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    If you're rocking a LoN Bombardment setup: change cube weapon to In-geom, use rally rune for akkarat's champion and laws of hope with the wings of angels rune. This way you pretty much have perma reflective skin and perma steed charge which alone should be enough for clearing TX rifts pretty fast. On top of that, you can use bombardment on every elite pack regardless of the CoE procc and if something is on cooldown just pop champion and everything is ready again

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    5 days ago I restarted on US servers to mimic a new ladder season. My crusader is p67 and I spent 2293 blood shards on Kadala without a single legendary, but I already found 3 Fate of the Fell which 2 of them dropped back to back.
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    Quote from Hakeshu

    I just found that the smart loot is way smarter. I'm playing a barb, all I loot is damn freaking weapons. Seriously, I have almost all good weapons, but a crap armor. Friend dhunter loots lots of sets, but no rings or weapons. I've been seeing lots of patterns like these in my clan. RNG? It can be for sure, BUT... It's too much coincidence IMO.
    My clan and me observed the same thing. Today I found 6 out of the 11 legendary 1h and 2h flails within like 3 hours of doing rifts and bounties while a clanmate found 5 chest armors ( Tyrael's, 2 Chaingmails, Inna's and Cindercoat) playing in party with me...we are now the flail-guy and chest-guy xD
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    I kinda think the BlizzCon 2013 was a letdown. No real news besides things we knew from gamescom and datamining. Half of those questions are straight retarded....Have you thought about bonuses if you happen to die? Seriously?
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    Am I able to switch between acts on the run? If no, there is still no reason at all to change the game modes.
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    What is best in life?
    To crush your enemies, see them driven before you and hear the lamentation of their women!
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    Quote from k0ksii

    I want this :( but maybe its just nostalgia

    Well. I like the D3 soundtrack, but for a month now I simply listen to the complete soundtrack of D2. Perfectly it is around 2 hours...that's exactly the amount of time I invest on D3 when I'm playing it.

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    - want to see the rework of the difficulties
    - how trading will be managed after the auction houses are removed
    - previews of new abilities of the older classes
    - nephalem trials (pls be similar to PoE mapping and not those boring challenges from TL2)
    - crusader ofc :)
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    posted a message on D3 Has Sold Over 14 Million Copies, Ask the Devs About Game Design and Tech, Update on Legendary Transmogrification, Smart Drops
    Quote from miles_dryden

    Quote from maka

    Quote from Mehsiah

    Quote from Zero(pS)

    Quote from maka

    That's cool, I'm OK with changing Legendaries into whatever, so if you don't like your Vile Ward, change it to whatever you like. What I don't want is to see random rares being turned into Legendaries; I think it takes away from the mystique of the legendaries.
    I strongly agree with that...

    I'm not even sure I think it's okay for Legendaries to be turned into "other" Legendaries... but I think people are way past that (and probably have embraced that idea already)..

    I plan to turn my pants into Vile Wards. >.> :)

    Both horn sets turned to the front? :P

    Now monks fight with their KNEES!!

    I was an adventurer, too, but I got a Vile Ward to my knee...obious joke is obvious.
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    Quote from kaellar

    Oh.. My.. God..
    Did they just kill all the Barb builds? No fury regen at crits, no WotB, lifesteal is changed to "x life per fury spent" (never gonna compare to lifesteal)..
    Loved the info from the datamine till readed all of this stuff.. But the skill changes are AWFUL. Instead of buffing/redesigning not-so-popular skills, they simply cut out the popular ones. Great job..

    How shall I say? Hmmm, ah! Welcome to the world of the other four classes.
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    posted a message on The Massive Expansion Recap - Everything We Know So Far
    Some skills of the crusader are fascinating! Especially "Heavenly Strength" combined with the new paragon points. Putting enough points in movement speed to negate the -10% malus ---> grandfather/skorn + crusader shield builds incoming :D
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    posted a message on The Devs on the Past and Future of Diablo: Full Interview
    Yeah it is a good read. But my patience is no more....waiting 14+ months for everything that's on the back of the retail box is 14+ months too long. They say that they first want to make the PC version awesome etc and then console version. Why the fuck will the console version be released in September?
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    I would add base stat multiplier. In addition a new leg shield that gives thorns the ability to crit.
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    posted a message on Total Biscuit makes a very good point about D3
    Quote from Melt

    Quote from Bagstone

    Why the hell does this need to be derailed? There are plenty of non-moddable games that improved a lot just by getting an expansion.

    Sure, D2 mods were cool, but also "unmodded" LoD was a huge success - it's not just the mods that made D2 such a success story. Otherwise ladders would've been dead and servers down years ago. Also, D1 didn't even have any popular mods and still Hellfire was a blast and added huge improvements to D1.

    This topic is not about mods.

    Mods lack community. A highly modable game wont succeed if it doesnt have a core game that attracts tens of thousands of people. Mods will never be able to "save" a game since only 1% of the players usually find out about their existence. Diablo 2 has dozens of mods that are easily the size of an addon and still they only bring players back for a short amount of time.

    But yeah this is more about the game being finished once the expansions hit. Internally they did play it with runestones, charms and enhancements dropping. These small additions already could make the loothunting a lot more diverse.

    Ever heard of Steam Workshop? Behind games that are supported by this workshop, the modding community is massive. Good mods get their attention directly under the game panel, you can use the comment options as a forum for the mod, you can search for specific mods etcpp. It would be frickin easy to add such mod promotion to the Blizzard Launcher.
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    posted a message on Disappointed with the Dev Interview.
    Quote from Proof07

    Quote from VTurth

    Seriously, it just goes to show the people still working on D3 have no clue what they are doing.

    Besides still discussing no brainers they are doing things that make no sense.

    1.)Even though he loves PvP, Travis hopes Diablo 3 doesn't go down the eSport road, because when you focus on that type of PvP content you’ll have diminished results in the PvE part. Diablo 3 is meant to be a PvE game.

    WRONG. If you love PVP you would simply go down the e SPORT road and balance the PVP aspect differently then PVM. They clearly have the wrong people for the job. Also the statement of what Diablo is supposed to be is wrong.

    2.)There are talks about making Paragon levels account-wide, so that you don't feel like you're losing experience while playing your Paragon 100 character. Also potentially adding customization like stat allocation to it

    Grrrreaat. Cater to more "now now now" kiddies.. Because you know how well that works so far for D3.

    OK, then we need another leveling system please.. Since you seem to have forgot the point of the Paragon system that was placed in the game in the 1st place.

    Hey, remember when D3 only went up to lvl 60 and felt pointless.... Good job with that. :P

    3.) Josh tries to play a variety of games besides Diablo 3, like other ARPGs and even some Call of Duty in his spare time.

    Oooh, now I see the problem...
    Quote from VTurth

    Quote from Shad3slayer

    I think Acc-wide Paragon Lvls would be a good idea actually. As it is now, you reach plvl 100 and quit or go another class. Wasn't the point of it to have max MF without any MF on gear? I'd like to have all 5 classes of the same paragon lvl at all times, so I can mix and play whatever I feel like atm.

    I thought it was to make up for the problem of having nothing to do after you hit lvl 60. And instead of having no actual point to lvl because 'no skills'. They added paragon lvls to give bonus mf/gold and the stats.
    The paragon system was implemented because people didn't feel, at the moment, that they should play after reaching lvl60. In addition, they solved another problem, the need to switch to mf gear when elites are near death.
    Now, when reaching lvl 60 you want to make paragon 100 so you have more mf and drop more legendaries on your runs(since a big part of diablo is farming). There are 2 problems here. When you reach paragon 100 with one char, you are kind of bored with it and want to try another char. But you have all that mf and you feel like losing items if you start another char. Also, maybe you are not bored with your char at paragon 100 but feel like losing experience if you continue playing that char and not a new one.
    These problems will be solved with account-wide paragon lvl. In the current state replayability isn't assured after paragon100 on one char(for max mf), because playing for paragon 100 on all chars isn't that fun. The replayability will be solved when you will have better items to farm for, when you get them through hard work(and maybe upgrade them) and when the pvp system will be as it should. So I agree that PvP is also very important, but diablo is first a PvE game.
    I hope loot2.0 will bring very cool new stuff and though they left us waiting instead of playing, I am sure that many players will come back to playing diablo after the itemisation patch.

    Imho, this won't fix anything. After you hit your first p100 char, you create the next one, get boosted by friends and after 3 hours you have a new p100 character. This just feels not right. Even with new items. With an account wide paragon level, the average legendary drops per player/account will increase massively, causing sooner or later that items will drop in prize (and yes even with revamped drop chances). You all have to think how those changes will impact the game the next 5-6 years or so, not the next 8 weeks after the patch. Without a ladder, account wide paragon levels will destroy the game.

    The best way to add motivation for creating a new character / playing a different one is through a ladder mode without auction house and every reset with addtional new items that can only drop in this league. That is the reason why Diablo II is still played, that's the reason why Path of Exile is still played. Everything the players of D3 want to get implemented is already existent in other games; I just don't get why Blizzard now started to announce announcements. I'm sick of this much talking and seeing other ARPGs getting MUCH more love from their developers. I wanna see actions by the devs and not interview #5923478598.
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