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    posted a message on HP regain
    I use Shadow Power - Gloom and Paragon Points to have 12k Life on hit, and 15k Life on Kill (which works well with my spec).
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    posted a message on Question about your Toughness

    I sit comfortly at 6.5mio Toughness. at 974 all ress, 7259 armor and 381k life, To compensate for the low life I have 13.3k Life on Kill, and 12.3k Life on Hit (under Shadow Power), which I find is doable on T3, though my dmg is lacking. :/

    How much toughness with how much Life on Hit do you feel is necessary for higher Torment Levels?

    Thanks for your time.^_^
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    posted a message on Mp5 and builds
    A few months ago, I asked the same thing, and we ended up with a nice long discussion of builds gears and all sorts of nonsense.

    If not for the report I have to write on now, I would have more time for a better answer. :)
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    posted a message on High hopes for DH on expansion
    Well, suppose the DH dmg coefficients gets more than doubled, you could gear defensively, actually kills stuff at range at a decent pace. Only time will tell. =P
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    posted a message on Does Animal Companion Scale?
    The Companions scale in dmg, but in regards to defensive stats Idk.
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    posted a message on New DH
    On EU servers, it took me 3~4B to get to 399.5k DPS (unbuffed @ p100). It would be cheaper if you could craft a nice amulet too, but I had no luck with it. The prices are going down atm though, and you're also on the us server, so it might not be that expensive for you.
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    posted a message on Upgrading my DH to 350K+ unbuffed
    I did some calculations too. It's based on the following "fixes":

    Mempo with 170 dex, 4.5 crit
    Radiant Star Emerald
    Same Manticore with 48 Weapon%
    Unity: 38 average dmg, 157 dex, 4% dmg to elites, 38 crit dmg
    Same dead man's legacy with 7% crit chance to rapid Fire (secondary crit term)
    Same necklace with attack speed => craft soething with 200 more dex instead of lacunis.

    Here is the calculations, just skip to pics unless you want to check for erros.=P

    m:=63: --monster lvl

    b1:=(978+1404)/2+(0)/2: --base dmg
    type_atk_spd1:=1.1: --weapon base attack speed
    weap_atk_spd1:=11: --on-weapon increased attack speed
    alpha1:=65: --external attack speed
    A1:=2701: --Main attribute
    c1:=61.5: --crit chance
    d1:=429: --crit damage
    m1:=0: --damage modifier
    r1:=302: --all resistance
    a1:=3824: --armor
    v1:=962: -vitality
    reduc1:=(11)/2: --average damage reduction %
    L1:=29: --life %

    alpha2:=alpha1 +3:
    A2:=A1 +230:
    c2:=c1 -1 +7:
    d2:=d1 +30:
    m2:=m1 +4:
    r2:=r1 +20:
    a2:=a1 -373:
    v2:=v1 -49:
    L2:=L1 +10:
    dodge2:=dodge1 +2:










    Offensive_Stats:=Matrix([[ "DPS 1" , "DPS 2" , "Difference in DPS" ],
    [ DPS1 , DPS2 , DPS2 - DPS1 ],
    [ "DPH 1" , "DPH 2" , "Difference in DPH" ],
    [ DPH1 , DPH2 , DPH2 - DPH1 ],

    [ "Raw DPS1" , "Raw DPS2" , "Difference in raw DPS" ],

    [ raw_DPS1 , raw_DPS2 , raw_DPS2 - raw_DPS1 ],
    [ "Raw DPH1" , "Raw DPH2" , "Difference in raw DPH" ],
    [ raw_DPH1 , raw_DPH2 , raw_DPH2 - raw_DPH1 ],
    [ "APS 1" , "APS 2" , "Difference in APS" ],
    [ APS1 , APS2 , APS2 - APS1 ]]);

    Defensive_Stats:=Matrix([[ "Simplified EHP 1" , "Simplified EHP 2" , "Difference in simplified EHP" ],
    [ simp_EHP1 , simp_EHP2 , simp_EHP2 - simp_EHP1 ],
    [ "Advanced EHP1" , "Advanced EHP2" , "Difference in advanced EHP" ],
    [ adv_EHP1 , adv_EHP2 , adv_EHP2 - adv_EHP1 ],
    [ "Hit Points 1" , "Hit Points 2" , "Difference in Hit Points" ],
    [ HP1 , HP2 , HP2 - HP1 ],
    [ "Mitigation 1" , "Mitigation 2" , "Difference in Mitigation" ],
    [ 1-mit1 , 1-mit2 , mit2 - mit1 ]]);

    DPS goes from 244.5k to 374.9k (wiht hidden Rapid Fire and unity bonus), with the 2.22 break point maintained (not factored in this calculation). But can easily be calculated:
    DPH1*2.22 = 269.5, and DPH2 = 182.8 * 2.22 = 406.8.

    EHP remains mostly unchanged at 188.2k. You end up trading some armor for HP.

    Finding those gear pieces should be possible with all the mess atm. Gl bro.
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    posted a message on Upgrading my DH to 350K+ unbuffed
    If you get a Mempo with dex and crit for 200 mio now, and one with 5% crit chance for 500. You get that extra attack speed, and then you can lose that attack speed affix elsewhere (the ring for example), and still maintain the same breakpoint on Bombardment.
    Speaking of Rapid Fire, your quiver does not have a bonus to that. On my char, 1% crit chance is 4.9k DPS; it's a huge but hidden buff, and I'd recommend you get that.

    One of your gems in the Manticore needs to grow.
    You can also skip the vit on the Bloodprints, because of the costly nature of those.
    There are also a few netpicky things, like, you can craft your gloves and bracers better than what you have atm.
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    posted a message on Looking for advice to break 400k dps
    Lastly you could get a better Manticore with highter Weapon%, so your manticore reaches about 1600 DPS, or even more, if you can. That will be costly though, very costly.
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    posted a message on Looking for advice to break 400k dps
    Easy upgrades would be Bracers and Shoulders. You can get about 100 more sex on shoulders, and 150 more dex on your bracers. Then upgrade your Gems to Marquise gems in your weapon, and Radiant Stars in your remainin slots brings you close. You can also get about 30 dex and almost 200 more vitality on your Inna's Vast Expanse, but that's another story. Other than that, unless you want to hit the next break point with Rapid Fire at 2.01 atks pr sec, you'll find it hard to reach 400k buffed DPS.
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    posted a message on DH - Your Expansion Wishlist
    I swapped my 380k DPS DH gear to my Monk, and facerolld whatever chose to stand in my way -- it was very nice and very fun, and also quite different from what I've been used to (overly concern about your HP and stuff). If the DH could be buffed to get the same feel of power to it, I'd be very happy indeed.
    I don't care how. I'll people with better understanding deal with these problems.
    Right now it's "glass cannon", with no cannon.
    Even with 1100 all res and 6500 armor you still die horribly, because you can't deny damage pressure, because you can't even kill mobs around you with 180k DPS in even a decent speed; you can kill mobs, but it takes way too long for my taste, thus ruining the fun for me.
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    posted a message on Need Help (Paragon Runs) DH
    I found for about 2.4 mio gold this:

    Mempo for +79 all res, +10 HP, +14 (for gem), 180 dx, 8 atk spd
    Strongarm Bracers for +8% HP, +210 Armor +70 vit, 160 dex, 4.5% crit
    Natalya's Embrace for +180 vitality , 30 all res, 90 dex, Hungering Arrow dmg 12%

    for 2 more
    Natalya's Refelction 44 all res, 9% HP atk spd 8, dmg 22, dex 85 + 130

    DPS (unbuffed):
    128.6k => 132.3k


    102.4k => 250.7k

    This is disregarding dodge.

    for 5 mio manticore, and 8 mio perfect star ruby:
    Manticore 1166.4 DPS, with 2 sockets, 45% weapon dmg,
    10% atk spd and 94 crit dmg:
    132.3=> 153.4k

    using your skill-setup and segested gear gives you buffed 198.0k DPS and 598.3k EHP. I don't know your budget, but there you have something to aim for. Shoulders and bracers are also very easy to craft very good.

    I regards to builds I'd go with a Rapid Fire build anytime, it got a massive boost in patch 1.0.8, but the old Spike Trap stuff is still very good I suppose. For lower MP there's Strafe builds and Elemental Arrow builds that works quite nicely. I find Multi Shot and Bola Shot really nice too.
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    posted a message on An *UPDATED* Melee DH build patch 1.0.8
    You can't shoot while moving, unless you use Strafe which sadly has too low a dmg% to be useful higher than mp5 or 6, and that's with nice gear for sure.
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    posted a message on Ding!
    Hello fellow DHs! Today, after about 450 hours, I've reached Paragon 100 on my DH, thus completing my long termed goal, which I never believed I could do. :)


    I used a pretty standard Rapid Fire build from about 70 to 100, with minor sessions of Strafe. The Rapid is:
    Companion - Bat
    Rain of Vengeance - Beastly Bombs
    Shadow Power - Gloom
    Sentry - Guardian Turret
    Bola Shot - Thunder Ballz
    Rapid Fire - Bombardment

    With the following passives:

    Night Stalker
    Perfectionist / Steady Aim (group play)

    I frequently swap between my Calamity and Manticore; the Calamity is better for Elite packs, due to is high attack speed with Bola Shot - Thunder Ball works nicely for me, and the Manticore makes Beastly Bombs do a lot of damage normal mobs with easy Hatred management.

    Video of char in action:

    So, aside from getting about 200 armor and 60 resist, I think I'm done here. I wouldn't have got this far if not for all the good advice I had back in my first thread. Thank you. :)
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