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    Hi i enjoy using these forums and have posted advice to some people who are further behind than i am, and i see a lot of other people giving advice about everything in general.

    I was wondering if anyone would be able to advise me in my current situation which i can't decide on.
    I like the lifesteal on IK belt, but i want to buy a witching hour for the extra dps, whereas i was thinking to then buy an OH wep with lifesteal, although with my budget i doubt i would be able to keep the same dps after switching offhands.

    I also have IK chest/boots to make up the 5set bonus but i don't see much change in that besides the extra vitality i gain from the actual pieces.

    I farm MP6 nicely with HOTA build/WOTB, although i find it hard to keep WOTB up all the time, maybe i should really go with the easier option of doing a lower MP.
    I hope some more experienced players have some thoughts to share.

    My character link sheet is in my sig and here without http:// eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Tranced-2219/hero/11985902
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    Immortal Kings 2 set bonus will give you 60 AR

    Helm - Immortal Kings/Andariel's Visage with AR /Mempo of Twilight.
    Shoulders are ok.
    Belt - Replace with Immortal Kings, Str/AR/Lifesteal. (vit if you can afford, but not needed)
    Neck - look for Str/Vit 80+ /Crit 6%+ /Crit Dmg 50%+
    Chest - Immortal Kings/Tyraels Might (Both have AR)
    Gloves - Immortal Kings (Crithitdmg not needed on these)
    Legs are ok.
    Boots - Immortal Kings/Ice climbers.
    Rings - Unity(Str/LOH/socket/dmg to elites/crit chance) + Litany of the Undaunted (Strength/AR/LOH/Crit chance/reduced elite dmg)

    Weapons - Your offhand looks good, but you should really invest in an Echoing Fury mainhand, You can find one with over 1000dps so easily with Strength/Crit hit damage/lifesteal or so. But echoing fury is definetly the way to go. Even if you don't find one with lifesteal/life on hit, you'll gain it elsewhere.
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    I would say buy a new Echoing Fury, search for something around 1100+dps, Str 100+, CritHitDmg 70-100+.
    You will lose some critical hit damage but the base damage+strength on the echoing fury will boost your damage nonetheless, this would also allow you to find a better yellow stat weapon to go with it, with Strength/lifesteal/crit damage/socket, even if the dps is lower on that weapon it will be better for you.

    IK set helm will be great for you aswell, you'll gain 5set bonus + Crit Chance + reduced melee damage which would probs be better for WW/RLTW-(which you should reconsider your skills, especially the cleave)
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    posted a message on Aiming for 200k deeps, need some help :)
    You should definetly look for a better Manticore, with a lot more base damage+1 socket, or similar base damage+2 sockets. You can drop the dexterity to anything over 150 on Manticore if you found one with atleast 1150dps+.
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    The stats would work something similar to item level/gearscore within World of Warcraft? That would be cool.
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    posted a message on Character revision- typical hota build.
    I usually farm MP6-7 really nicely with the HOTA/WOTB build, but something still doesn't feel right, would anyone please be able to advise me on improving my gear without spending over 100million gold, and still maintaining really nice dps? Or a point in the right direction of someone similar who has already been advised.

    h ttp://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Tranced-2219/hero/11985902
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    posted a message on Restored Items in TW Region Now BoA, Revised Fan Made Battle.net Screens, Blue Posts, Poll: Favourite Act IV Environment, HotS B
    I think we should be allowed to customize our Interface more, or even open a competition to see some really cool ui's that people could create. Can't wait for Heart of the Swarm, let alone sc2; part 3(protoss) :) !
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    posted a message on Diablo III Players Banned for Botting, Battle.net Authenticators Temporarily Unavailable, Blue Posts, Heart of the Swarm Beta Ke
    As a casual player and even though i'm able to do MP6-7 neatly with my barbarian, i still haven't gathered all the organ pieces to craft a hellfire ring yet, but i'd still like to see new content even though i'm behind. Monster power seems fine to me. And congrats for banning some botters, hopefully i'll have less randm friend requests for a few months. Also i do believe the experience gained from higher monster powers seems low, but i guess Paragon levels aren't meant to be shot through so fast.
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