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    Quote from Elendiro

    The currency and lack of AH is the best thing, to guy above: lol you're only mad because you can't play the AH and profit on highly inflated gold.

    PoE is really nice

    Who me?

    I don't really play the AH at all, so not sure where you got that?

    Sounds like you are just being defensive over someone being critical of something you like.

    Its funny you would peg me as that 'ah guy' cause I literally have never been into that shit, even to my detriment in Diablo 3 in terms of competing with others and getting better gear. I don't really do it in wow either, it ruins the experience for me. I will buy stuff when I need it and sell big items but I don't do that constant all day playing the AH type shit. I make a lot of money with my job and don't really need to be going out of my way to make it with a hobby. So yeah you got the wrong guy.

    I'm sorry if people being critical of a game you like offends or upsets you , but I don't really feel bad in this case because I more than stated that it was a good game and that I like it and you were being childish with your cliche 'lol u mad' response.
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    PoE is pretty good but people are vastly overrating it.

    The currency situation is simply retarded, quite possibly one of the stupidest ideas I've seen in an otherwise well constructed game.

    In terms of combat it is probably on the lower end in terms of any ARPG I have ever played. Its extremely lackluster. I kept thinking it would eventually get better but it never did.

    Passives I think have potential but its almost like they made those as bland as possible, and its way too much for any new player, no matter how used to ARPGs they are. It takes you out of the experience when you have to pause and do theorycrafting every few minutes at the very start of the game.

    Overall its a good game. Just has very little game feel and is overall lackluster in most aspects. Not saying it is bad. The game is very well done, especially considering its still in beta and the size of the team and everything. I just feel that the difference between the two games is that the problems in D3 are way easier to fix (though they might actually take more time to implement) but with PoE they just did a lackluster job with the basics, and its really hard to fix that type of thing without nearly redoing the game. I didn't really understand just how well combat was done in Diablo 3, the game feel is just amazing, and I didn't even notice till I started playing other ARPGs after playing D3. I hadn't been playing as much lately but playing PoE has really made me appreciate the positives of D3 and I've been playing a lot since then.

    I will continue to play PoE casually, which I think is its main strength being F2P, and I really, really hope the game is successful and that people enjoy it. It is a good game and I hope they don't change it to be something it isn't but just fix the issues and improve on what they have. Diversity is a good thing and I hope D3 doesn't drastically change and try to copy PoE if it becomes really successful.
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    Quote from i2hellfire

    it'll be interesting to look back one day and discover the exact point when gamers turned into entitled assholes. this game isn't fun according to my terms, therefore the developers must change it until it does. this isn't burger king, you don't get it your way right away. if you don't think a game is fun, go do something else dipshit. oh noes, they're shitting on the legacy of the game and my cherished memories of a prior sequel. yea, go fuck yourself. again, if you don't like it, try really hard to find meaning in your sad existence elsewhere. if enough people have left, they will see the errors of their ways, or go out of business. since they're not going out of business, they're doing something right and you're not.


    Diablo 3 is a different type of game. I don't understand why people want D3 to be exactly the same as D2, or Torchlight 2, or PoE, or whatever.

    The irony is that while these other games are great, people aren't anywhere near as harsh on them as they are on D3. PoE is a good game, but its not the amazing life changing experience that people make it out to be. Its a different game than Diablo. If you love it that is great for you, just go play it. But don't hijack Diablo 3 and try to force the devs to turn it into you want when you will probably never really even play it again because you have a chip on your shoulder against blizz in the first place and nothing they do will please you.

    This is just how people are today, when something is different than what they like they demand it be made to suit their needs instead of just saying, "this isn't for me", and trying something else. You see it with smartphones, game consoles, etc. Entitled assholes is exactly right.
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    Quote from incy1987

    Quote from Bagstone

    Quote from Benegesserit

    Regarding the "Complete Diablo fix": Those aren't anything that haven't already been suggested amongst many other things. Not only that but tl;dr lists show up on the forums just about every day. Sometimes they get a blue post. What did Blizzard contribute to this post that was significant? He acknowledges that D3 needs work and that they have to prioritize? Not exactly news.

    He said that there are similar list and things have been mentioned before etc., but then you said yourself - people rage when Blizzard doesn't respond, people rage when Blizzard responds to a topic. Perfect example.

    The significant thing in this post however: "We stated several times right from the start that Diablo III is its own game, that we never intended for it to be an HD version of Diablo II. We acknowledge that Diablo III needs to be a better game, and we intend to make it so, but you should never expect it to be turned into Diablo II."

    That's something that a lot of people in many recent threads on DiabloFans fail to understand, who simply propose fixes that are mere features of Diablo 2. Not gonna happen.

    that's their fault then, i know i'm gonna try out PoE and hope it gives me a little more joy then this auction house based game cause that is simply what it is. If they did make a hd version of d2 then i think noone would have bitched about it this hard for sooooo long.
    And it would have been great and instead of me playing 200 hours to try to enjoy a game i would spend 2000 on it and enjoying every second of it.

    I don't think they are really concerned about it.

    I don't understand people who play games sometimes. When they get the same thing over and over they bitch (COD, sports titles, etc), but when new things are done they bitch that the old game was better and they should have made that again. Well really you see it with lots of things not just games, instead of just not liking something and moving on they demand that it be made to be exactly like something else that already exists.
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    This thread is already shaping up to be as LOL worthy as the bnet thread on the same topic.

    I can never truly believe how the truly ignorant choose to talk as if they know something.
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    The hyperbolic treatment that Jay Wilson (and D3 in general) recieves is pretty crazy to me.

    Does/did D3 have issues? A handful of objective ones but most are subjective.

    You are one person and one opinion, there are tons of people who think differently than you. You are childish to demand things of people. It is this bizzare thing you really only see in video games and comics/manga and shit. Nobody is making you buy or play this game. It sucks if you don't like it but that is really tough titties at the end of the day. You can't please everyone and that is really the main issue behind a large majority of controversy surrounding any blizzard game.

    I think for a lot of people it is because what they want is something they really can't get back in the first place, the sense of youth and excitment that came with playing games when they were younger.

    D3 is not a terrible game in any sort of critical manner. The game functions well, looks and sounds nice, offers a substanial amount of gameplay (compared to most $60 games these days), and has added a considerable amount of content and fixes since its release. This is not a bad game. If you think D3 is bad then you really need to play some of the shitty random NES and SNES games that used to exist. Perhaps the overall vision of the game was misguided, but it doesn't make the game terrible or bad. Just because you don't personally enjoy something it doesn't make it a bad thing, its the entire point behind the whole 'not my cup of tea' type thing.

    The D3 team could have certainly done better, but I don't really think you guys understand how stressful, time consuming, and complex software development (especially video games) can be. Especially a game that had been in development for so long and had been changed so many times. They have admirably tried to deliver you what you want and are met not only with no appreciation, but with hatred. Seriously? Its a video game. Jay Wilson is a human. Diablo 3 is his job. Can you imagine if a small mistake at work (which is what this would compare to) was met with public redicule, threats, and a constant spew of vitriol? Its immature and unfair.
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