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    By farming you can make like 500k per hour purely from gold picked up. And then some extra cash if you are lucky with drops. Anyway don't play this game with attitude like "Omg why nothing drops for me" because you might never get anything good, rng is rng. Play just for fun and gold and items will eventually come.
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    maybe some of You already have seen my program on other thread but if not then You might be wondering why I decided to write similar program to thormond's one. It's because I was really missing few options I really needed and was asked by some people and since I had plenty of time (it didn't took that long tho) I wrote my own version of Diablo 3 Paragon Leveling Calculator.
    Would also like to give credits to thormond for letting me use his source and so on.

    Donators list:
    • smilyface
    • Jim S.
    • promykx

    Github: https://github.com/Nakuu/D3FA

    Download (always the latest version): Download (version 1.0.7)
    Direct link (.zip): Dropbox (version 1.0.7)
    or undirectly from Sourceforge

    * Global Hotkeys

    * Experience checkbox - You can disable leveling calculations and just count gold/legendaries or w/e you want
    * Fixed some minor bugs
    * Added Demonic Essences counter
    * Added Elites killed counter

    *Added gold statistics
    *Redesigned layout
    *Improved statistics' window
    *Moved some optiosn to "More" menu button
    *Rewrote profile saving (now it uses internal profile settings file instead of creating file in program's folder)
    *Added some KeyBinds ( Shift+F - Add Legendary, Shift+S - Start Timer, Shift+D - Pause Timer, F1 - Help) - program must have focus (I didin't want to do any low-level keyboard hooks to make it work in background)
    *Added Help


    *Rebuilded to .NET Framework 4.0 to make it works for Windows XP users
    *Refreshed UI a bit again
    *Added profile saving
    *Added "About" for people interested in contacting me

    *Fixed a bug when Saving the Run without Pausing timer (Savign the run while timer is on will save the run and start the new run automatically)
    *Fixed localization issues (aka The calculated numbers are incorrect)
    *Added Legendaries/hour counter
    *Added timer to Paragon LevelUp and timer to 100 Paragon Level
    *Added button to reset current session

    *Redesigned layout a bit
    *Added Legendary Counter ("Oranges" Checkbox)

    *Added Saving to File

    *Added "XP per minute"

    So... how does it look You wonder?
    With all the extra windows open:

    Compact version which might be useful for people who wants to have it "Always on Top" while playing Diablo 3:

    Screen ingame: In Game

    Requirements: .NET Framework (preferably 4.5)

    • Run Timers
    • XP Gained LastRun/Total
    • XP per hour/minute
    • Loading statistics from file
    • Saving statistics to file
    • Allowing users to choose name of file and/or naming their's Runs
    • Opacity, Always on Top, Borderless window
    1. Choose Paragon Level you are at when starting the run.
    2. Fill the "Start Run XP" (in millions, ie. 0,4 or 2.5 or 4 or 7,6)
    3. Press Start
    4. Press Pause after You finish the run.
    5. Fill the "End Run XP" box (in millions, ie. 0,4 or 2.5 or 4 or 7,6)
    6. Press "Save the Run" to add current run to statistics. You can also choose to save it to while or not.
    You can fill the "Start Run XP" and "End Run XP" with either dots or commas.

    Feel free to comment and ask for any feature You would like to see in my program. I'll try to add it as fast as I can :) If You found any bug please let me know.

    You can contact me here on the forum, via BattleNet (Nakuu#2814) or nakuux[at]gmail.com

    Best regards,
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