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    -Witch doctor guide-
    Witch doctor, the master of poisons, summoning undead creatures, tricking his enemies and much more. His powers are very useful, but if they are in the wrong hands, they are useless. In this guide, we will look at witch doctors basic skills, attacks, passive skills and gear that he will need.
    Basics of skills
    Witch doctor starts with his basic attack- poison dart that deals weapon damage+poison damage for a short time. For his skills he needs mana. Mana regenerates very quickly but you need mana for every single attack you do. His passive skills can help him with regenerating mana, healing, his pets or with his active skills.
    Basic enemies
    Witch doctor is not a melee attacker so it’s better to keep him in distance from his enemies. To do that, you can slow them or use one of your pets. Keep in mind that fetish army and big bad voodoo may be useful, but they are have long cooldown and fetishes spawn only for a short amount of time.
    Masses of enemies
    If you get to bigger amount of enemies, you need to change your skills. For first, skills targeting one enemy like poison dart are useless here, you need something that will target more enemies like firebomb. Enemies like spiders have low health, so poisoning or tricking them will take them down easily too.
    Elite is an very dangerous king of enemy with all kinds of skills they will use to kill you. Let’s look at some of them.
    Wallers, jailers and freezers
    These elites are basically trying to freeze you/confine you so you can’t attacl. Shouldn’t be a big problem for you. However, these combined with ones like arcane may be your death.
    Very dangerous for your kind. Shots dangerous fireballs from range. Watch out and kill these types of elites quickly before they will have chance to kill you. It’s always easy to see where they are going to shot so it is not that much of a challenge.
    Arcane echanted
    Elites can spawn orb shooting laser dealing you massive damage. Never fight with this type of elites in narrow places run to some bigger place where you would easily dodge those.
    Molten, plagued
    All that matters is not getting close to these ones which shouldn’t that big of a problem with ranged class like witch doctor.
    Tip: If you find elite with minions, kill the minions first. It may not look smart, but since they are gone, they are not disturbing you so all your attacks and pets can focus on killing the main elite.
    While fighting a boss, remember that all your attacks will be focused on one enemy and boss will be most likely immune to some of your attacks.
    Summoning bosses
    Summoned creatures should not be a big problem. Take one skill to defeat them, taking more skills than one would not be very useful.
    If you are on low health, want or not, you have to escape. An easy way to escape boss is spirit walk which can turn you in faster and invulnerable mode for few seconds. Having a pet is also recommended, because the pet will face the boss for your safe escape. Tip: Always stand on place you can easily escape in case the boss kills your pets and starts to chase you.
    On normal, only thing you need to focus on is damage. Your enemies are weak, so don‘t try to slow or poison them, simple damage will take them down really fast.
    If it comes to tougher enemies, there is a chance that you will be running away. Get more poison or healing skills in case you will be out of mana or running away.
    Add more poison skills. Add mana/heal regenerating skills. Pets recommended.
    Don’t get close to your enemies in any way, always keep your distance. Attacking without any pets is suicide. You need to have at least one passive healing skill. Mana regeneration skills are also highly recommended. Always remember that you also need vitality while searching for items in the auction house.
    Tip: Know your limits. Don’t start with too big monster power. Start with monster power 0 and slowly increase.
    Intelligence, vitality, life regeneration and empty sockets. Those are four things you must focus on when you are searching for good items on the auction house. Some items also decrease cooldown or increase damage and other of a single skill. Always have on mind what skill you are improving and find a good combination of skills to go with that improve. For example, decreasing cooldown of zombie dogs may not be very useful since you will probably summon zombie dogs only once in 20 minutes. But if you have sacrifice, which causes your zombie dogs to explode, cooldown decrease may be very useful.
    There are few item sets, some of them are used to be for witch doctor specifically. Here are the 5 most usable ones (all of them are level 60 only).
    -Zunimassa's spirit
    The biggest witch doctor set. Is made of 5 things, two of them are witch doctor only. Wearing two items of the set gives you +130 intelligence, the rest is not very important.
    -Manajuma's ornaments
    Set only made of two things- carving knife and mojo. The mojo is not as good as the one from zunimassa set, but if you have both (the carving knife and the mojo), it gives you +130 intelligence and surrounds you with a poison cloud, which can be very useful.
    Tip: Having two or more items of zunimassa‘s set plus the whole manajuma set can be very useful because it gives you +260 intelligence and other bonuses.
    -Demon's skin
    Set usable for anyone since all the magic properties are random. Gives you fire resistance. If you have two of set, melee attackers take 999 damage per hit which can be useful in dungeons and some dangerous stages.
    -Blackthorne's armor
    Can be useful if your health is too low by giving you vitality and life with each hit.
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