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    Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for posting this.
    I had quit the game pretty much and thought this might be fun to try.
    It's more fun than I ever had playing D3 before.
    I had a barb at 60 already and got him a few upgrades as you suggested,(didn't cost more than a few mil), and
    I can farm act 3 on mp3 pretty easily. The gear is really not that great.
    I bought a Sever and a 300th as you suggested but I couldn't find a really good axe or mace with crit damage
    for a decent price, so I'm using my sever with some crit damage and the 300th together. It's pretty fun but I do
    miss that 10 crit.
    Thanks again, I subscribed and I'm going to watch your bola shot video soon.
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