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    Quote from Johnnyxp64

    he was the "Console" lead designer right?
    i dont know how good this is for the fate of the PC version! :(
    Quote from lMarcusl

    Let's see how many people jump to conclusions right off the bat. "He worked on the console version, he is the embodiment of all that is evil and must be cleansed. We, the PC gaming master race, demand that he be locked in purgatory for a week before touching our game." So far we got one...

    When I first saw his name in the article, I instantly recognised it as the guy who was brought on-board prior to the PC release of D3 to tinker with the idea of whether at all it would be possible to port to a console (I can't remember even at that early stage whether or not they specifically said they were looking at xbox or PS3 development) but I remember the interview and he seemed like a pretty chill guy.

    Additionally, if you have a look at the other games that he mentions he has worked on (hint; arent they all PC games anyway?)

    After that, I went on to work on a number of popular game series, including Homeworld, Company of Heroes, Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War, and FarCry.

    So the fact that he was the console guy doesnt detract from the fact that he still has experience as a game developer, and I think his pen & paper / writing background makes him interesting too. I can't say I ever thought anything about Jay was interesting.

    On the other hand, Jay Wilson was also the lead developer on Dawn of War: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/devdiary_relic_250604


    As some other have mentioned in the thread, it seems like some of the changes implemented for the console version seem positive, and im absolutely excited to see what this guy wants to do. I have no qualms that Travis Day was not appointed this position, since for a long time Travis Day worked on itemisation in WoW, and if bringing him across means he predominantly focuses on itemisation, then I can expect he is somewhat of an expert in the field and hopefully the best asset towards getting us what we want.

    This is all very exciting news, but it would be interesting to know to what degree this means the developmental cycle for 1.09 is affected. Were they waiting for a new lead before considering pushing out 1.09? Or even investing highly in working on 1.09? At least given the fact that he was an existing member of the team, and the unique point of view he can add from working on the console variant, I am sure this has positive influence on further game development progression. If they have to hire someone else to do the console thing and that only holds up console development and doesnt slow PC progression, I couldn't care less.
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    Hey welcome back. Firstly I would advise looking into crafting before spending any money on gear. Most commonly people craft braces and amulets for themselves in these slots and they can potentially be BiS items.

    Depending on what level of MP you are capable of playing on will determine how quickly you can craft a hellfire ring. It took me about two weeks on MP5 which equated to a total of 12 infernal machines before I had everything I needed. A lot of people use the rings as they can be quite exceptional especially for followers if the stats that roll for you aren't perfect, but most high end geared players usually have surpassed them unless it's a perfect roll.

    Either way, farming for the keys is usually quite fun to do in my opinion, it gives you a short time goal to work towards and there are many strategies you can follow to farm quickly and effectively, and with the monster density changes in 108 it should make it less laborious to do so. I put on over 20 paragon levels just doing key runs in the two weeks leading to crafting my first ring and it felt effortless to do so.

    In terms of farming in general, act 3 runs were the norm but again with 108 and monster density changes we are likely to see new routes be shown by players as being the most efficient if you are that sort of player, otherwise just pick acts or areas you enjoy.

    I am sure others may have something to offer in the way of advice, I just wanted to share my point of view. Hope you enjoy your comeback :)
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