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    So I got the Ultimate Evil Edition for my Xbox One. I'm loving it so far, it runs flawlessly and looks great.

    I started an online game and someone with paragon level 10,000 joins. I've played the PC version since it launched, so I know that achieving a level that high would take FOREVER.

    I was running a rift when he joined, all of the sudden I jumped from level 68 to level 70 to Paragon level 100, to Paragon Level 1900 in a matter of minutes.

    I grabbed a photo of the "Hacked" item, if anyone is interested:

    So what are your thoughts? Should I keep the levels? Should I try to contact Blizzard? Is there a way to "Reset" Paragon levels?

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    Battletag: Lenek#1929
    Link to armory profile:http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Lenek-1929/
    Preference for softcore (SC) or hardcore (HC): SC
    Average time available to play (hours per week): 20-30 Hours, if not more
    Preferred difficulty level: T4 and up
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    Quote from RaX

    I'm Entangling Shot/Justice is Served and Cluster Arrow w/ ~40% extra fire damage from gear. Entangling Shot isn't an aoe but it's the highest damage 6-hatred generator and you need a lot of hatred regen for Cluster Arrow. Passives are Archery (+1 hatred regen w/ Manticore), Cull the Weak (someone in group is usually always slowing mobs), and Blood Vengeance (again for more hatred, esp. good with the Barb passive that increases health globe drops). On top of that, I'm using Wolf Companion and Rain of Vengeance/Anathema, although I might change the RoV rune to whatever the guided arrow one is. I run T6 CotA and while RoV/Anathema is the highest damage per cooldown, the mobs usually die before the 5 seconds of damage is over.

    Full build here: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/rax-1214/hero/823915
    If you're using Manticore, Archery gives you 50% CD. The 1 Hatred Regen per sec is for a 2nd Hand Xbow

    I run a similar build for COTA runs and it works well
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    This build is very similar to the one I've been running with a few changes:

    I swapped Shadow Power for Smoke Screen w/ Healing Vapors (CC immunity is crucial)

    I swapped Marked for Death for Wolf Companion (I like to have a mini tank and damage boost)

    I swapped Vault for Rain of Vengeance w/ Shade (Can't beat the massive damage boost imo)

    I swapped Night Stalker for Take Aim (The additional damage boost is awesome)

    I easily clear T5 on my own now and regularly get 2 million crits with Frost Arrow and 1 million crits with Entangling

    I'm also stacking cold damage on my gear, I'm loving it. For Bosses (in my build) I would suggest swapping Frost Arrow for Rapid Fire (Web Shot Cold Damage) and ROV for Marked for Death, the hatred gen rune (unlimited hatred). With all of the various damage modifiers stacking, you can get crazy damage.
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    I saw this on my launcher while I was downloading the patch.

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    Nicely done, Bernie! Thank you for sharing!
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    It definitely takes some getting used to, but it's well worth it. With enough practice you will be able to predict where the enemy will be and adjust accordingly. Personally, I enjoy it a lot :)
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    Quote from dyrebar-

    Gonna try it out for sure, but how do you deal with elites with Mortar/Desecration/Frozen/Plagued/Frozen Pulse and the other various Aoe? Since relocating really hurts the rf build and some of the aoe abilities makes it necessary to move alot.

    How much are you able to tank?

    EDIT: Also, using rain of Vengeance during RF will cancel RF and make you pay the 20 hatred.
    This build is very tankey and can live through almost anything (LOH and AR help too).

    Popping Smoke Screen (Healing Vapors) while channeling Rapid Fire (Bombardment) will heal you and also make you immune to damage. Bombardment does AOE which means you will be hitting more enemies and receiving more life on hit. With brooding, preparation, smoke screen, and a potion there is no reason you should die. In most fights I remain stationary, channeling rapid fire and using smoke screen, the elites are dead before I take any real damage.

    I will double check on ROV later, but, in my experience the shade rune does not break the channeling of Rapid Fire. At any rate, you could pop it and then channel Bombardment right after :)
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    Quote from code90z

    The build looks cool I'd like to try it on my HC DH.

    I have one question hope you can help clarifying,is Grenadier affect RF Bombardment? I always thoughtit only affect the "Grenade" skill..

    What does it affect? Can you provide a list so I can explorer more possibility.

    Grenadier does indeed improve Rapid Fire Bombardment. It will improve any skill that describes the damage as a grenade in the tooltip, much in the same way Ballistics will improve any skill that uses Rockets.

    In fact, Rapid Fire (Fire Support) with the Ballistics passive is also very viable but works best on single targets (Bosses / Ubers).

    I'll try to post a complete list when I get home a little later today.

    Thanks for all of the feedback!
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    Good evening good people of Diablo Fans. I have been perfecting a build on my DH recently and felt it was finally ready to share:

    Overall this build does great damage, single target and AOE. It also makes you nearly impossible to kill which was a goal of mine... I just hate losing those pools of reflection :'(


    Archery: Passive Damage boost, pretty much mandatory

    Grenadier: The backbone of the build. This passive increases the explosion radius of your grenades by 20% (very helpful), increases the damage of your grenades by 10% (pretty helpful) and grants you a 100% chance to drop a grenade upon death for 1000% damage (not very helpful but kind of neat I guess).

    Brooding: This passive has been significantly buffed with 2.0 and provides a substantial, scaling HP Buff. (1.5% of your hp stacking 3 times when you stand still) Since you will be standing still to channel Rapid Fire: Bombardment, this buff will almost always be active.

    Active Skills:

    Grenade: The targeting issues that were present around launch seem to be corrected and the increased damage and explosion radius from Grenadier make this skill formidable. There is more than one viable rune choice for this skill.I typically use either Gas Grenade (Single Target DPS) or Grenade Cache (AOE). Stun Grenades and Tinkerer are also viable if you want to stun or need additional hatred generation. I do not like Cluster grenades because the damage output is so much lower (in my experience). The 200% damage from Cluster Grenades is spread out over an 8 yard radius, resulting in some very low damage numbers.

    Rapid Fire (Bombardment): This skill, A.K.A "The Grenade Hose of Doom" does amazing damage in general and provides the highest AOE damage of any Rapid Fire rune. The Grenadier passive increases the radius of the explosion and the damage even further, making this a very powerful skill (535%weapon damage).

    Smoke Screen (Healing Vapors): This is an amazing skill / rune combo that was added recently. It breaks CC, heals you and makes you untarget-able for a short duration. This can be used while channeling Rapid Fire and along with Life on Hit and the Brooding stacks, you can survive almost anything.

    Preparation (Battle Scars): This has been a favorite of mine since launch. It's a great emergency heal and refills your Discipline so that you can continue using Smoke Screen. You will be very hard to kill.

    Companion: There are many viable choices here. Pick the one that compliments your gear. (Bat for Hatred, Boar for Defense, Wolf for Damage, Spider for CC). I almost always run with the Wolf for the amazing damage buff it provides (30% damage for everyone within 60 yards for 10 seconds). You can pop this right before Rain of Vengeance for Massive Damage.

    Rain of Vengeance (Shade): I was skeptical about this rune before I tried it, but I am a believer now. This rune has a HUGE radius and does amazing damage. You can aim it where ever you want (it is deployed at your cursor position) and you can use it while channeling rapid fire.

    How to Play:

    Use Rapid Fire until you run out of hatred and then spam your grenades to regain it (Pretty Self Explanatory).

    If you become overwhelmed or see an elite pack, you can pop the Wolf Active Skill (30% Damage) drop Rain of Vengeance on them and shower them with Rapid Fire Bombardment. Most enemies will melt within seconds and you will not have a scratch on you thanks to Smoke Screen, Preparation and Brooding.

    I have had great success with this build from Torment 1-5. My damage is still a tad low for torment 6, however ,and I have not been able to properly test it. This build does not require any special legendaries to use, but can be improved with them.

    Let me know what you think!

    (Edited for Formatting and Typing Errors)
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    posted a message on patch notes?
    If the patch goes live today, as it has been hinted that it might, they will most certainly post the patch notes at that time. It is still rather early in CA, give it some time.
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    This change, along with the proposed changes to paragon leveling mentioned earlier in the week sound pretty promising: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/11290499012#11
    01/16/2014 03:22 PMPosted byamberrorPool of reflections = 0.25% xp bonus = useless.
    It does not stack either. I'm thinking maybe it's a bug, why not 25%?

    This actually is a display bug. It should be granting 25% bonus experience on the current PTR and Closed Beta build.

    Also, while the basic percent bonus doesn't increase with additional Pool of Reflection buffs, the length of the buff does effectively stack each time you claim an additional Pool. The amount of bonus experience you can benefit from should show up when you hover over your experience bar, and this value will increase by about 10% of the current experience required for your next level/Paragon level for each Pool claimed. This bonus persists on logout, but is lost upon death.

    I feel it's also worth mentioning that we're working on a tuning pass for Paragon leveling experience. In addition to increasing the amount of experience monsters grant when defeated, we'll also be reducing the amount of experience needed to gain additional Paragon levels. =)
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    Travis Day just announced that they will be doubling the droprate of legendaries in an upcoming hotfix: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/11307900907?page=23#451 Hey folks I'm back with some clarifications and some news that should please everyone.

    First the clarification, the timer system that works behind the scenes is meant to be exactly that, behind the scenes. No you can't afk the system, there are a lot of moving pieces to it and we talked about it extensively before we implemented it to guarantee its not exploitable. At it's heart Diablo is a game about slaughtering demons and getting random cool rewards. The system that is in place should never be experienced by 99% of the population, it's there for the 1% who just get really bad random rolls for an excessively long period of time. If we want you to get a legendary every 2 hours, the system basically says "ok it's been like double/triple that period of time, just help the guy out!"

    Second and more importantly. I'm in the process of working up another hotfix for the beta that will do 2 things.

    1. Reduce the chance for Kadala to give legendary items. We have a lot of solutions to the split farming problem but they are going to take a little time to be put in place and in the mean time we don't want peoples feedback to be completely skewed based on her rewards. This reduction will be revisited once we fix all the split farming issues.

    2. Double the legendary drop rate. Your feedback hasn't been falling on deaf ears, and much discussion and deliberation has gone into it. We know that drop rates aren't exactly where we want them right now and it's very important to us to get as much feedback as possible during our beta. We are going to adjust the legendary drop rates via hotfix so that you guys have as much time as possible to test and give us feedback on how the changes feel, also more time for us to compile data and get RoS to be the best it can be.
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    Here is the DH preview they posted a little while back, as a refresher:

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