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    How much do you think you gain from the "feature"? I am just trying to get an idea of how bad this exploit/feature is.

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    Quote from peteed1985»

    My monk keeps getting The Paddle instead of any other legendary daibo out of the Kunai's when i'm trying to get The Flow of Eternity. Got me thinking is that because of the rare daibo i'm trying to upgrade or just bad luck? I mean with 11 legendary daibo and one set one to pick from it seems very odd that I have upgraded and gotten 5 The Paddle's in a row.

    RNG is RNG is RNG. There is nothing special about it. I don't know if all weapons have the same weight (i.e. drop tables with different frequencies for each drop.) I've crafted around 200 1H Mighty Weapons and gotten quite a few ancients.
    11 is not a lot when you are specifically targeting Flow of Eternity, which essentially means that you want one in eight daibos on average. (I think there are eight different daibos.) It's just luck mate. Try and watch Wudijo's video on crafting, and you'll see how powerful upgrade rare and reforge legendary really is!
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    Quote from Desolacer»

    Season 3 started April 10th, from there 4 months = 31th July

    April 10, SEASON 3 = 10 - 3 = 7

    July is month seven, 31th = 3 + 1 = 4


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    Quote from AnichBR»

    u should start farming the new UE set, its very easy to use and hits much harder.

    but anyways on to ur current setup, here is what i would change

    * drop that hellfire for an amulet with dex, cc, cd, socket

    *change steady aim passive to cull the weak

    * try to get resource cost reduction on glove

    *do you need gold? if u dont, u should chage gem of hoarder to bane fo trapped

    I concur with this.

    IMO your biggest "mistake" is lack of resource cost reduction. That will keep you spamming cluster arrow = more DPS, since M6 is limited by resource generation.

    Also, your helmet can roll cluster arrow %damage.

    In the longer run, however, you should probably look into the UE and Natalya sets too. But you should definitely be able to farm low 40's pretty fast with that build. You are not far off.

    My M6 DH: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/andersx-2898/hero/6205089 for reference

    My FnR are definitely lacking, and I am still trying to get a better HF amulet. but until then I'm gonna stick with a normal amulet with top stats.

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    I like to use the Ess of Johan necklace for the crowd control proc.

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    posted a message on 309 Paragons in Season still no torch !!!

    Damn. 4 days into season II and still no compete BIS gear set. :(

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    posted a message on Secret hotfix? (Ramaladni's Gift)
    Quote from ShadyW»
    "Secret hotfix".
    Lol, sorry. Didn't mean to sound like a Buzzfeed headline! :)

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    posted a message on Reason to play Seasons
    There is no reason to play hardcore either.
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