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    posted a message on Help Me Out Please!
    So as im playing the game literally on my own with no friends I would really appreciate some advice on gear really and what to look for an upgrade first.

    Also someone to recommend a general spec for farming and a higher mp spec. I can only really just about kill MP3 without continual deaths so any of the above would be great.

    I have a small budget of only 4 mill atm.

    Also a recommendation for what to do with my time. So is it more beneficial to farm keys or to farm essences and patterns?

    Thanks in advance



    P.S had a Echoing Fury drop last night have no idea if its good but

    220 dex, 1133dps, 85 int, 1200 life after kill, 0.25 attacks per sec, 36% damage..
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    posted a message on Anyone else love the new bell?
    For my 2 pence on the matter I really enjoyed it as someone with less dps it was great fun to do such a large amount of damage for once in a lifetime :)
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