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    What if tyreal is actually being controlled by heaven and or hell to destroy the world. maybe the world is the only way for demons to get to heaven (heaven controlling him) or maybe destroying the world opens hell a direct link to heaven for an attack. Either way makes for an interesting chain of events and dual playability. No resurection of old deadies besides diablo (just because hes always been there) Or maybe jsut meet diablo in game.

    Tyrael is released from the grip of his controler after he destroys the worldstone and saves a few human heroes to go to heaven/hell to try to find a way to reverse the effects and or maybe defeat the other side.
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    What I really want to see is a 3d diablo world but still 3rd person.

    Something where you can still view from the overhead look but also zoom in and out and look around.

    I couldn't stand a diablo where you have to see through the eyes of the character or where the camera is stuck on the character auto-panning.

    I love the UI for diablo, just needs a little modernizing. It's simple fun and one of the games you don't HAVE to play constantly to get anything done. That's what makes Diablo so intrancing.

    Right now I'm playing eq2 until diabloIII is released and I don't like the spell/attack system, it's too slow and complicated... 2 spells to use, left and right mouse button, at a time is plenty for me.
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    Quote from "AcidReign" »
    One thing I would like to see in Diablo III are the wounds you are inflicting on your enemy. I want to see slash marks and gushing blood, and limbs being chopped off. And I want to see them start on fire and smolder when they are dead on the ground. I want sparks and smoke to come off them when they are killed from lightning attacks. I want to see them freeze and shatter, but not melt away entirely.

    With the new graphics engine this would be easily possible, whether or not they actually decide to use it on diablo III is another matter.

    I really hope they use the new system in Diablo, but keep the same diablo format. MMO style diablo isn't very fun sounding, I would like to keep it to players in rooms, maybe at max 25 players and tougher smarter mobs. Just like before the more players the harder the mobs so that the game is still solo playable.
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