples. That's exactly what we have now. They didn't take action for so long, the decay has spread nearly out of control.

    Drastic actions need to be done. The situation will only worsen if nothing is done.

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