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    posted a message on Razer Chimaera 5.1, are they bad or is it just me?
    So i've been dealing with these Razer Chimaeras for a bit and Razer's Customer Support is mentally handicapped and cannot give me a straight answer. They sent me a replacement pair due to my past pair being "faulty". Nothing changed with the quality. I bought a new sound card (ASUS xonar DG), as it was recommended that I get a new one. Nothing has changed.

    So the problem with these headphones is that I get no surround sound and the quality is on par with a 20$ pair of auvio headphones, probably worse. It only seems to work with a 3.5mm cord which is why I think the quality is so bad, but they SHOULD be compatible with my optical cable, but it doesn't seem to recognize it. I'm not sure if anyone has any idea whats going on with these, but I'd say anyone who bought these probably understand what it sounds like. Anyone have any advice? I feel like I'm doing something wrong and I hope I am.

    BTW I know that the mic is shit, but that doesn't bother me, I just want surround sound.

    TL;DR, My Razer Chimaeras 5.1 don't produce surround sound. It sounds like things just get further or closer to me, theres no distinct direction of sound. I bought a new sound card and got a refurbished pair. Do they just suck or am I doing something wrong? Any advice no matter how small would be great. Thanks
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