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    I say we ban botters and people who type boters. Both really grind my gears

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    Doing Necro again this season, an old friend from D2 and Lotro is playing, between him, another friend and myself we are going to take an honest shot at 3 player boards. Not sure how we will fare, but its the first time since seasons started I have dedicated friends to try stuff with. Not sure what the metas will be but we are running DH/Monk/Necro to start and we will see where that leads us.

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    posted a message on Season 10 Details
    Quote from johnkolee»

    Why is season 10 not started on PS4??

    If it follows PC it didnt start yet depending on where you live. 5 PM PST in the states
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    posted a message on A Prayer to RNGeezus

    In very limited playtime mostly solo HC I have achieved a modest mid 300s paragon. I have yet to get one focus, restraint, compass rose or traveler's pledge.

    Ohh Gods of Blizzard's loot system what have I done to anger you?

    I hereby do the sign of the pentagram with fresh death's breath in hopes of some set jewellery metioned above gracing my screen.

    I even PL'd a second Monk on my wife's account and used that for second loots. She RIP'd at P 75 but even then with 2 characters not one piece.

    Please Blizz :)

    Edit: This post is made in jest

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    Quote from st0rmie»

    Really, you need to think of single-player and multi-player D3 as two completely different games.

    imho, the difference between single-player and multi-player is much greater than the difference between Softcore and Hardcore.

    If you enjoy single-player (like I do), then play it. But don't look at the multi-player people and get angry that they are vastly more advanced than you. That's like a Hardcore player looking at a Softcore player who goes full glass cannon and dies a lot, and getting angry that you can't do that in Hardcore.

    The problem is your worth in this game is often judged by your paragon level. An average player with above average paragon is viewed by most as being a better player than a great player with a lower paragon. Right or wrong thats just the way it is.
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    posted a message on Lost #1 EU HC Ancient Calamity to a DC. Time to go softcore in S4? :b

    I see the OPs point, not so much DCs but a few hours ago Blizz's entire US servers had a massive DC, there were over 50 of us on in <Dfans>, they said about 30 or more of us go booted and I being the only one that lost a HC character in the Clan,.

    This was obviously on Blizz's side, quite frankly its easy for them to see. Im not asking for my toon back, but the thing that pisses me off is its less than 24 hours in to a season, Ive been leveling that character solo for about 10 hours by myself and then the DC death. Now I have to level 2 chars back to back. I think if this was a few weeks into the season it would be a touch easier as opposed to leveling 2 in a row.

    On the bright side I really wasnt feeling the Crusader, I went with that over a Monk because it seems everybody was rolling a monk and I wanted to be different a little bit.

    Overall, on the case of a BLizzard side f*ck up like tonight, I think they should seriously consider reviving all of those dead HC toons. Seriously its the first Saturday night of the young season and the whole server failed, but I wouldnt ask for a revive on a death when it was just me or my connection, but when Blizz's software or hardware causes it, I think they should consider it especially so early into a promising season. While Im a touch annoyed, Im sure there are some pretty pissed of people right now.

    Just my worthless 2 cents :)

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    posted a message on New season, monk or sader, please give me suggestion.

    I myself will probably do both S4 HC to start then one or the other will tickle my fancy and I will probably play that full time. I havent played either since game launch and then Crusader launch.

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    posted a message on [Witch Doctor] "The Start" Guide AKA when I hit lvl 70 what should I do
    Thanks for this build. Im getting more and more back into D3 and am exploring other classes besides the Crusader which I currently have geared the best. You havent mentioned a follower at all. Personal preference?
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