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    posted a message on [2.3 PTR] Melee DH?

    So, this was the dream for some of us for quite some time, having a melee DH, if not for progression, atleast for farming maths/rift keys.
    With addition of the cube this adds some new options to the game and as im melee only player im not familiar with DH builds or item bonuses so much. Im playing DH only for fun, so its not quite geared much, nor i go much into gearing for him. Im using Bola melee build just for fun while farming keys.
    So, anyone has any possible ideas for melee build? As i said, the cube is nice new addition and it opens some new possibilities, but will that be good enough to make a way for melee DH in any form?

    Before anyone starts with "DH is made to be ranged and its not gonna happen posts", im well aware of that, im liking idea of having DH assassin build and i love how the one which i found here on forums plays out, as i said, im not looking for progression build, just build to have fun with.
    Ty in advance! :)

    Posted in: Demon Hunter: The Dreadlands
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