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    Can't comment on T&T with 6 pc of Mara.
    I do however own a cindercoat and hexing.
    IMO, it's all about preference and situation, most of the time i'm with hexing.

    Due to the fact I'm playing physical with hexing and fire with cindercoat, hexing grants me more mobility and it buffs all my source of damage (sentries, pets, occasional CA/MS), not to mention it grants me a free slot of ability (i used mark of the death: contagion), hexing grants resource regen, hence i do not take any hatred gen on physical build/set., and with harringtons you can effectively seek out for clickables while moving.

    For cindercoat (fire), i find it more interesting to play with a puller monk, reason being you can shoot CAs yourself and with close mobs proximity CA:LfB is fully utilized compared to CA:shooting stars.

    However playing with cindercoat means i'll give up mark and go for a hatred gen, quite negligible if you're playing with a monk (EP/mantra/IS buff).
    I also have different sets RCR for cinder for fire (with cinder), and CDR for physical (with hexing), and i do feel more comfortable with CDR (more wolf buff)

    I've always wanted to try Mara 6pcs with boots swap out for nat's boots, dual wield nat's slayer and calamity (which i do not own one yet), i figure it would free up an ability slot, but not many skillset of DH can be used tho.
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    Thanks for the comment!
    I do have a Garwulf in my stash, it rolled quite badly tho, don't think i'll consider one until i get a better rolled version.
    I'm still stuck in bombardier's gamble, 10k and counting, hopefully i can get it and focus on gloves.
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    posted a message on The "help me" thread - Post here your build/gear questions.
    Hey guys,

    I'm a physical M6 DH,
    A few questions to the DH veterans,

    1) how does Hexing pants fare against T&T, should i focus on getting a T&T or its not a great upgrade so i could focus on other pieces first?
    2) I'm currently chasing a bombardier's rucksack, physical SoJ, & T&T (in that order), is this the correct direction for gearing? and also if RNGsus allows, a dex RoRG (1k frag and i don't see a single ring).


    Thanks in advance!
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