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    posted a message on i guess i found something....
    And who know, maybe Blizz will make some new items with new colors after this bad trololololol move..
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    posted a message on Reaper's Wraps
    http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Sfumato-2790/hero/33755462 Working so damn fine that i give zero fuck to re-roll Life per Hit :P
    So much help with fury in every combat, i recommend it to every barb :D
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    posted a message on Suggestion: Achievements should award experience, too
    Quote from honimage
    Quote from Daloveshack

    banners are boring. No one really pays attention to them. I say transmog gear/pets!
    Couldnt agree more.
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    posted a message on The "Weak Enemies" monk build !!!
    Deadly Reach - Strike from Beyond ( massive spirit builder )
    Sweeping Wind - Cyclone
    Mantra of Retribution - Transgression
    Wave of Light - Blinding Light
    Cyclone Strike - Implosion
    Dashing Strike - Quicksilver ( i pref it its not must play it, but i can't replace it :P)
    Exalted Soul (+100 spirit is a must for stun bell spam )
    Seize the Initiative
    3rd u can use what u lack, dps all ress or whatever u like :)
    Here is my version of party stun build. I like to call it stun bell, no1 is moving at all :)
    PS: Barbs will like you most in the world with this build, and most every DH :D
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    posted a message on Wings of Death
    Hello all,

    i don't know am i first with this idea or someone did post something similar so i apologize in advance.

    Here it is: Lets say most everybody would like new or first pair of wings, but there is none this time for "purchase way" so maybe we could get it on the other way.

    What if we have chance when we kill Malthael for Wings of Death drop, chance like 0.02%
    Or 1% in scale from 1 - 100.

    Wanted to keep it short and simple, hit me with ideas, other ways, or whatever rest of ya think.

    Also i posted it on official D3 forum http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/9728382805#1 in case u support idea :D
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    posted a message on Around the World! (2014-2016)
    Quote from KingKongor

    you wont, you will play reaper of souls.
    RoS won't last more then 3 months, maybe four so good luck man and may your trip goes better then you even wanna imagine it :D
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    posted a message on New Armor Set Models
    Quote from Lenekk

    Here is the DH preview they posted a little while back, as a refresher:
    Hello Cata warr sholders http://us.media2.battle.net/cms/gallery/C4PQPPPNPU0A1315407825299.jpg
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    posted a message on Goblins 2.0

    You sir just made my day!! Imagine that epic goblin hunting.. :D

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    posted a message on What is this??

    Ye, delete entire topic plz, and btw i was asking do anyone know what is it and is it real or fake one. Was not trying 2 spread virus or something lame like that, so i am sorry if someone got something.

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    posted a message on Taking my barb from MP4 to MP7-10
    First thing first..300 mil is good for few upgrades. Donno prices for US servers coz i play on EU but u should change boots right away. Mine suggestion is Ice Climbers if u willing 2 pay 100mil+ for em, otherwise u should get Fire Walkers with move speed because u have good bracers with 6% crit and u don't wanna change that for lacuni prowlers ( u should try 2 get similar roll with All Resistance 60+)
    About head, if u wanna get more dps dont trow gold for Mempo with crit, instead get Andariel's Visage with next roll 160+ Str Attack Speed Increased by 9% Critical Hit Chance Increased by 4.5% is what every one have and u should look for 5–7% more Fire damage taken 30–40% chance to cast a Poison Nova when you are hit. and depending of your need u can take socket or All Resistance 60+
    Belt is second part of IK so when u trow him for Witching Hour u will loose double ress but u still have 5.2 Life steal if am correct.
    Hope i provide some useful informations Cheerz :D
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    posted a message on Barb fury in party
    Archon build will have radius buff for mob deaths in party, so i asking for balance for all 5 classes depend of what they need. I didn't play Monk, DH or Wiz so i don't know what to ask for those classes but i can say what i think for barbs. Whatever spec u decide 2 play for Barb if u are using single target fury gainer (bash) or any similar u can't do as much dmg as others coz they have mana regen spirit regen and such..even on items. And to change any passive for fury is out of consid..then u will lack LS, Crit etc..Only way is to play mp10 party, but not everyone can play high end. Not everyone can buy gear with AS Crit LS and socket for off-hand and put 110% crit..
    So on low mp no mater what u play u don't have time 2 gain fury for most of fights and can't do as much as others in game..and that is 1000% not fun at all.
    Thing is blizz can do something like this: if u hit and get 8 fury when ally hit u get 50% (4 fury) or 25% (2 fury) etc. Its just suggestion not must asap :D
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    posted a message on Barb fury in party
    Hello community, this is my first post here :D

    Thing is i read much, but i don't say or comment much.
    Few days ago i saw in blue post that Archon wiz are gonna get some kind of % for party so they can keep staying in archon an be able 2 play it with friends.
    I have an idea for Barbarian also. Thing is i like to play with other people/friends but i don't like to play it without fury. And i think am not only one barb who see and play solo coz same reason. If we can get something like % fury for ally hit so we can constantly keep gain our fury that would be awesome, otherwise we must rush in party and hit everything int the way in front of us and just rushing. Most ppl don't like 2 play and keep looking how barb playing his own route just because of fury.
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