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    If one got to go through the Natalya's Solace set , one can find reference to Natalya's story somewhat after Diablo II. So the reference goes

    Natalya turned from the ways of the Viz-Jaq'taar and sought redemption in the weapons of the demon hunters ( ref. from Natalya's Slayer )

    She had new prey, and they would not escape her sight. ( ref. from Natalya's Sight )

    Treading through the blood of demons brought her some small semblance of peace. ( ref. from Natalya's Bloody Footprints )

    Natalya knew how to use the darkness as a weapon. ( ref. from Natalya's Embrace )

    and finally

    A symbol of the old ways. ( ref. from Natalya's Reflection )

    So from all of that we can confer Natalya is well and around , but she had renounce her Viz-Jaq'taar way and forge herself into a Demon Hunter and sound like she is grungy about the past .. what kind of story might lie with her ... Was she one of the primary protagonist in establishing the order of Demon Hunters or did she just join up. all much for a good story. Did she take the knowledge she's gleamed from working with all those D-II heros and pass it onto the DH(s) ... that's a story to be made here
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