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    Thanks for the guide guys, really, really useful.

    Spent around 3 million in the end and am now happily farming MP0/1 and can go through MP5 but it can be slow.

    Any thoughts on which are the weaker pieces I picked up? i.e. Where I should look to upgrade first?

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    So, as like many (many!) posts in this forum, I am a fairly low-geared (50k DPS) WW Barb farming on MP0/1 and looking for ways to better my gear.

    However to try and break the trend and set an example I don't just want to link my profile and get spoon-fed the answers as to what pieces I should focus on and what to change. Instead I would really appreciate some feedback on how experienced and highly geared Barb's evaluate items, plan upgrades and how they spend their gold.

    Do you try and identify weaker pieces and then work towards upgrading them first or just always upgrade to the item which will boost your DPS/EHP most that you can afford?

    Is it more efficient to spend low amounts of gold (<300k) on minor upgrades/side-grades or save and invest bigger (2m+) on a single item?

    Is your primary source of upgrading buying off the AH, or from self drops? If the AH, what is your primary source of income?

    At what DPS level do you value Lifesteal, and below that is it worthless?

    Are their 'soft caps' for stats that once hit you should avoid actively trying to increase them? For instance my rough stats are below, are there already values I no longer need to increase e.g. VIT? Any that seem very low?

    50k DPS, 42k HP, 1000 VIT, 1300 STR, 330% Crit Damage, 50% Crit, 500 Res, 8% Life Steal, 850 LoH

    Just some starter questions to get things going. My goal is to understand the methodology rather than just linking my profile and never getting to grips with the reasoning behind the advice.
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