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    Hi all,

    Playing the game since launch. Id love to catch up with you all on my twitch stream and theorycraft together: https://www.twitch.tv/heartshard

    Streams are 8am untill 11am +3 GMT, Monday to Friday

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    nice. SM is still stuck fighting with a quiver and a knife and no dual wield. love my quiver of bolts and arrows. they compliment my knife

    still having 3 runes viable for the set out of 5. SM is still going to under-perform.

    great patch. 2 diversity items (belt and dagger) for a set that complements one skill.

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    Hi all,

    I am pushing solo grifts wuth the new S6 DH set. I was hoping someone would know how much a progress orb awards for killing a pack.


    #Heartshard 1549

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    Overall everything seems in order. I would swap the haunt of vaxo for immunity amu if you find and it rolls properly.

    I also pumped up a Zei Stone of Vengence, but switched to Taeguk. Personally I think its better, since Zei is very demanding in range.

    I found that with more cdr we are dropping IAS demand and therefore its easy to manage hatrated spending.

    I am currently struggling to beat level 50. link http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Heartshard-1549/hero/9470744

    Would you recommend a change somewhere? I have an ancient traveler pledge with 860dex, 89 chd and 8% chc (rollable) with socket.

    Do you think its better than the Mara?

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    posted a message on Run Fist of Heaven unruned?
    judgement - resolved + FoH - fissure. I have done a good deed for the day.

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    posted a message on Going for holy dmg. What to change on my gear?
    the comment above & it works best with a Blessed Hammer - Limitless rune. trust me - been there done that
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    I would remove sweep attack and go with the limitless hammer, no point in two wrath spenders. put shield glare with a 20% boost to dmg instead of consecration. put Justice Hammer of pursuit or Crack to max out the blunt passive dmg boost. since u removed 1 wrath spender u have 1 skill slot open, put Judgement with 80% crit chance (plus ur 29% = 100% citical). Remove the life regen on the law and put the 100% boos to crit hit dmg. Heaven Fury goes to Impactful Bombardment.

    On boss packs u pop Judgement100% crit + Law100% crit hit dmg + Bombardment for 3320% percent dmg = 1shot. If u find Mortal Drama like me Heartshard#1549 Bombardment drops twice ... just in case ;)
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    posted a message on Bittercold's Melt Face Build! (Specific gear not needed)
    nop. I think this build has a low synergy. judgement is not needed - get crit from gear, insteada akarat champion with rally - to spam heaven fury more often. divine fortress is not needed - no punisment, no passive to synergize it - instead hold your ground or Vigilant, depending if u need physical or magical reduction. All three skill finery,justice-burst,blessed hammer need to be removed/swaped. Put Justice-Crack,Pursuit, B.Hammer - Limitless and instead of Finery - Holy Cause (the Limitless rune on b.hammer is going to keep you alive at all times).

    Remove Provoke - instead Bombardment(Impactful Bombardment)+akarat champion rally - reduced cooldown.

    Remove Laws of Valor - instead Laws of Justice(Decying Strenght) - the only defensive cd you need. Gives perma all res and on activite increses it by x3 and reduces all dmg by 60% for 5 sec.

    Heaven fury with blessed ground is correct, Holy cause will does a nice additional heal.
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    posted a message on How to fix D3 PVP in 1 Easy Patch
    what pvp needs is way much more simple. few more places and the option to do 2v2. I like to one shot and being one shot is fun!!! In d2 when doing pvp we where getting owned by op sorcs and fistadins and we where also able to one shot. diablo should never be balanced around scale of items, if u want a balanced pvp pay 12eur and play WoW.

    Make an arena ranking with teams and if you suck at it - too bad. change build, seek items, improve your reflexes and try again.
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    Like many other crusaders (ex-paladins) blessed hammer is my favorite skill! Made my crusader because of this skill. Played since level 12 with blessed hammer!

    So I am using a very viable build at this point, might as well share it ... give bit of help for the establishment.

    My paper stats are 11mil and 370k dps.

    Note: I am using Death bargin as pants, so the regenerate skill and life per hit passives can be replaced

    1. Gear priority crit.chance%, crit.dmg.%, blessed hammer dmg%, holy damage %for dps.

    2. Gear priority block chance, all ress, resource regen.
    Link on the build - http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/crusader#aeYXRT!beiW!bbaZYZ
    1. Punish - Rebirth - good dps(200%)for the +block chance, rune is because specific for my build as it boosts up the aura of the pants

    2. Blessed Hammer-Limitless -Really. 50% to spawn additional hammer!? You will lol alot with illusion boss pack and in grand melees.

    3. Shield Glare -Divine Verdict -well a cc with additional 20% on creeps. Way too good to miss out.

    4. Irons Skin -Steel Skin -7 sec. 50% reduction on dps. in my build also 57% + block chance = heavy armor for a tough situation

    5. Judgement -Resolve -6 sec. cc + the amazing 80% crit.hit chance! 80% !!! All hammers split in place and smash for massive damage!

    6. Law of Justice -Immovable Object -If spell pack comes in (arcane ench, poison ench etc) pop for additional ress, rune + iron skin = phys.immunity.

    Passives as follows: Vigilant - I like the spell ress. and also the life regen which boosts my aura from the pants.

    Wrathfull - Heals me well since I have no life per second due to dps aura

    Blunt - 20% on hammers! A Must have!

    Holy Cause - This! find a holy dmg weap. stack good vitality! heal is very good !!!
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