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    Quote from Horazon99
    After testing the current patch and reading about the current gems on data mine, i realise we need something awesome that other class envy.

    We do not have anything that the other class wants to have in the current ptr patch.

    1. Archon sucks

    2. EB+Wow sucks compared to hydra

    I tryed to suggested on the d3 forums for a new spell:

    Name: Dragon Slayer

    "Consumes the energy around you and blast the enemy in a 40yd radius with 10.000 weapon damage"

    Cost: 100 Arcane power

    Cooldown: 5 sec is decent

    Then i promise other class envy the dragon slayer spell.
    What Blayreau said and the fact with CDR and resource cost Reduction seems like a pretty overpowered spell. Assuming you could get to 50% CDR that's possibly a 100M aoe hit every 2.5 seconds. So I believe you're right with the assumption every other class would envy the spell. Also considering it doesn't rely upon a set of gear similar to a jade doctor. And considering that jade docs have to be in melee range to nuke things since it's a 16 yard radius and not a 40 yard radius...
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    I'm quite surprised how much attention a topic like this has received thus far. Let me point a few things out, a few of them may be repeats but I guess they can't be said enough:

    This isn't the final product and I'm sure they'll tweak it before it goes live. It'll most likely be rarer than it is now, and it may also very likely be toned down (not that it needs it imo)

    Apparent gold drops on T1 is ~13m while on T6 it's 200m (from what users in this thread report)

    One thing I haven't seen brought up yet which really surprises me is the difference between a T1 and a T6 player, and I'll iterate on the difference for those of you who may not have thought about this yourselves:
    Players playing T1 most likely aren't there because it's more fun than T6, it's most likely because the higher difficulties are too difficult for them to do either at all or efficiently. Players playing on T1 (again because of gear here...) have lots of room for improvement and don't really need to be re rolling their gear right off, but that 13m/gob rift would allow them to if they deem fit. Players playing at T6 have most likely acquired a very good set of gear that already rolled well and have very little room for improvement and they're trying to just polish off the few stats that they have room to improve upon. A great example would be this: I get lucky and find a nearly perfect rolled Marauder's Visage it comes with 750 dex 15% cluster arrow damage socket and 100 all resist. I then try to roll the all resist for 6% crit chance, and after rolling it up until it's 1m+ gold per roll I've only gotten 4.5% crit. I can at this point continue rolling or hope that I'll find another helm just like this to try and save money which doesn't (to me at least) sound feasible.

    I ran some numbers also on live just a few minutes ago and it may be useful to know..
    When rerolling a Zunimassa's Vision (all armor pieces aren't this amount of gold per reroll) it starts at 81540 gold for the first stat reroll. Which oddly enough is 6*13590 the next reroll is 7*13590 making it 95130 gold and so on. Going at this rate it would take you 69 rerolls to get it up to 1 million gold/reroll. I've gone ahead further and added up what it would cost total, for all of those 69 rolls, and it would be 37.5M. Say you take the above example and after you've hit 1m/roll you've still only gotten your 4.5% crit. Another 69 rolls may net you the same amount of crit or better. Another 69 rolls would bring the total up to almost 2m/roll and would total for all the 138 rolls to 139.7M. While this is an example of 1 item I only rolled it 5 or so times so I'm not sure if the number jump in greater intervals at higher roll amounts. However my point I believe still stands that there's much less room for improvement when you already have decent gear resulting in more rolling for those near perfect/perfect stats,

    Things to note: I'm aware RNG plays a roll in pretty much everything here. IE. Someone that just dinged level 70 could find a perfectly rolled item, or damn near and want to roll it like the T6 player in my above example. I'm also aware that you could potentially roll what you need first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth (you get the point) try or you could be unlucky and get it on roll 100+.

    TL;DR: Nothing is final, T1 gold amount ~13M, T6 gold amount ~200M. T1 players have more room for improvement, while T6 players are trying to refine the good gear they already have and it may take a lot more money to do so.
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    Was checking out some various weapon upgrades (black weapons) axes seem to be within a reasonable price range. I'm at a crossroads however. I can either go with something like - 1059 dps 120 str 42% CHD 2.8% LS, or 1103 dps 57 CHD 2.3% LS. The dps upgrade (paper dps) is minimal between the two. The first adds more LS which stands out, however since the second has higher min/max damage would it be a viable to get, or should I stick with option #1?

    Thanks for the reply btw, Phuzi0n. I may have to read this when I wake up, it's pretty late. :)
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    Quote from Shooa

    Quote from Shooa

    Quote from Hagendaz

    The spear adds a lot of HP which is why I'm using it, and the EF would be in my offhand except I lose out on the CHC from having a mace/axe in MH.

    That VIT bonus will be nothing compared to a blackweapon offhand with LS on it. The EHP and a 20k dps upgrade do much more for you then those puny VIT points you got on the spear :)

    PS. If you ask for help improving your gear, you probably shouldnt be here sitting defending your current gear choises :P
    Buy a IK head for 10mil+ and at WILL be an upgrade for you. Buy a new WH and it WILL be an upgrade to you. Its not our opinions or preferences, we are just trying to make your gear better, stats wise :)

    I'm not trying to defend my gear choices, simply explaining why I have what I have and the reasons in case someone over looks those. I also said I have a WH and a decent IK head, I'll try those out and see if I can find a better weapon, thanks a million. :)

    PS. Should I grab Bloodthirst back up as my 3rd passive?

    Edit: I just looked through my mules and found a nice looking wep (dps is on the lower side but the stats are nice) it's a black axe with ~718 dps 279 str 54 vitality 60 CHD 3% LS with an OS. By what I've read here if it's even viable to use that I could put it in the MH and use an EF OH?
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    Thanks for the replies! I do have an IK helm with ~240 (not logged in right now so going off memory) str, 43 vitality 6CHC, it doesn't do me much justice though since I sac 70 AR. The spear adds a lot of HP which is why I'm using it, and the EF would be in my offhand except I lose out on the CHC from having a mace/axe in MH. I also have a witching hour (stats are fuzzy since I don't use it often) and right now I'd lose the 2pc bonus AR and the AR on my belt currently.
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    Hey all, I haven't ever really posted on the site, which is my my post count will be so low. But I've seem to hit a wall and am wondering what I should get to upgrade my damage output? My survival right now is pretty solid, can't stand in stuff of course or I'll die, but with a little movement I do pretty well.

    I only have about 120m or so to spend, so keep that in mind, however advice about things I should work towards are also welcome.

    A note about my build (I haven't seen it anywhere else) I don't really use any fury generators. I do however hit a few times (left click, also my smash button) until I'm able to battle rage, I do that, then hit a few more times (generating fury faster than previously due to criticals) and start sprinting/whirlwinding. This works really well for a couple reasons - It allows me to move through packs and continues to generate fury. I also use HotA with smash for elites and with my sprint tornadoes up it helps me stay max fury while smashing away. Whirlwind is also nice for the utility it provides when I need to get out of things on the ground (and run through mobs).

    * I do use a SoJ when smashing away at elites (Not currently on my armory) but swap it out with my current ring in between white mobs.

    A link to my armory - http://us.battle.net...70/hero/2869544

    Right now I'm using brawler instead of bloodthirst (was trying this out) however my normal passive is bloodthirst.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated, and I hope I can get some help. Thanks! :)
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    I'm getting the same error with xp values/hr being way off. I did however test it out putting in my current xp (being 30.25) and then the end value (just to test) being 30.26 and let the timer run for a second before saving and checking the stats. It said I gained 1m which isn't the case since the .1 increase would only be 100k xp or so. I think the decimal point may be off in the math.

    I just tried another test (being 1m xp gained) from 31.25 -> 32.25) and it said I'd gained 100m xp. I'm also using windows 7 home premium 64 bit.

    a 1 increase = 100m
    .1 increase = 10m
    .01 increase = 1m
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