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    The Quests in the Campaign are Global for the the session, meaning whoever joins the game will be on the same level regardless if they did that quest or not, and the accessible areas depend on the quest too, so if you play and he joins you then when he gets into your game he will have the same quest as you and if you join him you will have the same quest as him. You can always change what quest you want from the Menu outside as long as you unlocked it by progressing to it.
    Just play and invite him whenever he gets online or go join him after he creates a game. Monster levels are usually at the level of the creator of the game, so maybe it would be a better idea if you create the game at the same quest that he was in and invite him, this way he will catch up faster to you with levels and you will still get loot and so will he.

    Enjoy the game.

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    INT into something else when you are higher paragon, you can make up for the Int through Paragon but you can't make up for other stats from Paragon.

    Attack Speed or Area Damage, depending on Spec.

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    Quote from Deventh»

    Quote from Morgel76»

    I think around 15-20 Euro (UE).

    It's a dlc... not an expansion

    Hahahahahaha. There is no way in hell that I'd buy it for more than 10 euro. There is no way I'd support this game more when they openly said they are working on a new title. This game will die this year more than likely and if not this year it will be the next one, but we won't be seeing any new updates on it. If the pack sells a lot they will probably make one more and just stall for time before Diablo IV is released. I rather wait for a new game than to get a class that changes nothing in the game.
    Why wouldn't you support this game ? It is your money sure and you can do whatever you like with it, but I think Blizzard usually deserve the money, they have been supporting this game for 5 years and they will continue to support it for the next 10-15 years if Diablo1 and 2 is any indication.
    I would have loved if they did an expansion instead of a DLC Pack, but I think they realized that this game has flaws in the core, they wanted to do something more accessible but instead they alienated the Diablo fanbase.
    I hope they learned from this experience and I hope they go to the roots again.
    I haven't played Diablo for 2-3 seasons but I would love to jump back in for the Necro and I have put a lot of hours in this game and I think my money was well spent and I am sure this DLC Pack will also have great value and if I can put in the necro 100 hours then it will be worth the money spent(I am sure I will put way more than 100 hours in the Necro).
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    Quote from rhaepso

    the various fixes, nor the beta patch fixed it for me. It loads fine,
    but the loading screen is stuck. Ican attack, move, everything, but I
    have the loading screen on top, so I don't see it, but other players
    confirmed me moving and using skills. It also happens in act5, path of
    the drowned if you walk to the top right part of the map, as well as
    just randomly during rifts.

    It's nice some people get a fix, but I hope they can remove this issue once and for all

    I was getting my hopes up for this beta driver.

    Just so we know, what is your GPU Card? It might be related to a specific series in like HD 5xxx or 6xxx.
    Also did you apply the old driver to your game? did you remove the old driver if you added it before applying the beta patch ?

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    It was extended by an Hour, should be up in 8 minutes if it doesn't get extended again.

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    Patch 2.1 didn't get released on Xbox 360 and PS3 and that's why I didn't even bother buying RoS for my 360.
    RoS is fun but without patch 2.1 and all the future patches it feels incomplete.

    Too bad you had to find the hard way, if you have a half decent PC then get it on PC, patches are always rolling in, Seasons and more legendaries each patch.

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    Did any of you even get past act1 inferno before 1.03 ? not trying to be rude, but does any of you know what you are asking for ? not like it will ever happen but does any of you ?
    the game was fun because it was new and refreshing and all the exploration and builds and so on, the difficulty wasn't in the content, the difficulty was in the insanely high gear requirements to move from Act1 to Act2 and so on, it was horrible because you either had to use the AH or you would spend hundreds of hours grinding for NOTHING, no paragon, no progress, no drops, losing gold more than you pick up until you couldn't repair, can't craft gems because they were very expensive and you had no way of generating any gold, and to be honest most of the fans wouldn't want them wasting their time implementing this mode into the game and splitting the community even more.
    Players have been asking for Vanilla/BC/Wotlk servers for so long and that is much easier to implement than this and it wouldn't affect the population or the players almost at all and it is not happening, doubt they will implement such a thing in diablo.

    Just like another member mentioned before me, players were signing petitions and asking day and night to shut down the AH and the RMAH and asking for changes to the itemization from Vanilla and after just a year you forgot what kind of nightmare it was and started to ask for something so awefully done and poorly optimized and tested.

    This is what I call Rose Tinted Glasses, take em off please.

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    With the last changes on PTR they seem to be aiming for Sweeping Attack for AoE + Shield Bash for Single Target.
    I have been using Shield Bash on live without the full set because the full bonus is useless for Shield Bash in the long run, you can't maintain the Wrath and the Attack Speed so giving up the Attack Speed will drop your burst damage for sure but doubt it will affect your total damage output.

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    Using a low level weapon with Gem of Ease isn't how it is meant to be used :).
    Level it up to 25 and socket an ancient level 70 weapon from your main and hand it to your alt and have fun with it.

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    posted a message on Check out my lvl 54 Barbarian playing in Whimsyshire
    You seem to be new to the game.
    Whimsydale has been around for a while now and the actual level with the staff(Whimsyshire) has been in the game since release of D3.
    It is also referred to as Pony land mostly and it is not the cow level, there is an actual cow level(whole rift) with 10 levels and a boss and sometimes an event aswell.
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    Raiment set changes are coming in 2.2 I think. I didn't see any changes for raiment on the PTR and there is no mention of it on the patch notes and I remember looking at my set excited to test it out and then found out that it is not implemented yet.

    So 2.2 should be very exciting aswell and shouldn't be very far.

    On the why come back question, mostly new gear in seasons. If you played non-season for too long, maybe trying seasons this time isn't such a bad idea and you can always drop back to your non season characters, but the new items this season are pretty good, Monks get alot to do and with the new bracers new builds, DHs seem more fun to me and more active not just put sentries and run around, I am most likely going Monk/DH this season.
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    posted a message on Differences between PC and Console version?
    Is it D3 classic or D3 RoS ? Is it on PS3 or PS4 ?
    D3 Classic is totally a different game now and most OP build is Perma Wrath of the Berserker Barbarian and Critical Mass Wizards, I am sure if you look in youtube you will find the builds and how to gear for them.
    If we are talking about RoS on Ps3 then that is the first patch the game came out with which is 2.0 , Monk's Exploding Palm, Perma Akkhan for crusader with the rune that reduces cooldown that was pretty OP , Magic Missile Wizard, Earthquake Barbarians.
    If we are talking PS4 and the game is patched then it is the same as now and you can find all the good builds on the main page of Diablofans except the builds that rely on Seasonal Legendaries and these are very few.
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    posted a message on Thinking about making my return to Diablo...
    Quote from DrMoriarty»
    So should I bother? I really do have to say I miss Diablo 3 but I'm kind of worried about coming back from reading too much posts on the Blizzard webpage.

    What would you guys have to say about Diablo right now for someone who's taken a length break?
    I will put it this way, there is too much pessimism around Diablo in the forums.
    We all love Diablo and want what is best for the game, in all fairness even though the development can be slow and the patching process is not the best, Diablo 3 RoS is a very good game and you will get your money's worth for sure if you enjoyed the combat in the game.
    Alot of viable classes, Good amount of builds to play around with if you don't wanna go for ranking on leaderboards.
    I enjoy doing T6 runs and chilling and doing Greater Rifts once in a while and for that almost every class has few builds and they are fun.

    So if you liked D3 before, RoS is good and you should get it.
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    Quote from Pershingo»
    I think thats will be tomorrow and season liderboard will be lock.
    You bring up a good point but locking the Leaderboards is just like ending the season and they wouldn't do that without giving the players a heads up because there might be people still going for ranks.
    I still think the patch won't be before ending the season, really to screw up players in the last minute and change the whole balance would really drive all the competitive players crazy and make them quit.
    Unless they have some control over when sets get retroactive changes(I doubt they have that technology) or if they decide this time not to do retroactive changes(which is most unlikely).
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    If the season is ending 3rd of Feb, then the patch will be the 3rd for US and 4th for EU and season will end on the 4th for EU.
    They wouldn't let the new set changes ruin the whole balance of the first season.
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