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    I was hoping seasons will fix D3 and give it more incentive to play, but sadly it is not the case. D3 is a joke and beyond fixing. At the moment I'm playng CS:GO, Dota 2 and new 1.3 PoE patch which blows D3 out of the water any day. D3 is a ghost town anyway, you can't even have fun in chat, barely anyone playing it.
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    Guys I don't play D3 that much, just casually running rifts and bounties here and there and don't minmax that much. I just took a look at top 100 wizards on Leaderboards (Grifts), and they are literally all the same. Everyone's using Furnace 2-H mace and a FF set. And the same exact build. I just wanted to know are there any build/items variety at all, or anyone who wants to be viable pretty much forced to play that one build and items setup? I mean, it's a bit depressing if it's true...
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    Yeah I just can't even comprehend why they have added this in the first place. Constant cinematics in an ARPG game where you run through the game for hunderds of hours?

    Goes to show that Blizzard Irvine had absolutely no idea how to built an ARPG game. Which is explains the whole story with Diablo 3.
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    Stopped self-deluding and playing the game after Jay Wilson's blog post about cancellation of PvP Arena Death Match mode.

    After I got my hands on Path of Exile I realized just how shallow and dumbed down D3 is. And the announcing of console version makes it clear why. Farewell, Diablo. Rest in Peace.
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