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    I went with a pretty standard knight-like look :)
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    posted a message on 2nd Expac Story REVEALED? POSSIBLE MAJOR SPOILERS
    Quote from Enty

    So since none of this is confirmed yet talked about in great detail I'm going to spoiler tag my whole post.

    So I've finally taken enough of a break to finally go back and watch the entirety of the "Behind the Scenes". Needless to say they give great insight on their design process but in their "Behind the Scenes: Cinematic" They reveal that the game wasn't going to be about Malthael. In fact he wasn't really going to do much at all. He was going to enter the cinematic kill two people and stand off to the side... They reveal that IMPERIUS, yeah IMPERIUS was to be the big bad guy. They talk about the almost brotherly hatred between them, that was going to go far enough that Imperius would kill tyrael, but they didn't wanna kill Tyrael. So they just had him beat the ever loving shit out of him. They even show the story-boards where Tyrael just has blood streaming down his face and show some early renders of Tyraels face bloodied broken and bruised. They then got to thinking why not go all the way, why would Imperius stop at just kicking the shit out of him. So then apparently they were also thinking why the hell is Malthael just standing there. Apparently he didn't do anything in the Cinematic so they wanted him to be more active. Thus they decided to leave Imperius out and focus on Malthael. This shows that they're looking to end up with Imperius turning evil and corrupt. Remember "Valor shall turn to Wrath" they're really rolling with him ending up evil. I expect to also face Meph Andariel, Duriel, Baal, Azmo, and Belial AGAIN somewhere in the next expac or later. With The black soulstone destroyed, ALL of them are free. Tyrael only refers to big D being free, but he completely forgets about the fact that the other 6 evils are also free? Hell anyone? maybe a fight through all 7 evils, and then Tathamet to close us out? I expect some seriously big things from the next expac and beyond. they'e setting up tons of story turns and expansions here. What do you guys think?

    Well, according to the Book of Tyrael (Page 107), Diablo consumed the essence of all other evils becoming the prime evil thus all others are gone and just D himself remains as the big bad guy.
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    Got this off a Act 4 elite on T1.
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    Quote from slayervedran

    everything u are saying is cool bro and all but u are just not efficiant with that shit....
    tomorrow if some other build becomes better we will all start using it .hell i dnt have 500 years to live so when i play d3 for hour or 2 I want to maximaze my gain.efficiency

    ur dps is low for faceroling elites ( they take most of ur time anyway ) and ur build is slower then ww build .so all in all it is bad.
    I used to 2hand rend and hota and jump and shit ...but at the end of the day it just aint worth it

    Some of us do it for the fun and not "efficiency".
    Also, he could be doing it on MP 3-4 and going really faster if that's what he wants.

    @ OP

    Nice build, will try when i can.
    I'm a huge Sword & Board and 2H lover. :P
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    Good news for D3 :)
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    Did some changes based on your feedback, Moshrooms. Will accept you ingame as soon as i have time to talk :P Kinda busy now.
    DPS went up, resists went up by pairing, got a LS weapon with socket.
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    That's actually a relief.
    I was worried that they were going to ruin this game by trying to balance both Team PvP and PvE like they did with WoW.
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    So, i'm using some gear i found on my DH while farming and some pieces i was using on her too:

    I have a 45M budget to upgrade.
    Should i get some 1h's with sockets / +LoH ? Or try to find a better chest piece ?

    Thanks. :)
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    Pretty nice theory :o
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