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    posted a message on Best 1.0.7 crafted items so far?
    I crafted these for my barb and don't think I could get much better. They added 10k HP over the vile ward's I had.

    Not sure why the image isn't uploading but here are the stats:

    264 Strength
    67 Dexterity
    227 Vitality
    69 Resistance to All Elements
    9% Life
    Increases Gold and Health Pickup by 7 yards

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    posted a message on [US]CM Wiz LFG High DPS MP10 Legendary Farming
    CM Wiz, looking for high DPS members to farm legendaries. I freeze, you DPS. I run Bone Chill and Conflaguration to give party 25% damage boost.

    AIS: 2.83
    Crit% 62
    DPS: 125k

    I can do ubers too if you want, but mostly interested in farming MP10 for legendaries. Please add me in game if interested: Morb#1722
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    posted a message on Bonus Item System - The real benefits
    I am curious how you are counting the number of gear drops. Are you just manually counting the gear drops on the screen, or is there some way to automate this? I see that you are getting the number of kills from the profile page, but was wondering if there was any automated way to count number of drops. I would like to do the same kind of testing and it gets pretty hard on mp10 with all the bonus drops stacking. Some items don't seem to display until a few are already picked up.
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