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    Whats up fellow furry juiced barbarians, while i know most people are now in the hunt for patch 2.4 info. I received a few requests to go over the patch 2.3 rend build,

    If you have a question on one of the topics in the video, feel free to ask here or on YT.

    -Rend Barb How-To-


    0:49 Gear
    6:10 Cube
    6:20 Follower
    9:20 Gems (and gear follow up)
    10:00 Skills
    17:30 paragon
    19:30 Dealing with lag
    21:25 Other topics (good rifts, good mobs, build tips )
    24:00 Rend Snapshot
    25:20 Other build topics
    26:23 Bane of the Stricken Snapshot


    -Rend Barb Full Length Rift Clears-
    GR69: https://youtu.be/QCk-r8GeOo0
    GR70: https://youtu.be/-Rx39br9pZU
    GR71: https://youtu.be/yFHNtEI-5YY
    GR73: https://youtu.be/7fl4Y48d2Do

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    posted a message on (Vid) Rarity Of Legendaries & Ancients - Drop Rates/Chance Explained Patch 2.11 and 2.12
    Things are getting shaken up in the new patch, with new drop rates and Ancient Legendaries.

    Just how easy or hard is it to find that sweet loot you've been looking for.


    GoodLuck Hunting
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    Sep 7

    Hey everyone back to making videos, moved and found a full-time job :) So not as many videos will come out from me as before, but more to come!

    Most all zones tested in Act I. All testing done with a Archon Wizard on Monster Power 3, with 114% bonus experience (+/- 6) and always being around 140k damage per second.

    Link to the chart in the video, be sure to share it with your friends. And let me know how you're using it to help your farming runs.

    Act 1 Collection Of Data - Best Zones For Elites, Experience, And More!

    June 9

    Videos a little long so I added start times :)

    MP10 - 200 Million Witch Doctor Gear Discussion (Guide) - Firebats:Cloud Of Bats & BATDOG!

    Intro: 0:00
    Gear Strat/Stats: 2:04
    Helm: 5:41
    Shoulders: 6:59
    Amulet: 7:36
    Gloves: 8:25
    Chest: 9:12
    Bracers: 10:17
    Ring 1: 11:37
    Belt: 13:21
    Ring 2: 14:01
    Pants 14:22
    Weapon: 15:11
    Boots: 16:30
    Spec Talk: 17:18


    May 29

    A new twist on the Cloud of Bats build going around, with this build zombie dogs will be spawning often. I also said that with cloud of bats while channeling, you could increase the damage up to 600%. But the damage buff is actually multiplicative, so would be increased to 1000% damage.

    In the video I go over the skills, a little bit about gearing, and show the build in action.

    And then I double it..... you will get this later :P

    Batdog - Witch Doctor MP10 Build - Skills & Gear


    May 21

    Update how magic find works and how to find legendaries guide. 1.0.8

    It's a bit of a long video, so if you would rather jump to the part you want to see, or just pick it up later here is a list of start times :)

    Topic 1: Magic find and how it works: 0:26
    Topic 2: How to get magic find 3:01
    Sub Topic: Paragon levels 3:18
    Sub Topic: Monster power 4:26
    Sub Topic: Followers 5:51
    Sub Topic: Shrines 6:58
    Sub Topic: Nephalem Valor 7:25
    Sub Topic: Multiplayer 8:04
    Sub Topic: Gear & Weapons: 8:24
    Topic 3: Magic find cap: 8:54
    Topic 4: How to apply this knowledge: 10:03
    Topic 5: Monster Power/Bonus Item 12:10
    Topic 6: Farming like a pro 15:49
    Topic 7: Maximize nephalem valor 17:53

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    Quote from ruksak

    Quote from ChromeOnRust

    Joking not aside, what kind of rope are you burning, haha

    Congratulations....you're the first one to get that. "Burning Rope" ........ nobody knows the reference but maybe that's because I'm getting old?

    Really!?!? The first.

    That's hard for me to fathom, unless I'm getting to old? I know plenty of people if I were to say, are you burning :flame: rope . They would know what I was referring to, they are all card carrying members of course....

    Old is a state of mind, so no worries, videogames keep you young forever :Thumbs Up:

    Edit: Saw the thread link "add a /nopickup to d3", you have my bump and like. Would be a nice feature for sure.
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    Due to TRAVIS DAY!!! Nerfing the king of barb builds this is my response with a new build. Rend Pulverize Move (RPM) designed for killing elites and trash mobs fast. Getting faster clear times than with WW.
    (I'm all for the change, bring it on!)

    Let me know what you think and things you might change.

    All stats shown in the chat are unbuffed, buffed tick rates with Wrath would be 30/26/23/18/15

    Jump to 3:33 to skip my rant :)

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    Quote from Zero(pS)

    ERMAHGERD DUDE you're famous now... Blizzard made a post about you!!!

    I would like start out by thanking all the little.....
    I'm so full of (you know what)

    Really though, thanks!!! for posting my followers guide on the site! After you picked it up, Blizzard posted my new followers guide on theirs. I'm sure it's what led them to checking out my channel for these videos, snowballs are funny like that.

    I hope to keep make Diablo videos in the future, and what you did was a great help!

    So THANKS again!

    I do have one issue with Diablofans.... lol that sounds very out of context. I can't use my Enter key when posting on the forums. I have to copy Enter key strokes from other posts and paste them. That's how I'm able to space my sentences/paragraphs, Is there anything I can do to fix this.
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    Quote from Zero(pS)

    As an idea/suggestion, it would be nice to see in a future video a comparison between Stone of Jordans and Rare Rings (budget ones, legendary and top-end trifecta/quadfecta) - DPS-wise and also checking how much EHP you might be losing from choosing a SoJ over a Rare Ring with say +60 res all or high Vit one.

    Uploading a video like this right now. I don't think I covered this exactly, now that I read it again. But it's close :)
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    posted a message on Gearing guide and skills need for Whirlwind Barbs, and how to maximize WotB:ToC up time. (Video Series)
    I put together this video series to hopefully answer any question you would have reguarding the Whirlwind barb, what gear to get, and how to maximize Wrath of the Berserker:Thrive on chaos up time.

    I know alot of you understand all their is to know about Whirlwind barbs, and how to maximize WotB. But I have been receiving alot of questions regarding how to keep WotB:ToC going and what gear should I get.

    If you do know all their is to about WW, this may not be for you. But if you do check it out and you are a master Barb let me know how I did, and if I missed something.

    Thanks and enjoy!

    Gearing Guide For Under 15mil, 23 Ticks Per Tornado. Part 1


    Skills Needed and Skill Discussion w/ Break Points. Part 2


    Tips And Tricks, A Good Run To Do, and Some Of The Best Gear In The World. Part 3

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    Aww man, I am not on tv? Your post makes me want to go cry in the corner, your so mean!
    Not really :)
    I do understand you making sure, there are no hurt feelings. Sometimes people take things to personaly.

    Now with that out of the way once again thanks! For you not having much sleep, it was a good read for sure. Like you said, it is hard to get good useful feedback. I am not taking what you said about the facecams, with a grain of salt, but to heart. I'm also not saying that one persons opinion is going to stop me, but I will remember it. If more people seem to feel the same way though, things could chage. While I do know what you mean when you say "with a grain of salt". We both know that people or even a persons opinion is very valuable, maybe not everyones "trolls". But this I can tell, you are not.

    To answer your semi-rhetorical question. You didn't make an ass of your self and you were helpful.

    I like the fact that you brought up Force. I have been watching him since almost day one. I know recently he mentioned in his latest "New PC Releases & Content" that he was thinking of droping the facecam, for the Force Feed. He had a big backlash to that idea, and wisely decide against it. No im not saying this is a sole reason to keep using one (for like you said he is not showing his face during footage), but did find it to be enlightening. So I'll be trying to get more feed back on the topic and see what comes up.

    With all this talk of YouTube, I think i will go check one of your videos out, I have some spare time. See what kind of commentaries you do(steal all your good ideas Moo-who-ha-ha-ha-ha). :)

    Once again thanks for the well thought out answers, and taking the time to write it all down!

    Chrome On Rust
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    First off let me say thanks, great post, and well thought out! That's the kind of info I am looking for (I read it twice). I would have to agree with you about the presentation being dry.

    If you dont mind my asking of a few questions. What about the facecam do you not like? Im not saying with my videos in particular (I see what you mean about me not being very engaging or showing much interest). Do you feel it just includes a element that is not needed or is a distraction from the topic?

    Also, when you said videos like this, what exactaly were you referring to. Are you talking about all or at least most video game content in general? If not with all video game content, when would you think it to be a good idea to use one?

    Thanks again!
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