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    Custerian wristguard bracers (grant XP from picking up gold)

    Highest leveled Gem of Ease you can manage to get - Insert into weapon

    Level several GoE to lower all 13 pieces of gear to lvl1 equipable

    Lvl 23 Cains

    Lvl 70 Cains (use 2 from each)

    Lvl 23 Borns chest and sword

    Gold wrap belt lowered to lvl (through the GoE, practically invicible)

    Highest available ruby to go into your helm

    RoRG in the cube

    Goldskin chest in the cube

    Puzzle ring (to open the Vault)

    Go in with +XP on the gear (if possible), you may get to 70 in 'as little as ' 1 vault. If all gear is lowered to be all usable on lvl 1 char, the stronger you will be so Torment levels are possible when starting out.

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    posted a message on Season 9 2.4.3 Builds and Info

    Nice guide compilation, great work. Will you be adding the set dungeon guides as you complete them?

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    - The Act 5 in Paths of the Drowned, Cursed Peat chest is the best for this conquest. It spawns mainly Boggets [sp] and have very low life so can spawn them very quickly.

    - UE DH would be your best setup to get the conquest.

    - Also, try in group.

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    I see I am not alone in my 'lack of passion' for the cursed set dungeons. I took WD for S7 as hadn't played that class in over a year. Arachyr's set dungeon ranks as easy as Barb IK and Crusader Invoker (your opinion may differ though). WD no set was also very simple.

    I also base the choice on 2 or possibly 3 of the conquests. S8 is a first for me to do all of them (with WD).

    S5 I chose Wizard, ended up rolling a Crusader just to do the 45no set challenge and Invoker set dungeon. Just went for the stash and retired back to NS

    S6 chose Barb and DH for the 350 kills at chest conquest. This season played out better, stayed right to the end

    S7 chose WD based on comments for the set dungeon being easy. Found the whole journey was rather enjoyable, for the first time. In to the end as well.

    S8 most likely will go WD just to ensure I get the final stash quickly. Not sure about after gaining the stash, NS chars need a lot of TLC

    Each season I also created a HC char, just to play, not anything serious.

    This being said, we do not know what (or if) equipment will be updated. Hoping not too much of a surprise.

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    posted a message on What are the benefits of Season 6.?

    For the stash, then back to NS.

    One thing I do not understand is the seeming obsession with the cosmetic hoarding this season (haven't played NS so not sure what the momentum is over there).

    Essentially, they do absolutely nothing however people seem to flock to them like they're the new found BiS item of all time. Sure, it's a new pet or transmog or whatever, add zip zero ziltch for making the game better. I have 4 pets now, why get more? Every single one you have does exactly the same thing (pick up gold). If one type gathers gold, another gathers globes, then of course get them all and use for your situation\needs of the moment. Couldn't care less about the wings or pennants, they are just in the way and distract (ie gold wings from pre order ROS). Portrait frame? Sure, show your level of completion in the season or if you bought OW, completed lvl 70 in old seasons or hit level 20 in HotS.

    I think this sends a message to Blizz that crap content patches are awesome and no new real worthwhile additions are required if people will accept crap as the new best thing since sliced bread. I remember when Seasons was about getting new items ahead of NS, this was a great concept.....

    Perhaps I am gravely mistaken however it's what I currently perceive.

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    posted a message on Missing Key of Trials?
    Quote from Psyborg»

    Key of Trials was one of the worst things happened in d3

    and conversely, one of the best things was to get rid of them!
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    posted a message on Patch 2.4.1: START GUIDE for Season 6! (How to be best Prepared & Quickest level 1-70)
    Quote from Drahque»

    Quote from SpellDoX»

    literally every of his class guides were totally bullshit for the first couple of weeks in this season since he simply rushed them without actually playing the buildes himself and used completely nonsense of skills, passives and items. for exmaple F/R without any generator.

    I already said, that I didn't stand for all the classes. The DH was mainly made by fst, killstepz and partly in cooperation with Philos.

    I'm NOT a super-human, so stop think that. NOBODY is Perfect. I mainly stood for 2 classes, which alone is ALREADY A LOT. I stood for the CRUSADER and WIZARD builds, which turned out pretty good and I KEPT updating them the whole season which is why they are still top builds.

    Also, REMEMBER the word THEORYCRAFTING. Many of the builds were theorycrafted ready to be tested out. On the paper it looked awesome and short tests as well, but optimization can always be made which takes WEEKS or MONTHS to do.

    It's not like you can predict the future 100 % correct either right?

    Anyways I stood only for 2 out of the 6 classes.

    If you can do a better job this season, then PLEASE do so. Maybe your a super-human.

    How about being thankful for something that was made for free for you, if your too good then do NOT use it. Stay away if you got nothing useful to say. Make your own thread named; "I love to flame and troll people, because I'm bored CLUB".

    Fool / Trolls like you, is why the online gaming community is so toxic.

    Quote from undefined »

    EdIt: better readability (sorry!)

    For what it's worth, so many of us appreciate your guides and fully understand that you can only guess-timate like the rest of us not in the know of things at Blizzard. For the most part that I have seen, you are bang on with the skill trees and builds along the way. Sadly, some people do not see or understand the tremendous effort required to do all the background work and effort to write such terrific readable guides for the 99.99% of us that do not theorycraft or go to the extreme with non tested gear combinations. Even the newest player can look at your well thought out and presented guide and have an easier time with the journey to 70 and far beyond.

    Literally, I would be lost without efforts of you and the many others that are generous enough to take the time from busy real life to create such elegant and easy to follow guides.

    To you and so many others, there are legions of players that look forward to previews of whats to come and your tireless, uncompensated effort to keep us glued to the game.

    I'm sure I am not alone to say THANKYOU for your time and effort to keep all of us on the edge of the chair, anxiously awaiting the announcement for end of season and the begin the wait for the start of the next.

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