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    Edit (3/22/2013):

    I've uploaded a new video demonstrating my new build that I use for these AC2 runs. I've found the new build to be slightly faster. After a few runs getting the hang of it, I also feel that the build is also easier to play as well:

    Basically it kills packs faster AND gets to packs faster than the original build I used.
    Results in higher exp/hour, like 170m+ exp/hour in the video.

    Edit (3/26/2013):

    The new "easy" method to do AC2 runs, even in not as good gear.

    Original Post:

    Quick video of my Monk farming at rates over 150m exp/hour by killing Stygian Crawlers on MP10. Most individual runs range from 130m to 170m exp/hour (depending on the number of grouped up Stygian Crawlers), resulting in an average of around 150m exp/hour in my gear.


    The build is different from my [Demonic Essence] farming build/video, because the Stygian Crawlers are not always in the 20 yard radius of [Mantra on Conviction]. So instead of [MoC] I take [MoH] for additional spirit regeneration, and compensate the damage loss by using [Wall of Light]. Problem with [WoL - Empowered Eave] is the knock back flings scorpions all over the place (if you can't 1-shot them), then you waste time chasing them down.

    In addition, [FoT - Thunderclap] was more useful then [FoT - Quickening] because positioning to drop [WoL] was more important then extra spirit. When running between packs there is already enough time to regenerate spirit from passive spirit regeneration.
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    On my DH I'm still getting the best consistent exp/hour with my own route (in the 90s with some runs over 100m exp/hour rates). I can get as high exp/hour on Alkaizer's route, yet seem to fall short (slightly) running Raoha's route. I think it may be a result of DH having the fastest move speed, so running lower density zones for stacks is not as big of an issue as with other classes.
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