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    posted a message on A1 FoM and WH vs A2 East/West Channel farming
    I get better results in A2 lootwise - and most streams I've seen always go there for legendary competitions and the like as well.

    A1 is still the best place to farm exp at, though.
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    posted a message on Any Reason for MP10?
    Farming MP10 is certainly advisable for people that have the right gear for it - but those people usually don't need advises anymore anyways.

    In your case, struggling to kill stuff on MP10 would be a waste of time, 'cause your gear just isn't good enough to be able to farm MP10 effectively. That does not mean that you should be running lower MPs, though. With the recent changes to experience gain, it almost always comes down to going to the highest MP where you can still kill stuff quick enough, if you want to gain the best exp/hour. I'd say that MP7 or maybe even 8 might be best suited for you!

    You have to consider that the days where you could buy top notch gear for as little as one billion (or less) are over and those people that farm MP10 effectively have probably "spent" a whole lot more on their character. There's some builds that tend to be a little cheaper than others, but the normal Dual-Wield Cookie-Cutter monk is still absurdly expensive to gear up for MP10 due to its popularity/strict gear requirements.
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    posted a message on [Suggestion] AH Buyout
    Noo .. that'd totally ruin AH Flipping :'D!

    Yeah, but ... I really don't see a reason why it's not included already ..
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    posted a message on Feeling Ambitious: Crowdsourcing for Archon Video Guide
    All these "Help me make an Archon," "How does my new Archon look" and "What should I do to play as an Archon" threads have prompted me to start on a video guide to all things Archon.

    All I'm going to say now is, I'm not going to do "budget guides" at all. T

    That's kind of killing the idea behind it then. You will see no positive effect like a decrease of "Help me with my char"-threads, if you don't cater those that start such threads. The ones that do either have no money or no interest in watching videos they feel don't suit them, 'cause they're too general and don't tell them what to do in their special case (even though it might not be special :P ).

    If you do an informative video about Archon for those that already got the funds and gears, well ... what the hell? Among all builds of all classes in the entire game, Archon is the easiest to gear (not as in "cheapest", but the process of gearing an Archon does not have any complexity as it has for other builds or other classes) and probably among the easiest to play. There's just nothing you could do wrong about it. And the people that still manage to somehow screw it up - those people aren't even paying attention to forums.

    So .. for a simplistic build as Archon, is it really worth putting any effort in? :[
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    posted a message on What are you listening to right now?
    Doin' it right - Daft Punk
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    posted a message on Comfortable mp10 stats ?!
    You want to face tank all of mp10 comfortably? Change class.
    No matter how far you push your EHP, there's no way to comfortably face tank mp10.
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    posted a message on UNID ITEMS
    I do that every once in a while. Buying them on the Englishs-speaking channels and then re-selling them on the German ones. Some people seem to be more into gambling than others ;'D

    Other than that, possible sources include but are not limited to:

    Multi-Boxing, Botting, Duping, Stockpiling, Luck, Boredom or a combination of any of the mentioned.
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    posted a message on Gear Advice for TR/Bell
    Just some hints:

    Inna's Favor: Get one with 8% Holy Damage and Dex/Vit-Roll instead of Allres. 160 Dex/70 Vit Favors aren't that expensive.
    Inna's Temperance: Same idea. With just one random Affix roll, it's advisable to take those pants with a Dex/Vit roll rather than single Res.
    Inna's Radiance: You could make up for some of the Res here. High Dex + Single/All-res is typically fairly cheap.
    Stone of Jordan: The added Crit Chance is great, but with only 5% Elemental Damage and 20% Elite-Bonus, you should be able to get a better one easily. The Bell-Crit-Chance is not trackable with the basic AH-searches, so there's always situations to snipe those!
    Shoes: Easiest way to make up for the lack of EHP is getting some Ice Climbers. When you're not using the Nat's 2-piece (Shoes+Ring that is), you normally either go Zuni Trails for some extra DPS or Ice Climbers for a decent EHP-boost. I'd suggest using Climbers so you get more flexible with your Skills and passives - they prodive a whole of a lot more damage potential than Zuni's would!

    Skorn: Definately has the highest potential, but gets really expensive. Upgrade when you have enough gold to spend!

    Gem: While I admit that there's situations where Rubies are superior to Emeralds, they aren't on MP10. You use rubies to guarantee 100% one-hits on lower MPs (for either TR or Bell One-Shotting), but on MP 10 you get to the point where you have to crit to get those mobs down in just one combo (try Exploding Palm here, it's simply awesome in the new Act 1!), so buffing the base-non-crit-damage is subpar.

    What you have to keep in mind is that with a critchance of 50% (or 50.5% in your case :P), you do crit very frequently - 'cause Wave of Light actually does 3 (+1 very small) hits per cast, meaning that you get at least one crit 87.5% of the time - and that's what's needed for most mobs when your Crit-Damage is high enough! So .. Emeralds are superior to Rubies in almost every scenario on higher MP farming.
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    posted a message on From 225 to 300+ ?
    There's easy upgrades on most of your equipment. What exactly do you need advice for? Isn't it quite obvious? :[

    If you have money:

    Decent Skorn (if you want Spreadsheet DPS only) / 2 decent 1H Weapons (if you want to increase efficiency)
    Mempo with Crit
    Inna's Temperance with Strength
    Some decent ring for your unity

    If you'd prefer crafting:

    Amulet (there's huge potential)
    Shoulders (only some minor upgrades, but should be easy to acquire)
    Bracers (you're missing quite some damage here)

    Shouldn't be all that hard to get some DPS upgrades - even easier if you can spare some EHP.
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    posted a message on Arreat Crater Level 2 not effective anymore
    Quote from overneathe

    Pathing has always been like this in Crater. I've had detours of more than 10 terrain blocks in just one direction that don't lead to an exit.

    I've never seen anything like it despite having leveled 2 characters to Paragon 100 solely on this very map, but then again .. this might just have been bad/good luck, RNG, differences between servers or just fate.

    There's some Layouts that are all new to me on other maps as well, at least there are maps that I've never seen before.

    I guess they actually have changed pathing and added new layout-pieces.

    If anyone could provide a screenshot showing the layout above or something similiar, this may clear things up, but .. noone seems to have one :[
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    posted a message on Gems - Craft or Buy?
    Quote from Bagstone

    If you sell one item for 70 bucks on the RMAH, you can buy about 100 gems, and I guess some of the AH flippers are turning this into gold again then - and even if they sell every gem for just 10 million (which would be extremely underpriced compared to crafting cost of one gem) they still end up with a billion. Wondering though if Blizzard bans these people at some point.

    Why'd Blizzard ban them? They don't do anything wrong and provide income for Blizzard.
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    posted a message on Real DPS calculator
    Quote from Diablocaos

    We know of several utilities similar to this, but after thoroughly testing them have some gaps or are not as accurate as they should. We found none in our calculator and the results are really very accurate.

    Any example where your calculator does not give the exact same results as any of the already functioning ones? Couldn't find any after having played around with it.
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    posted a message on Please add Deadly Reach - Foresight buff icon
    Quote from Zuchi

    Quote from Elendiro

    Id rather look at the buff icons that some character effects. I don't really see what such small buffs get an effect. They should release an entire patch with just all icons!

    Don't get me wrong, I'm all FOR having a buff icon for all skills. But I just rather have the most important buffs to have icons and not have unimportant ones clutter up the limited number of buff slots. I'd be all for having DR+Foresight buff icon, but not if there's a buff icon limit.

    It's not like it would be impossible for them to allow us to chose for ourselves what we want to have displayed and what not ;)
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    posted a message on Help me reach 200kdps with my TR monk!
    Quote from heavymetalmak

    i'm gonna try to get my TR monk over 200K dps somehow. I want to prove that it can be viable for DE runs and leg runs on Mp10.

    So you want to prove something that's already been common sense for like .. months? There's noone denying the fact that it's perfectly viable for any form of farming.
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    posted a message on Fast way to 1-60 (1.0.7)?
    Well, without limitations, the current PVP-bug definately is the fastest. I've only passively witnessed it, but 21 minutes from 1 to 60 seemed quite nice.

    While leveling on your own, buying upgrades for gear every X levels to just farm Act 3 all by yourself probably is the best. I averaged about 4-5 hours playtime per Level 60 character (with the exception of DH which took me over 7 hours - hate that class). You'd still need someone to open the quests for you (and possibly some help on Diablo Nightmare/Hell).

    If you don't want to rely on any help at all, there's not much to do. Start Act 1 normal and progress through the normal quests until you hit level 60.

    What kind of DPS should I be looking for in a weapon (I have a Radiant Star Ruby) that will quickly get me to level 60 via MP10 but give me the desire to self-find something better when I start paragon leveling?

    No need to buy a new weapon until you reach level 60 with your current one - that's unless you might liek some Life Steal/Life on hit/Life after kill. DPS-wise it's already top-notch for a weapon that only needs to guide you through hell-mode :)
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