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    posted a message on Regarding exploits. No bans necessary. Just fix please. It is the only decent thing to do.
    bans for those who were advertising (streamers) the exploit and rollback to those who didnt

    that would be best action from blizzard

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    posted a message on Sentries Nerf In The Works?
    Quote from Laokin

    Quote from chadwx

    Quote from Laokin

    Uh, yes they do shoot all 3 at once. if they didn't, equipping multishot would LOWER your DPS.

    Watch them, everysingle shot is a Multishot/FrostArrow/Cluster Arrow. You may have difficulty seeing the individual skills because cluster arrows graphic is modest, but if you look at any target, you'll see they are ALWAYS in a "white" cloud, that's caused by the graphic of frost arrow.

    They always shoot all 3, always, and if you only have 2 spenders on, it will always shoot both AND a regular pea shooter turret arrow. They DO NOT alternate. If they alternated, you'd be better off with ONE spender, the HIGHEST one.
    Nope, sentrys have a rotation based on aps breakpoints.

    If your going to start calling for nerf's, you should learn how the class works.
    except that post is 100% wrong. It says at the top "Sentry attacks at fixed attack speed when using 3 hatred spenders"

    But it doesn't. Take off your tasker and theos, put down ONE sentry and watch it shoot. Put on Taskers and watch it speed up.

    The entire post is wrong because it's based on a fallacy. They may have TINY internal CD's, but they are so small that they might as well be shooting "All at once" they are all shooting before 1 attack per second is finished, giving you the same DPS output as if they shot all at the same EXACT time.

    Go ahead, load in and test it, come back and apologize.

    Those same people are saying Buriza is the best weapon, yet nobody who did 42 used a buriza to do it. Wonder why? Because his math is wrong.

    You might wanna stop just "Believing" what other people post, test/try stuff out, look with your own eyes and confirm what's true and what's not. The cycle rate on the skills is at the alleged "break point" just by using a bow instead of a crossbow -- at this "rate" they are all shooting in under 1 attack per second, giving you the total DPS in 1 second, not changing your Damage Per Second ANY.

    Also, do you know what a break point is? Because those guys don't. A break point is the bare minimum of X stat before Y becomes possible. I.E. Akarat's Champion has a Breakpoint on CDR, which is roughly 55.8%, once you reach that much CDR, you can cast it before it expires.

    If you read that thread to completion, they recommend you NOT use 3 spenders, but that's clearly proven wrong by the leaderboard as well as by independent testing. Their whole hypothesis is flawed.

    But you know, you can say I don't know how it works all you want -- and believe someone else because he posted "Pretty graphics" even though the leaderboard clearly shows he's incorrect, which makes him wrong, and NOT know how the class actually operates.

    Sentries also ONLY shoot the first 3 spenders on your bar. Once you have 3 spenders on your bar, they no longer shoot "Bolts." This guys graph clearly shows the rotation on the turrets shooting 6 spenders, which isn't even possible. He shows the rotation as C M B B M B B M C B M B B M B B /repeat, but in the LIVE game, it's CMF/CMF/CMF/CMF it never ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, shoots bolts, and it no longer shoot more than the first 3 you put on your bar, so if you put a 4th spender it won't ever fire the one selected 4th. It also DOESN'T shoot ALL spenders, just the ones from "Secondary" and Multishot/Cluster Arrow from Archery. You can try to put on Fan of Knives - Knives Expert which is a spender that cost 30 Hatred and it won't ever fire, even if it's the only spender on your bar.

    My guess, is this is homework from the PTR build and no longer applies.

    I am indeed correct, that post on "APS Breakpoints" is from March, 1st PTR build of 2.1.0. As such, it's NO LONGER relevant as they changed how the bonus works.

    So. WOMP WOMP WOMP, you lose. If you have eyes you could see that you were wrong, just load up your DH and drop a single turret and watch it.

    And still regardless, that's X 5 the output of a DH without M6 or 5 turrets, with no resource limit. It's OP.

    Also, with around 44% CDR, you can drop a turret every 1.8 seconds or so. With 55% CDR you'd be down to just a tad over one second.

    So every second you literally add 100% of your total damage to your total damage output up to 5 "stacks" as it were.

    So running M6 takes a DH's total output and multiplies it by FIVE. That's Pentadamage, fuck quad damage, or double damage, it's fucking PENTADAMAGE. And to top it off, as if pentadamage wasn't enough, they have NO RESOURCES so they can face blast non-stop 100% of the time, which is going to increase the damage output by MORE than FIVE HUNDRED PERCENT OF YOUR TOTAL DAMAGE OUTPUT.

    To put that in perspective, if you could do 100 million damage per second for 5 seconds, you'd do 500 million damage and then be on an empty tank. If you could do 100 million damage per second, with M6 and a Rucksack, you're doing 2.5 BILLION damage per second for UNLIMITED SECONDS.

    How is that not OP? And it's actually higher than that, because that's NOT accounting for shooting THREE spenders, that's accounting for ONE. So reality is you'd be doing around 9-10 BILLION damage per second for unlimited seconds with M6, vs a Demon Hunter that could do 500 Million in 5 seconds and be empty and out of resource. The percent the M6 makes you stronger is RETARDED.

    It's pretty much common sense that if you have 5 turrets that can shoot the three most powerful skills you have unlimited and at full damage, that you'd never be able to compete without it. EVER. Since without it, you can only shoot ONE SKILL at a time and on a limited reserve before you ran out of juice.

    So again, I reiterate, anybody who think M6 DOESN'T need a nerf and that the DH base DOESN'T need a BUFF, is a NOOB. Flat out. You suck at this game and just copypasta best builds off the internet. You're the SAME crowd that always gravitates to the OP builds and then cries "Blizzard should make EVERYONE OP and LEAVE ME ALONE."

    Straight NOOB mentality.

    You're also the same crowd that cries that they made the game easier, yet are happily steamrolling extremely hard content with bugged/poorly designed builds that are OP. T6 isn't any easier now than it used to be, better gear has been gotten/created, and some of that better gear is OP like Mara 6, which is why the game feels "Easy" now.
    you tell ppl to test something ingame while you dont test it either, cus if you have tested it you would see the rotation is
    C M B B M B B M C B M B B M B B /repeat at 2.16-2.84 aps with 2 spenders (CA/MS)
    if you choose 3rd spender like impale or EA, bolts will be replaced by them.
    Basics of sentry rotation, so pls stop writing and start learning
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    posted a message on What 1.06 patch brought me
    After one week of playing 3 hours a day :

    not a single legendary drop

    no organ for hellfire ring( did it on mp8 all 3 portals)

    not a single item to sell on ah

    Then i see a guy who didnt play d3 for 2 weeks and he ask me to farm with him.

    First elite pack he got nothing, but second elite pack he got one legnedary. Then one legendary again on 3rd elite pack, and finnaly set item on 5th elite pack.

    Conclusion: Path Of Exile here i come!
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