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    I'm wondering if there has been a change to droprate on gems recently?

    I have been playing for about 4 hours today, and I'm literally getting more legendaries to drop than Topaz gems...

    So does anyone know if droprates have been changed? Or am I just having a really shitty RNG?
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    I am a active Wizard (main character) and looking for a mature and active clan to join.

    I have played Diablo 3 since release of the original game (with a little break before RoS came out), so I have some experience with the game.

    I play almost every day, but I'm not looking for a clan with forced participation in events.

    Feel free to ask any questions if there's something you want to know.
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    posted a message on Another help me improve my Archon Wizard
    Thanks for the suggestions.
    I have buyght a new pair of boost now, and am looking for a new offhand as I'm typing this (trying to find one with 6% all elemental damages with good avg damage+int).

    For the ring, I was thinking about getting a Zunimassa's Pox for the extra resistances (ring+ 3 set bonus).

    As for the Mempho, a crit chance one is 350mil+, and will just take too much of my budget, so I'm considering going for a high int Mempho instead.
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    I'm currently able to farm MP 7 easily with very few deaths, and I recently found some good items that sold pretty well, and I'm looking for some advice to help me to be able to farm MP 9, or maybe even MP 10.

    So if anyone got any good advice on what to upgrade, I would be very grateful.

    Budget is around 500-600mil.

    armory link:
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    posted a message on Someone just got rich, who gets these drops...
    Quote from GangusKahn

    Quote from Diavolo222

    Do only stupid people get drops?I mean every 2bil fip I see on AH are of items that are clearly worth 4-20bil. And apparently I'm very bad at uploading images.

    And yes its been 12 hours and its still on the AH. If it really is worth that much Im guessing a flipper would have bought that out in a second. From the price Im guessing the seller already had it at 2 bil and it didnt sell so he dropped the price. Items dont dictate the price demand does. And to be honest if your patient enough I could find a hella sword that does equal or more damage and could use it on other characters for 2 bil.

    You can't buy out an item with no buy out price...
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