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    Thud reveals items in the world that cannot be seen without revealing the fog of war, in Grifts particularly showing the exact location of pylons, and what that pylon is, giving a general map layout so you can avoid all the major detours which in turn gives you a speed advantage over those of us that don't use this "addon" which is and will always be, cheating, there is no other word for it, if you don't think this is cheating then you need to get back to school because your teachers obviously failed to teach you the correct definition of the word, and the context it is used in.

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    here's a little breakdown of what diablo 3: reaper of souls is about now'a'days:

    season and non season, these are 2 game modes that are completely separate from each other, much like "hardcore" is separate from "normal".

    within each game mode exists several different difficulty levels designed to challenge both character level, and gear level, which are as follows:





    then there is a tier of difficulties above master called "torment" and these are a scaling difficulty much like the previous ones, but scale up from torment 1, through to torment 10, which is the hardest difficulty within the difficulty menu.

    the maximum level is now 70, and you need to reach this level in order to unlock what many consider to be the true game, aka the item/loot hunt.

    once you hit level 70, you will then unlock "paragon" experience, this is an updated version to the original paragon levelling system added back in classic, with the current system you gain "normal" xp to get from level 1 to 70, then once you have reached level cap, you still gain xp, and this xp is added to a new pool which provides points to spend on character power in various different forms, you can add points to increase your attack speed, or give yourself a little bonus armour, you can provide yourself with other boosts that don't directly increase your power upfront, but interact with your character to provide power in other ways, you gain 1 point for every paragon level up to a "soft cap" of 800, once you reach paragon 800 you will only be able to spend points in the "primary" skills of your class, either strength, agility or intellect, with the option also to spend it in vitality if you so desire, as that is also classed as a primary stat, and these 2 categories have no level cap.

    each class has available 4 "sets" these are sets of gear that comprise 6 pieces (7 in the case of the "legacy" sets such as inna's hold/tal rasha's elements etc which were available in classic but have been since updated in the current iteration of the game), with many MANY supporting legendary items for non set slots such as bracers/rings/amulets/weapons, however some builds use multiple item sets together to get multiple set bonuses active at a time, you will find this out the more you play and more familiar you become with the classes in general, but more specifically the class you decide to play, on top of that there is a multitude of legendary items for every slot of gear with many having unique and power abilities called "legendary powers" these powers are often used to synergise with gear set bonuses, and/or augment a build to play slightly differently as a result.

    recently, there was an addition to the game called "Kanai's cube" this is a repository to transfer power effects on legendary items to use in conjunction with your normal armour items, and allows you to use multiple power effects that would not normally be available due to not being able to wield multiple weapons at once for example, but not only this, it is used as a way to "craft" certain legendary items faster by using a rare quality item and upgrading it in the cube and other such things along those lines.

    also a new addition to the game, when you get to level 70 in season mode, you will be able to complete something called "the season journey" as part of this feature if you fulfil certain criteria of the season journey, you will be awarded with a full set of gear for your class based on what blizzard have predetermined for that season, it can be obtained only once, so make certain of your chosen class before levelling up as you will not be able to obtain it again in this manner, and will then be forced to loot it as a normal drop item in the world either through rifts, greater rifts or bounties.

    in regard to your feeling overwhelmed by terms and phrases, many of the names of builds are tied into the gear set they are built upon, with a few exceptions, for example "LoN barb" refers to a barbarian using the "legacy of nightmares" ring set, and equipped with "ancient" non set items in all other slots, a "Thorns sader" is a crusader using the "invokers" set of gear, with this gear set, the crusader deals damage not just directly attacking enemies, but when he/she is attacked as well dealing a portion of the damage received back at the attacker, there are many builds for all classes that follow this trend where they build is named either due to the spells/abilities they use, or the gear set they are using in the build, you will become more familiar the more you play and the better you understand the various classes.

    hope this helps a little bit, there is much much more to learn as you get more experienced you will find out a whole host of different things about the game that will make your gaming experience even better.

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    Quote from Ryushinx»

    This is Epic! Thanks for this post, you made my day!
    it was in this moment, francis knew...................................he had fucked up!
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    for the best xp/hour for the masses it will be T10 regular rifts, as for Grifts specifically it will come down to what you and your party can handle as the highest tier GR and how fast you can reliably clear that tier.

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    Quote from Bagstone»

    I'm just going to quickly address two points that come up quite a lot:

    1) "What about TurboHUD".

    TurboHUD and bots are two different issues, and they're treated differently by Blizzard. This includes about how they respond to those issues on the forums, and the history of account actions taken. Our letter and this thread is about botting. I don't think there are two different opinions about bots (unless you're a botter), something you cannot say about other issues. Therefore, please keep TurboHUD and other things out of this message, as it makes the issue more blurry and might result in a vague response. If we put the spotlight on one very specific issue and the community speaks as a whole, chances are significantly higher to get a strong response (i.e., hopefully *action* and not just *words*).

    2) "Some people on the list have done X and shouldn't be allowed to sign it".

    I guess those people on the list are the streamers. They're often being called out for exploiting, botting, or other violations of the ToS (I am not including TurboHUD here and refer to point 1) - keep it out of this thread). However, when they use exploits they usually do this to force Blizzard to act against it (example: blood shard exploit). On the other hand, all people on this list, especially the streamers, have a history of speaking up publicly against botting. Look at it this way: with this letter we are urging Blizzard to act. We are reminding them of their EULA and asking them to take action against those who violate the rules of the game. Why should anyone who is playing this game competitively violate those rules and then join an open letter which will eventually jeopardize their progress?

    It's okay to have your own opinion and you're free to express it in this thread. But please do refrain from accusations for which you have no proof, and keep this thread on topic (the botting issue). Those are my only two requests, thanks.

    ok, here's "proof", back in classic, alkaizer admitted to account sharing with multiple people in order to achieve p100 world first back when the paragon system was first added to the game after a bit of an investigation, due to his play time being near to 24 hours a day for the duration of time it took him to get that p100, he denied botting and eventually said it was due to account sharing, ergo he broke the rules by sharing account information with others which unless it was changed recently is against the EULA.

    Empyrian has abused many exploits that have been discovered over the period since seasons were added, and even had the play time average of someone who used a bot during the blood shard fiasco.

    wujido recently had his leaderboard ranking wiped and his account suspended for the use of the hellfire amulet exploit.

    your prose is regarding enforcing the EULA/TOS of diablo 3, with regard to botting in particular, but should it not apply to all breaches and as such should it not be prudent to have signatories that have not abused ANYTHING in game for personal gains, otherwise what is the point, the open letter is then just a mirror of blizzards apathy towards the subject, by all means they could have a different viewpoint on the subject after having sanctions placed on them for past misdeeds and as such want to make positive changes, but as i said, i dislike the fact that known cheaters are "supporting" this which is absolutely hypocritical to the point being made and the change being asked for.

    as i mentioned in my previous post, i have no issue with the contents of the letter, in fact i am fully aware of trying to force blizzard to pull their heads from their collective rectal cavities, and actually tackle this problem properly, my issue is with the aforementioned.

    edit: spelling

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    posted a message on 2.3: Vyr's / Chantodo's Set Mechanics FAQs
    Quote from Kallizk»

    Quote from Rogoth01»

    Quote from TilloNaut»

    Yeah true dat, it only cleared a Gr 69 with non perfect gear and under 800 paragon+ under 70 gems, but tal still takes a dump on it I guess. Why are people always claiming things so matter of fact-confidently, when they just are not even able to know those things at a certain point in time?!

    you do realise you posted in a thread that is over a month old, and at the time it was posted it was assumed it wouldn't compete with tals due to how damage modifiers work, in that archon damage, and chantodo's set bonus damage is all additive, and is additive with self/party buffs also making it vastly inferior to tals in that regard, furthermore some of the information in the OP is now obslete and incorrect, therefore either needs updating or taking it very liberally with a view to being a rough guide on some basic mechanics and nothing more, in future think before posting, because so far all you are doing is making yourself look like a tit.

    his post seemed accurate, if anything he made YOU look like an ass, or better yet you did that yourself...
    OT: with the changes that went into the PTR last week archon seems to be in a good spot,
    Did some testing (no fishing and no pylons to adulterate) with ancient gear all around with a couple of wiz setups:
    Full tal'rasha cleared up to 56 np, after that u need some luck,

    Del'rasha cleared 56 np has less dmg potential than full tal with F+R and CoE but makes it up in survivability

    Full vyr with all the over 9000 items it needs cleared 56 the easiest of them all
    and finally i even tested firebird with F+R and managed to also do a 56, was the hardest of them all.

    Now granted 56 is not top tier, but after that point pylons + rift density etc etc play a major role in your sucess and i wanted to test with the minimum influences possible, to me all sets are kinda nice until 60, after that point the rift mechanics themselves favor some sets over others.

    TLDR: Vyr is fine.

    due to the way he worded his response, it appeared to me to be sarcastic, and actually trying to mock BDF, therefore, i did the same by stating that 350x20=7500 but i guess you failed in understanding sarcasm, should i have put a load of emoticons or something to make it super duper uber clear?

    the nerf to the belt has left vyr-archon in a bad spot, the fact you think it is good is laughable, 56 is not even close to top tier, previous PTR version i was clearling 63-64 which based on each tier being an order of magnitude 12 higher than the previous tier, you were handling a tier that was ~84-96 times EASIER than what i was doing, furthermore the main source of damage in archon form is the set bonus from chantodo's, not archon itself, and in this regard tals is the best wizard set by such a big margin it doesn't even bear mentioning, it is like trying to compare a light aircraft (firebird), a jumbo jet (vyr), the starship enterprise (tals). Get my point yet or do i need to make it even simpler?

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    Quote from dispx»

    I do this. I basically clear more then 60% solo my team just has to kill stragglers and elite packs. A barb staying with the group is loosing out on ALOT of damage done. Once you played a barb urself you will know how fast one of those barbs clears while you kill elite packs. This is especially good in speed grifts, where the barb can solo all the trash by just spinning past them.

    so essentially barb is back to the same fucked up state it was in classic for team play whereby there is no team play with barb, unless you run 4 barbs all with the same build/gear setup, good to know, as to the OP it is most likely they are tagging monsters so when you go through killing they get the XP for it, and are just too lazy to do the leg work to kill elites.

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    no, and no, the item is consumed and you either loose the item, or you get a brand new version of the item without any enchantments of any sort.

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    greater rifts still need their damage scaled down radically before this can go live with the CC changes that have been implemented, i am full ancient geared on my wiz with extremely well rolled items in all slots, and i was struggling in a 54 grift (4 player) with the damage they were doing without any real forms of CC, nevermind melee characters who can't take more than a couple of hits at that level from more than a couple of monsters at a time, still a crap ton of changes need to be made before Grifts are even remotely viable, because with T7-10 being added, there is almost no need outside of levelling gems to run Grifts anymore, so without some alterations, they will completely invalidate the biggest feature they added back in 2.1 within 2 patch cycles.

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    Quote from RiffSphere»

    Everyone knows that paragon points are strong. The worst levels are 600-800, since they only add a little power per 4 levels.

    The increased MF, GF and xp/kill I've never heard, and I'm not sure about it. It used to give MF and GF in vanilla. Then again, only 10% of your MF adds to legendaries, and at high paragon (where it would matter) nobody cares about gold anymore :)

    Also, as paragon gets higher, the items get stronger. In S1 I think they ended around Grift 50, S2 Grift 60, now they are passing 70 already, with not that much more paragon (reset in season). They introduced ancient items and the new sets that multiplies your damage by a lot, and now F+R rings. So the paragon value is getting less every patch.

    bolded the important part, the original poster doesn't mean that paragon points directly increase these in game stats (although gold find it does very marginally), he/she meant that over the course of a gameplay session, you will find more magic items/gain more gold from kills/gain more xp per hour based on your kill speed with a higher paragon level than another player 100+ levels below you on average, which is entirely true and one of the biggest issues with the game right now from a gameplay perspective, player power is far far too wide of a chasm now in relation to those that have the means to farm daily Grifts 45-50 speed running wearing xp gain gear, relative to those who have not got this option, and as a result of this huge discrepancy a large portion of the playerbase that push for solo ranks have given up playing the game due to the inequality that exists between those that have managed to get stupidly high paragon levels and those of us who are still in the "above average but nowhere near relevant enough to matter" range (i'm talking those who are 1200+ compared to my ~760 or so).

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