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    I agree that we should have gone through the campaign at least once. Oh well i'm doing it anyway. The season mechanic is a fail, it doesn't feel like a new start just a bunch of tools hitting 70 in 3 hours and doing exactly what they were doing on standard.

    With that said understand even if played the right way, through campaign and then through adventure up to para 200+ there are players that could do that in a very short time anyway.

    Even in a superior game like Path of Exile leveling to 85+ through three difficulties and maps all the best guys get there in like 3 days.

    PoEs ladders are better because they actually add something new to the game but ultimately neither should be seen as a competition for 99.9% of the playerbase.
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    posted a message on Is this Diablo anymore?
    Its a Sequel that changes things.

    This is silly... Of course its still i Diablo game.

    its a sequel that changes a few things but the core is still there.

    Select skills, progress through campaign, farm maps for materials and gear.

    Its a dungeon crawler.

    Asking if Diablo 3 is a real Diablo game like like asking if Mario 2 and Mario Sunshine are real Mario games... obviously they are.
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    posted a message on New mechanic soon, guarantee legendary on diablo reset.
    It took me 8-9 hours on T3 as a WW barb. I actually killed every elite i ran into and did 3-4 of the really good spawned dungeons for extra loot & XP. Ended the campaign with 14 Legos (got lucky) and a few levels (with 50% bonus).

    I would do it again, even without the SK drop its a fun way to play.
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    posted a message on What will keep me playing?
    Quote from daisychopper

    Quote from maka

    No, but there sure was a lot more to do than get all classes to end-game and then farm farm farm forever. D2 had infinitely more replayability than D3, and I have some doubts RoS can change that. But I'll be here to see.

    What else was there to do in D2 other than farm for items or experience?

    You didn't play D2?

    First, You were much more heavily invested in characters in D2. You actually had to use a build, you couldnt easily flip flop specs without investment. This meant a hardcore player had many characters of the same class all playing differently with their own gear.

    Second, In D2 levels meant something, you leveled up, placed points into your attributes and skill tree. It was much more important than paragon skills...

    Third, D2 had ladders, PVP, Classic/Expansion modes and mods in offline mode. You had many, many more options. Build a pvp character, work on classic or expansion ladder characters, each class had 4-5 builds that required investment (if u didnt power level). in D3 you have one option. level a class and thats it.
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    posted a message on Blizzard says it was wrong to allow offline play in Diablo II
    What is going on with Blizzard? Are they just sick of hearing about D2? I think they finally lost it.

    Here's the article where Blizzard puts its foot in its mouth.


    "I don’t think people necessarily remember how mad they themselves were that they had an offline mode and online mode in Diablo II," Martens said. "This will probably be controversial for me to say. People will be like, 'I wasn’t mad!' But I was there at the time, and then I studied this for a living. It sucks when your friend or brother is online and he wants to join this game, but you realize you’re an offline character and he’s an online character, and there’s no way to transfer over because offline characters can be hacked and hex-edited to hell and back, right?"

    Original RPS interview

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    posted a message on Travis Day on "Legendaries/set items being soulbound"
    Have you guys played the console version? If so you know with hardly any effort you get every damn legendary and set item you need. Now that we know rare legend and set items will be BiS in RoS i highly doubt they will be hard to find.

    Honestly i'll give it to blizzard for trying something new. I mean before D3 released if someone told you we would see a Diablo game with No skill trees, pvp or trading what would you have said?
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    posted a message on Things Blizzard did wrong in the Console version (imo)
    I own both PC and PS3 version of Diablo 3. Over the last week i've watched as PC gamers have raged at the insane loot on the console version. Well the console version isn't perfect. So i figured I would make a list of certain things i think should be brought to peoples attention that are freaking out about this version.

    My personal console cons:

    1) Graphics: Low res, zoomed in camera, shoddy performance with too many monsters on screen, constant client freezes in four player public games. All in all the game looks bad and after a week of playing i stepped into Path of Exile and thought GGG upgraded that games graphics LOL!

    2) Co-op loot: There are zero loot options in local co-op. Its 100% FFA. No round robin, no loot priority based on main stat... nothing... just fist fights, thrown controllers and arguments. Also that wonderful version of smart loot on the console version doesn't exist in same screen co-op so the loot is crap. Anyone seriously trying to gear up a character... play solo or online.

    3) Gearing up alts: You can't gear up alts at all. Have a level 60 master V main and want to farm for loot for that new alt? Cant because 99% of the loot solo and online is for the class you are using.

    4) Gear: Gear stats are horribly boosted, Im down with smart loot, im down with gear rolling with good stat set ups however i am not fine with gear having 400+ main stat, not fine with having almost 100k dps in hell mode. Who asked for that? why trivialize your game like that? At least balance the difficulty to match the gear. With that gear on the first 4-5 difficulties you 1-2 hit everything...

    5) Difficulty levels: Blizzard decided to not offer benefits for Easy, Medium & Hard difficulties and the MF/GF % boosts for Master 1-5 are pathetic to the point of MV not being worth it at all passed Master I. So not only does the endgame start at mp5 (master I) but the benefits versus the risk arent balanced at all.

    6) Inferno Mob Density: We all know console can't handle mp+ PC mob density however console does boost density slightly as you raise Master levels. Bad news Blizzard didn't bother balancing Act 3 default density with the rest of the game... So guess what we will be doing our entire time in inferno? Act 3 runs... How does Blizzard make such a silly mistake? Not even an attempt was made to raise Xp levels of monsters in Acts 1,2, and 4 to make those areas viable farming spots...

    7) Cheaters: With offline play comes save game hacks, dupes and more... this isnt a problem since Offline is supposed to be solo and local (lan) co-op only. However for some reason Blizzard doesnt let us create online only and offline only characters similar to Diablo 2... So now we have 2k dps hacked characters in public games... GG blizz.

    8) Legendary items: Ok they they let every legendary drop at any level. This is ok i guess but by doing so they made rare items worthless... once you get into inferno and get a lego or set item in each slot you stop caring for anything but orange beams! I wanted better loot drops, I didnt want them to kill off rare items... So on console Yellow is the new blue.

    9) Crafting: Crafting has Smart loot mechanics... however its only for the main stat. Roll an item as a barb 90% of the time it will be a Strength item. Sadly most of the time all the other stats are ass which makes crafting worthless... again. Blizzard made crafting easier by making it cheap but certain recipes are still a tad expensive like the BOA chest recipe. 150k a pop is a bit high when the gold average of players getting to inferno is 300k...

    10) Controls: All in all i like the controls... this is because I play melee characters mostly... However, if you enjoy ranged characters and play a spec that requires you to place spells on certain areas of the screen you cant. Sure you can use L2 to target a monster but the lack of precision control really kills ranged classes for me when i tried to use them on console. This could be a gamebreaker for many so i figured i would add it.

    Ok i think im done, I know many PC gamers are mad and/or jealous of the console version... some even say that diablo 3 on PC should have released like the console version... boy oh boy diablo 3 would have been dead in less than a month if blizzard did release it with these issues.

    So don't get too mad PC guys and gals... other than loot that basically breaks the game... PC version is better in almost every way. Ill see you guys in RoS on PC.
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    posted a message on As a Self found player i want to feel rewarded as I play... But not like this
    It seems that Blizzard knows what self found players want.
    Looking through all the RoS features you can see that we will have mechanics in place that will support no-trade play.

    However, after playing the console version of self found which basically throws everything but the kitchen sink at you. I worry that maybe blizzard will go overboard and mess up.

    When I play self found i don't want upgrade after upgrade given to me every 30 minutes. I don't want to have 80k dps in act 2 hell mode... I don't want every damn legendary that drops to be a massive upgrade. I don't want to step into inferno on easy (mp0) with no paragon levels and get two freaking legendary weapons on one elite.

    Yes a 1380+ mace (200+ Str, 200 vit, 10% Atack speed,100 CD & Socket) and 1150+ axe (with 450 str, 3%LS & 103CD) dropped for me within 30 minutes in inferno leading to the Skele king... THAT IS NOT HOW I WANT MY SELF FOUND TO GO!!! That is how my self found ends...

    Self found for me is a slow burn, it slowly rewards me, its a challenging experience, a battle against the RNG. I'm being rewarded but i'm progressing in baby steps. Baby sets Blizzard... not 250K dps buffed after 5 hours in inferno...

    Some examples of good self found? Diablo 3 on PC before you hit that 100k dps road block of doom... 50-100 hours of play slowly building up gear and wealth thats what i like. It's steady, its challenging, its relaxing.

    Another one would be Path of Exile where i sit down for a three hour session find some nice materials, a spell gem or two and make some progress through merciless... simple nothing crazy that's what I like.

    Another would be Diablo 2 where i progress slowly but the gear is good, game is challenging and I gain runes, gems and Xp as i play. That's good Self found.

    I strongly believe that Blizzard will do self found right but man oh man does that console version have me worried that they will really, really screw up my no trade experience.

    Am i alone in thinking self found should be like this? Are you guys worried at all that Blizzard might just go crazy and toss the kitchen sink at people?

    Anyway thanks for reading.
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    posted a message on I'm ready for Tuesday!!! Got my Beer & chips and four controllers!
    Awww yeah!!!

    Ladies and Gentlemen I am excited!!!

    Took Two days off of work.

    I got two cases of beer, nachos and cheese dip, 4 PS3 controllers and my Digital copy of D3 on PS3 waiting for a 12:01am unlock. Its a diablo party baby who else is doing the same?

    I can't wait to kill thousands of hells minions and collect my loot.

    Its time to celebrate, its time for a fresh start... Diablo 3 is about to release!!!

    *Does Happy Dance*
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    posted a message on Don't sell that level 60 gear just yet! Check out this interview!
    People are selling their gear but in this interview its stated that level 60 items can have specific stats re-rolled to level 70 equivalent.

    Check out the video at 1:35 when the interviewer asks the question about gear being obsolete.

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