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    posted a message on Hellskull vs hallowed barricade
    You can roll %skill on the hellskull therefore getting more.

    It is easier to get hallowed but equally well rolled hellskull(even lesser rolls) win, cdr>all.
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    posted a message on Crusader - The choice of the belt / rings

    I am here to share some of my thoughts and to get some more thoughts, so here they are, talking holy shotgun (but most of it applies on the fire builds too, its just not for gyrfalcon builds).

    Facts?(help me fill it up)

    -Ias is no good objectively, some is great subjectively

    -CDR is key. More cdr equals more dps (more shield glare, more laws, more provoke, more akkhan).
    -Crusader is low on CHD (no dual wield)
    -Elemental DMG is great
    -it is hard to maintain high toughness while maximizing the dps and CDR
    -Harringtons (one player per group, solo) beats witching hour which beats (at first) captain belt

    Item Choices

    • Aughild Set+Grandeur, witching hour/harringtons ( 15%vs elites, 15%less dmg from elites, 7%less dmg)
    Adds nice damage to elite and a lot of toughness vs elite.
    However, it means no reaper wrap which i dont like, i like having the extra wrath.

    It makes getting to 50%CDR+ a lot easier, RCR helps too, life regen is nice and [email protected] always welcome.
    10CDR means that there is one more spot for CHD/%Holy on the amulet or if we go for less then 100%akkhan one more chd spot on the other ring.

    • 6Piece Akkhan, no Grandeur, witching hour/harringtons, SOJ+Unity
    Maybe that is the best way to go, unity adds nicely to the dps, but we cannot go without CDR on the ring so it will sacrifice some dps or toughness too.

    Thats my thoughts, here is what i started to crunch:

    -Aughild: Took it out of the work, i dont want to lose reapers and if i wanted to i would/do use strongarms for even more dps in great monk groups, EOD.

    -CPt Crimson+Grandeur:

    Grandeur (8CDR, DPS, Toughness, Mainstat)+SOJ(ELE, DPS, Toughness(or second DPS!), 30ELITE),Cpt Belt (Mainstat, Toughness,Toughness,Toughness,)+S+Cpt Boots(Mainstat+3xToughness)+Set(10CDR, 1xToughness combined, RCR)

    : --> Toughness(DPS), Toughness, Toughness, RCR, DPS, 18CDR


    -6PC Akkhan

    Unity(CDR, 15Elite, Toughness, Mainstat)+SOJ(ELE, DPS, CDR, 30ELITE)+WH(Mainstat,DPS, Toughness, [ias])+Akkhan Boots(Mainstat+3xToughness) : -> DPS, 15Elite, 16CDR

    Conclusion: There is no question that Harringtons wins on rifting, so if you are the one best dps in group or solo 6PC Akkhan is great, but you need a lot of great best possible rolls to compensate for two lost slots of toughness (second ring CDR and set bonus).

    Otherwise, it is close, closer then witching hour users would like ( Iv got a vit wh which rolled alright, 38%chd, and it is less fun using it even though its more fun at first the lost CDR really hurts). Getting great rolls on the Captain set is easier then getting them on WH+Akkhan (either boots or legs, it doesnt matter).

    More so, i think that captain set beats 6pc akkhan+unity since two dps and twotoughness and RCR beat toughness and 15%elite.

    Also, the set makes it possible to reach 56%CDR without sacrificing one BIG DPS slot on the amulet, 6PC stays an option though with near perfect (or perfect) gear or harringtons.

    Thx for the read, im looking forward getting feedback, new ideas and somebody correcting my mistakes:)

    PS: Reaching CDR: Shoulder, 2Rings, Gloves, Weapon or Shield or amulet(Both BIG, 750vit/10cc/10%dmg/20%elemental/100%CHD, slots so id rather take only one)+paragon=50-52CDR
    Captain set makes for one more of the BIG Slots on weapon, shield!
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    posted a message on Darklight build (Light in the Dark)
    I was playing around with darklight for a bit, its cool but its worse then holy shotgun.
    On the itemization i gotta say that critical hit dmg should be on the gloves all time.

    I get that you like the high (750>500) roll of vit on gloves and its totally viable but on a party setup there is no need for crazy high toughness while on single player you either play lower torment (like 4or5), its more efficient even with all the best gear, or you are using unity which im really missing in your item section. Taking 50%dmg and killing trash faster makes it totally viable to do rifts, since you can do a lot of aoe you gain killspeed if you dont have to care/kite.

    Overall i like it, i thought about writing something quick about this but now i dont have too, thx!
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    posted a message on LFG T6, i am 6/6 DH and/or 6/6 Crusader EU

    im looking for some organized, meaning non mirror, groups to play t6 efficiently.

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    posted a message on Path to T3+, the sequel
    FInd a group/groups to play with, get tanky, l2p, loot AzTurraq, own t6.
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    posted a message on Running on High Mp's
    "A bit more fragile without weapon LS, but they are not easy to die with so much agility."
    Dodge doesnt work on stuff thats killing u, so its not a factor.
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    posted a message on Advices to upgrade my dh' dps
    U either farm low mp or mp9/10, theres nothing in between.
    To farm high mp u need a lot more hp/ehp.

    To your overall dps, if you play with traps and/Or a hatred spender that u cannot spam infinitely ias looks well on the paper but its not boosting your real dps.

    Your DPS aint an issue for lower mp though and you need a complete new set of gear for high mp.

    Now what should u do to farm more/faster? Become faster!

    In order to become faster u need to vault and run faster, so get tactical advantage and discipline, a full nat set would benefit you a lot,

    Get a nat helmet instead of your horrible paperdps andys thats not only bad itself(9ias is a must have for andys...)but also hurting your real ehp a lot with the big +%fire dmg.

    U need a nat chest too, get one with discipline on it and vit if u can and maybe even one with hatred regen, its gonna help a lot more.

    Now ur low ehp went even worse so u need more ehp, get either high vit or high resist innas pants.
    Your ehp will still be horrible so get a nice innas belt it has armor, high dex and some vit beating your wh by far in dmg(real=weapondmg, u can never stutterstepspam ea unlimited) and ehp.

    Your gloves can stay, u need to get some vit and/or more resists on the bracer.

    Your hellfire ring is horrible, it may help on lower mp but yours wont, get a better one or use a rare/soj to switch.

    The gems are fine, only get better ones if an upgrade of 25stats would mean like 100m of cost.

    Then ur back below or at about 200k dps but farming better and faster and u already took the first steps to get to higher mp, but that will cost u, dh aint a barb, theres no farming mp10 efficiently wiht 50m of equip.

    "i can already farm easy without dying pm". Maybe u can play on it without dying, u cant farm it without dying and still be fast.
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    posted a message on Demon hunter build im playing id like to share
    If u want Bola to gain disc u should use grenades to get even more disc.(or the fitting bola rune which is worse though)
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    posted a message on Mempo vs Natalya's Sight
    Lets assume that u have a budget of about 500m for the slot.
    I can get a nat helmet with 6cc, 100dex, 75ar for that Budget, maybe less.
    On the other hand u get a crappy 3.5cc mempo with avg stats.


    10%life=maybe like 90stats

    Nats: 99+130+240+156+162=787

    Mempo wins by a couple of stats, now u need to know if u want to have the discipline and if u really need ias (with traps mempo is only as good as the nat helmet, its not worse though id say) go for it.

    Best nat helmet would be 200dex/100vit/6cc/825armor and that would be about the same as this mempo, Discipline wins it, else the mempo is a solid choice for high budgets rapidfire builds (even though ias aint exactly the best stat to have for rapidfire).
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    posted a message on Next item upgrade, can't decide, help me. :)
    Inna belt with pickup radius.an CRAFT A LOT.
    dont waste your time and play mp0 to get the most esences out of your time and so you dont have to stack a lot of useless resists at your level of gear,
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    posted a message on [Guide] Multishot Crit Build
    Theres no cap on cc, theres a cap on caltrops though which is 75%.

    @Guide:Its a nice guide and its working but what we really need is something to work mp5upwards with all those juicy buffs to drops and xp on higher mp :(
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    posted a message on Help my DH to MP3 [Update]
    To farm essences the best route is vault of the assassins all over and over or some of the higher mp places like warriors rest (its shit as dh though...u may do that as well with your monk:D)

    "thing is I find using Strafe hillarious. It "
    Tornado barb is as hillarious but three times as efficient:D

    " Thanks for all the good feedback."
    ur welcome
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    posted a message on ThereĀ“s my thoughts on Demon Hunter equipment choices
    I dont accept a guide recommending lacuni for a dh as good, im sry:)
    Its alright and i watched it back when he released it but again, I DONT WANT TO MAKE A GUIDE.
    I want to share what i calced and thought about which items to use, including the only real questions with hard math to back it up.
    I also want some feedback on the choices but it seems i didnt do any mistakes and thats fine, let it drop, i know the stuff for sure now:)
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    posted a message on Help my DH to MP3 [Update]
    They wont nerf Monks and u can use most of your gear on a Monk.
    Iv got like the same time played on monk and dh and the monk has +15paragon levels, they are clearly better and its easier to do any mp with it more efficiently.

    Gear aint ten times more expensive (50m for a barb to farm mp10, maybe 5b for a dh thats 100times more money) but 100times :)

    What makes me think that the situation will stay? I tried the ptr and i saw the changes, blizard totally suxx at balancing atm further buffing barb life regen (imagine it at pvp...) like mostly double the values on anything compared to a dh.

    If there wont be any nice changes DH will still suck jay wilsons butt since rapid fire is totally not what people like and enjoy about DH gameplay, even if it can do some okay dps now.

    @Chicken: I dont see your problems, that dh should be able to farm mp3 without any problems if you just went to one of the good builds for that.
    Strafe only works on lower mp, the same as a comparable tempest rush monk.

    If you want a change use innas pants (its without question the top pants for any dex class) and get rid of your crapunis and use crafts instead.
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    posted a message on Worth buying WKL before itemization changes?
    Nat boots are already dropping.
    I dont say that u are wrong but 98%of the players know shit and all they see is the dps in the screen comparison.
    Thats why nat boots willd rop in price as they are already since the blog was announced.
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