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    I play only HC, but i am playing archon-farm build with one of my expendable characters. When i saw your post i thought that you have problem with dps, reflect dmg or movement speed, but you seem to have all.

    I am farming with archon a1 MP1-2, and i am only using archon once per run - at beggining. Thing is, that i get annoyed by recasting armor/magic weapon/familiar spells, so i have 5 of my skill slots wasted "theoreticaly", but in case archon ends i have all utility i need.
    My run of a1 consists of:
    - cementery of forsaken - to get 5NV stacks
    - fields of misery if my archon is ending, or weeping hollow if i have 20-25 secs to spend running to WH
    - durance of hate 2 (or how is it called :-) ) before butcher, and up to butcher.
    When i am ending this run i usually end with 6-10 mins on archon left (this is what blizzard hates ;-) ), so no problems with keeping up archon there.

    That way i get 3 bosses - key warden, warden and butcher
    At MP1 i get arround 45-50M XP (with hellfire ring and socket in helm) per hour/run
    And i get some nice quantity of tomes, gems, essences and such.

    At your build id change "Evocation" passive to "Temporal Flux" for slowing by arcane dmg (all your archon dmg) and instead electrocute id get "Charged bolts - Living Lightning" - it will get your archon back faster. Rest are integral parts of your dps and it is up to you how you want to play (i mean refreshing all the buffs and such).

    I have tried several times to change A1 to A3 runs, but it seems, that i cannot find so many monsters there as in A1, so i passed this idea and i am stably farming A1 without worry, relaxing, just pressing few buttons (in words 3 - beam, boom and teleport).

    Oh if you did not already, check Jaetch's guide, just google "archon guide jaetch" and watch it - it is long, especially gearing part, and even if i dont agree with all his points (this is prolly cause i play HC, and he is playing SC :-) ), it is great guide how to gear/play archon build efectively.

    GL, HF and sometimes dont hesitate to embrace Hardcore part of diablo 3, which is much more engaging than its counterpart.
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    Hey people, "just imagine" your gear and skill build as slider between your surviveability and damage output.

    When you have enough surviveability, you can ignore all damage and CC abilities, same as if you have gazillion dps, you can ignore affixes (except reflect damage - if you are undergeared) too, as you kill elites faster, then they could do something.

    And MP setting is just for people who already outgear lower difficulties, so when you have enough dps to one shot elites even in glass cannon build, then you better increase MP by point or two to get at least some feeling of threat.

    I play only HC, and i never died to chain frozen or such. What always killed me are disconects and undergearing some MP. Yes of course i am afraid every time i encounter frozen-vortex, but i play prepared for this. Got for this diamond skin and teleport always on my skill bar - and yes i am missing some buff/debuff/dps skill because of that, but I am surviving everything including 4 party champions frozen/vortex/shielding/jailer.

    Yes i was once slain by this combination once, but i was really undergeared for that MP1. That said, please do not try to make this thread sound like "OMFG UNAVOIDABLE CC - NERF PLEASE" as I get that impressions when i read this thread. If you go high MP, then take the risk, or play safer, or lower MP, if you cant handle all affixes game is offering to you!
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    posted a message on CC immunity and unavoidable monster abilites
    I dont want to flame or anything, but i just created account to wirte something about unavoidable CC - well TBH it made me quite furious, just that words combination "unavoidable CC" - rofl.

    Well it is not unavoidable at all, you just have to learn how to play against certain affixes ... that is all.

    You have whole range of different gear, so if you cant avoid effectively CC, then put on some more EHP and just "eat" it and learn how you can avoid this.

    I dont know how it feel othes, but if you will put longer CD on casts for elites, then they will just stand there and give away their loot without beign threat at all.

    For ex. - did you know that sequence of casts (shield, frozen, arcane and such) is influenced by affix position in elites position rows? I learned it few days ago, when i noticed that most dangerous elites are those, who have "----","----","frozen","vortex", as the will put down frozen and after that they will use vortex. If it is champion, then you have to think about what to do first.

    I play HC only, and thus far with my barb friend we can do safely MP4 farming and MP3 Ubers. When we get better gear well do higher MPs. Only two factors are holding us back: my low EHP as I am dps, and my friends dps as he is tank

    This was to UNAVOIDABLE affixes - if you are not aware with what elite pack are you fighting, then you deserve to die, this is Diablo.

    To the original CC immunity. Well it is somthing to discuss, because that is just holding back other classes (speaking about babas WotB) as he can afford to be in fight and others have to dodge. I dont know how, but it should be removed, or at least limited - make the rule so each negated CC effect takes one second from your counter of WotB, so if you are good, i mean REALLY GOOD in avoiding all this traps and such, then you can have unlimited WotB.

    To archon - i dont know what to change, as I am quite enjoying solo archon farming with my second alt, it is relaxing, paragons are rising and i am chilling on MP1.
    Maybe some barbarians could suggest a slight "nerf" to archon as I suggested slight "nerf" to WotB, nothing i can add here.
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