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    Hello everyone,

    This is my first post here, and I hope it will be helpful for DH community.
    I can see that majority of DH players are really upset with current status of DH between other classes. Partially its like that because of the lack of good high end builds which could be so relaxing as WW builds for barbarian. This was a problem for me as well. But not anymore :)

    Let me present my own build which I called "Hot Bubble", it works perfectly for high MP's especially for MP10.
    What it is really interesting about this build, is the fact that it works very well for upper medium gear (like mine:
    230k DPS
    400 AllRes (Perfectionist passive effect included)
    49k HP (Perfectionist passive effect included)

    I tested several other builds but this one is the simply good. MP10 without any sweat, including elites. With even better resistances I wouldn't expect to die in any situation.
    Here you have:
    - link to this build: http://eu.battle.net...keYg!Xef!ZaccbY
    - link to short example movie on youtube (elites with chains affix situation) - New movie with some background noise :)

    How it works
    - whole idea of it bases on assumption that discipline regen is so fast that you're always in Gloom during the fight and therefore you can stand still during any fight!
    - your protection is not limited to Gloom, Sentry skill with Guardian Turret rune offers another layer of protection which allows you to survive easily almost everything :)
    - high discipline regen is based on Cluster Grenades and Shuriken Cloud crit hits accumulated by Night Stalker passive.
    - additionally this definitely tankish build gets a lot of DPS from Caltrops with Jagged Spikes when your toon is surrounded with mobs (usually all of the time), and also Caltrops are very usefull as a slowing tool against Fallen Maniacs :)
    - main DPS source is of course Spike Traps with Echoing Blast rune

    When it comes for the passives, I'm pretty sure that some better geared people could exchange Perfectionist passive for something more useful.

    There's plenty of room for alternate builds but as for me this one works best.
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