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    On the Americas server 4p leaderboard, this guy ncg darenniisama (wiz hydra boss killer) has cold% on his bracers, and uses a spectral blade variant (i think for barrier blades shielding). Can anyone explain why he is using cold? I was thinking perhaps it is so that his archon beam doesnt interrupt manald heal procs from hydra?

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    Quote from Jaetch

    Quote from uberman113

    Quote from Jaetch

    One I particularly like right now on MP8-10 is:

    Breached Keep - Kill Ghom Quest
    - Waypoint to Stonefort, do Skycrowne Battlements backwards (4-5 elites here)
    - If only 4 elites, waypoint to Keep Depths 3, kill off the usual elite that's near the waypoint
    - Kill Ghom

    You might as well throw the keywarden in there aswell

    If you want plans and whatnot, going in the opposite direction and hunting down the KW will delay you from your goals!

    Also, the title says "designs," but I think OP mean either "plans" or general "crafting recipes."

    Actually, the amulets are Designs while the other items remain plans :P
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    Does blizzard have an official stand on weather using LootAlert is bannable? Was considering using it as I prefer to listen to music while playing. (so as to not miss any legendarys :))
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