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    First...they'll never make another expansion to D2. Not that it necessarily needs it...as long as a person doesn't hack it or overtrade till it becomes a face roll, it can be pretty engaging and fun Solo.

    That being said, I think I've been on battle.net for D1 all of about 30 seconds, and didn't even get in a game for more than a couple. Would've love to try it out, and if I knew a way to do so present day, I'd give it a shot.

    Sorry you're having trouble getting in, though. For nostalgia's sake, I installed D1 with Hellfire a few weeks ago and got through Normal with a warrior in not too much time. Still pretty fun. Working on Nightmare now.

    Good luck getting it fixed.
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    There is certainly a difference between playing through the story 1001 times, then facing the possibility of doing it another four or five times through...and starting a new season and having to do it once more. I really wouldn't mind, especially since they implemented first kill legendaries on act bosses. Maybe they're not endgame level, but just starting over with a new Monk today, making it to the mid hundreds briefly on the achievement ranking, building my artisans back, making use of literally any legendary and skill I could...pretty fun.

    I'd be fine with it if they required one more trip through the campaign, but doing Adventure Mode from the get og feels great, too.
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    I think the addition of this item makes a lot of sense in context of the presence of the mystic. A lot of times, people will find a great legendary. But throw on a sad face if it doesn't have either mainstat or a socket. With the ability to add a socket, and thus a fifth primary, even if reenchanting an existing innate socket is an extra step to ensure that fifth primary, keep in mind...it's often far easier to roll something like mainstat or life on hit or attack speed on a weapon than a socket, which can sometimes take forever. I'd rather have rerolling a socket off as an extra step, and wait for an RG, than bemoan a weapon I can barely use because I can only enchant one thing and not turn it into something great.

    This item being added to the mix adds more options to peoples' gearing, and even if it's not ideal, it's still a great idea.
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    posted a message on So wizards aren't glass cannons anymore... Will that change in RoS?
    Overall, since the patch/overhaul, vitality has been on a lot more gear, diamonds are being added to sockets to increase All Res, and Wizards have a lot more defensive skills to protect them, like a variety of runes that build shields. In other words, I'd say that Wizards could be seen as much less glass cannon-y now.

    Then again, due to smart drops giving Wizards so much more Intelligence and Vitality, and itemization overall seeming to hand out slightly less crit chance and crit damage, when the expansion comes out, I'd be interested to see how many Wizards out there choose more defensive SKILLS, but on gear, choose to enchant much of the Vitality and +%Life and perhaps even All Res off their gear in favor of more crit damage and attack speed and offensive based affixes.
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    posted a message on Exploit: WD Free Dogs
    Yeah, this has been around a while.

    To add to some of the other comments, I think one of the reasons the devs don't hotfix or patch this out is 1) because it presents a fairly annoying hassle of changing skills just to take advantage of this, and 2) what you're actually getting out of it is fairly minimal. So ultimately, the benefit likely doesn't warrant immediate action.

    I mean, if people want to go through the trouble of using the Circle of Life passive to summon three standard zombie dogs (not even special ones like Leeching Beasts or Rabid Dogs), and switching the passive out to keep the dogs, unless they've got other passives to keep those standard dogs alive, they're not going to amount too much, and then they would have to reapply the Circle of Life passive again, kill more mobs, then switch it off again, to "exploit" this.

    I want to say it classifies as an exploit, but eh...there's worse out there probably. If they were summoning 20-30 dogs with this, then yeah, massive exploit. But it's only 3. I can let it go, :-)
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    posted a message on New Dashing Strike, Can't live without
    I think it all depends on if you want to live without it. Personally, with Barbs and Crusaders out there being slower and more lumbery, I'd rather my Monk be speedy and nimble around the battlefield. Then again, there are ways to build a 2.0 Monk without Dashing Strike. Stack lots of All Res, lots of Life Regen/Life on Hit/Vitality, take skills like Serenity and Inner Sanctuary, and you can build a tougher Monk that doesn't need to be as fast or escape danger as much because they can tank more.

    I do agree that DS is definitely addictive. I remember before 2.0, Serenity was pretty much mandatory because Monks were just a different kind of Barb in the sense that they were both melee but one dodged inherently and the other soaked damage with armor. Now, Monks can stand a bit more uniquely in the melee department dashing around the battlefield and dodging blows. Makes for a more engaging playstyle than mandatory Serenity did.
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    posted a message on Loot 2.0 did not change a thing
    Quote from Twoflower

    First : legendaries : It's raining them now, great. They are still bloody useless though. I just hope that that will improve when we get the new legendaries. But the ones dropping right now are as useless as they were before loot 2.0.

    Blind Faith I found for my Throw Barbarian (a build way more viable than it ever was in vanilla D3) adds 22+% Blind chance. That kind of crowd control really helps in keeping distance.

    Just last night, found a Countess Julia's Cameo for my Monk that makes Arcane lasers heal me. Sorry...wouldn't have found anything like that before the patch.

    Yesterday morning, I found a Spider Queen's Grasp Ceremonial Knife that adds an 80% slow wherever Corpse Spiders impact. Great for a lower armor pet class like a Witch Doctor.

    On the PTR, I found an Emimei's Duffel Quiver that makes Bolas explode instantly. Really stepped up my AOE damage. Another Quiver I found, Bombadier's Rucksack, allowed me to have 5 Sentries out at once with Custom Engineering. Also really stepped up my damage.

    Aside from MAYBE the Blind Faith, which I'm honestly not sure existed before the patch (it may have)...those four at least are brand new, and have effects no AH purchases could touch. The AH is a scapegoat? Keep dreaming.

    Quote from Twoflower

    Rares : well great, now rares almost always have the main stat i need and also a 200+ vitality roll added to it. The vast majority of it is still just for disenchanting though. Yes, the rares are more tailored towards your class. But they still suck. If you have 200+ of main stat and vit, you can be pretty sure that it will neither have all resist nor any damage stats.
    Pardon my correcting you, but I've found a bunch of items since the patch came out that have mainstat, vitality and all res on them. Feel free to look up my profile on Bnet. My Countess Julia's Cameo has mainstat, all res AND black damage.

    Sorry if you feel the RNG gods aren't on your side, but to say nothing's changed? Really not sure what game you're playing.
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    Quote from Flexy

    Dominance is only useful as long as you kill trashmobs, but it's seriously OP. Don't even need healing because you are constantly shielded.
    Well, I think that's part of the point, though. That you're generating a shield to protect your health, so in essence, as long as you're a capable enough Wizard to generate more shield than the damage you're taking, it's a good way to stay safe...as well as potentially being a way to build AWAY from things like Vitality and %Life, and instead going with more damage affixes.

    I think the downside is just exactly how much total shielding you can build up vs. how much Life you can have stocked. If that total isn't high enough, I imagine running into trouble at higher difficulties. Though, I'm sure there are ways to make it work.

    In regard to people not liking Hydra...I really like it myself. For me, the lure of it is being able to stack damage over time for relatively cheap. For instance, my Wizard's current Arcane build includes Arcane Hydra and Temporal Flux, so I can economically throw down a Hydra to get started slowing guys down and not dip too heavily into my AP pool. Then when I'm firing off Raging Storm twisters and Disintegrate beams, it's still busy blasting away, and I can recast it easily if it expires.

    That being said...going for not only a fire build but a close-range fire build, I would agree that better things are probably available than Hydra. I mean, if you're getting close up with Spectral Blades and Wave of Force, I'd definitely add Explosive Blast to that. I think there's only one or two runes that deal fire damage, but I'm sure there are ways to work that in. If you were going for a long-range fire build, I might agree that a fire Hydra variant would be a good idea for the extra cheap damage stack, but since you're close up, that's what I'd recommend, :-)
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    posted a message on A 2.0 Slaughter Build (COTA Runs)
    Quote from TheRabidDeer

    I imagine the bigger issue is getting horribly bored after 20 minutes doing one small area over and over
    Yeah, you mean I get to run the same living room sized zone AND die repeatedly? Well gosh, sign me right up for that easy 1 billion XP per hour.

    OP, I love that you actually factor in a death, simply because it's the fastest way back to town to save time. You are hilarious.
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    posted a message on Inherent flaw in cursed chest system
    Quote from Doez

    Lots of streamers are currently farming cursed chests in the Halls of Agony - Level 3. Do the event, create a new game, rinse, repeat over and over.
    Yeah, that's what I figured was going on. I'll admit, I do something similar, in that when I start an Act 1 game, I do tend to start my journey in the Halls of Agony 3 waypoint, not just because the Halls tend to have lots of torture tool racks that have white items to salvage, but also because it occasionally spits me out near a Cursed Chest. Like I said, sometimes it spawns, sometimes it doesn't, though.

    I'm not sure what the devs can do about that, though, aside from lowering the XP reward maybe. Banning definitely seems extreme.
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    posted a message on Inherent flaw in cursed chest system
    Not like I'm asking for a method here, but exactly how are people "exploiting" Cursed Chests? Obviously, without Adventure Mode, I can't jump around the game too much, but when I go to an Act now...I start on the last quest so I can bounce around the Act as I feel like, and yeah, I tend to start with areas I know tend to spawn a Cursed Chest. Sometimes I get them, sometimes I don't. And I suppose it does sorta guide where I go to battle, but I wouldn't say it feels like an exploit, even though it has gotten me a decent amount of XP, but then again, so have events like Triage, Crazy Climber, Blaze of Glory, and Blood Ties, and I don't think those are getting nerfed/inspiring bans.

    In my opinion, the only thing they should do about Cursed Chests is maybe change the XP reward based on performance: If you start/activate the event, you get a small XP reward for participation. If you survive til the end, but don't get the extra chest, you get a moderate XP reward. The biggest XP reward is for successfully meeting the requirement and winning the extra chest.

    That would prevent people from taking advantage of just FINDING Cursed Chests and cashing in on big XP when they didn't actually push themselves farther along and didn't get strong enough to complete them.
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    posted a message on Odeg the Rediculous
    I'm absolutely with the others on this one, Odeg is a TOTAL pain in the ass with his running away, but honestly, I love that about him. He kites me literally everywhere around the Fields of Misery, and while I do occasionally feel like an idiot for letting him do that, especially since he's Molten and burns the ground I'm walking on, it's tough getting a hold of him, and it should be. If anything...he's a form of "ranged class."

    Think of it this way...what do squishier character classes do when they're having trouble on a tough group of fast powerful enemies or a boss? Do they kite? If the answer is yes, then I see nothing wrong with Odeg doing the same exact thing. Or the Blood Clan Occultists in Act 3 doing it either. Those guys not only run away, but they have the power to add a shield for extra defense, and shield other enemies in the area.

    As for having a character that can bulldoze MP10, and having trouble in Torment 3, not to sound snarky or snippy, but what did you expect? For the devs to just tune Torment 6 to be exactly like MP10 because Inferno MP10 was allegedly the hardest thing D3 had? And they weren't going to go any farther? Hell no. The devs want to push us, and push us hard. They want to give players something difficult to work toward, and without the Auction House, presuming it does in fact get shut down on March 18 (anything is possible), it's going to be a struggle, and that's how it should be. It should be a hard-fought battle to rise in the ranks of endgame difficulty, and not just, "oh yeah, I heard some massive overhaul patch came out...barely notice it.
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    posted a message on 2.01 monk builds
    Yeah, I'm in agreement with some others. The time I spent with my Monk on the PTR, and now in 2.0.1 feels so much smoother and the skills make the class feel so much more focused on the types of things it should be doing.

    I absolutely LOVE the update to Dashing Strike. While the idea of creating a super defensive tanky Monk is a real possibility for people, it's more likely a super defensive tanky Monk would use something like Serenity. Whereas, for me, I'd rather use Dashing Strike and zip from enemy to enemy, place to place. I'm standing there bashing away on an enemy, they're about to explode or spray poison around, I can reposition on the battlefield instantly. That's awesome. The buffs to Spirit Generators, also a huge help. The Monk doesn't come with innate Spirit Regen, but Spirit also doesn't deteriorate like the Barb's Fury does. It still means you need lots of fuel for big skills, and things like Replenishing Light and Strong Spirit (that got a HUGE buff), it's a snap. It's just a matter of what types of attacks and approach you want to go with once you have enough Spirit to spend.

    Here's where my Monk's build is right now, though I'm with some others...I love the idea that drops will be inspiring people to experiment more, and that "cookie cutter" builds are likely to be no more.

    Games like this, that have an assumed LONG amount of longevity should have a really easy way of picking it up and experimenting, and being able to switch skills and Paragon Points at one's will completely encourage that type of gameplay. Continually starting over from scratch at level 1 shouldn't be a necessary, and continuing to gain more and more points farther and farther into endgame only make the journey different the farther along you go. Sure, the way this game is now, compared to games like D2 and PoE, may reduce the chance that people fall into some dumbly put together branch on a tree format, and their first character ends up a total fail...then again, when people collect lots of Cold gear, +Skill gear, Reduced Resource gear, Cooldown Reduction gear, etc., it may still be hard to move away from that into different gear territory...and the cycle can start over or continue...except in endgame this time, not at level 1.
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    posted a message on One last hurrah for Into the Fray
    First of all...I like the music. I don't know why people would flame it. I listen to plenty of hardcore and death metal too, but I love bands like that. Falconer's one of my favorite power metal bands actually. Anyway...

    I don't know how to handle all the melodrama surrounding the Barbarian. Especially when it comes to a class that's losing builds that are that overpowered and that close to being seriously broken. Honestly, people get into these ruts of thinking a wildly OP/broken style of gameplay is fun, then it gets taken away and they actually have to WORK on a build, and suddenly it's not fun anymore. It's really fascinating to me how often that plays into peoples' innate pessimism...

    Which really, just feeds my own optimism. I observe peoples' disdain over permawrath/ww barbs not being viable EN MASSE anymore (as I'm sure clever use of legendaries or rares can make at least almost infinite WW builds work, I guarantee it), and I use it as a reason to try my best to build an awesome Barb and show what they can do.

    I'll give ya some examples of stuff I came up with on the PTR, that totally beat anything I had on the live game...

    1) Rage Skill Build...I threw Call of the Ancients, Earthquake and Wrath of the Berserker on my active skill bar all at once. Obviously, since they all have high cooldowns, Boon of Bul-Kathos is wise to go with (at least in the expansion, it won't take up a 1/3 of your passives), and definitely going to want Cooldown Reduction gear (something previously unavailable in the live game), as well as some other smart active skill choices both to generate Fury AND keep up the attack on your own.

    2) Distance Build...Weapon Throw generates Fury now (Ricochet is good for a little AOE), combine that with Overpower - Storm of Steel (no Fury cost, just a Cooldown which can be reduced with Crits and lots of Attack Speed), Seismic Slam (got a pretty decent buff in the updates as I've seen, as well as some elemental flavor), maybe Leap, Animosity, Berserker Rage (for the extra damage while on full Fury), maybe War Cry - Charge and/or Ground Stomp - Foot of the Mountain for a nice burst of Fury. Maybe put Call of the Ancients on there, the rune where the Ancients generate Fury for you as they attack is really handy.

    Hell, if you really want Whirlwind to subsist?

    Use the Hurricane rune. It draws enemies in close, where you can use skills like Overpower - Momentum for a good burst of Fury, maybe you can even go against the grain and use Cleave - Reaping Swing for a little extra Fury Generation...Hammer of the Ancients, Earthquake and Rend are all great for tight packs.

    And this isn't even taking into account a single legendary item, many of which I'm POSITIVE would make some of these builds insanely effective. :-D
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    posted a message on Arcane Wizard PTR Build.
    Quote from Alovnek

    A little note I would like to add of something I noticed on PTR.

    If you have both Arcane orb orbit and Moonlight Ward only the orbs from arcane orb will explode and the ones from moonlight ward do nothing. When I noticed this I did a quick test. I made sure I had 4 stacks from both arcane orb and moonlight ward. And simple stood next to an enemy to see what would happen. What happened was that first all 4 stacks from arcane orb would trigger and then the stacks from moonlight ward would trigger. And as the weapon damage from the moonlight ward is higher that arcane orb plus it's a free bonus, using arcane orb orbit is pretty useless and you can replace this with something else.
    I have heard the proc on Moonlight Ward is just absolutely badass.

    Loots, loots, loots...can't wait to get home and lay waste to bad guys!
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