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    You know that you can edit your existing post with an URL if you have just one post? ;)
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    That's what I wrote, bro - the part about Wizard's only way to increase MS is to get hit.
    A Wizard is not quite supposed to get hit, in my opinion.
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    Quote from Zeel

    You can do the exact samething on a wizard as you are doing on a barb still dose not matter as you still are "shooting yourself in the leg" not going for the optimal builds i lvled from 60 para to 62 with a hydra build out of boredom worked just fine not the fastest or the "best" but worked just fine for me.

    I disagree. What makes the barb builds good is that you can gain decent farming speed with any build by just swapping Sprint in. The rest is optimization. Of course HotA or Rend/Revenge will be slower than Double Tornado, but still are perfectly viable in terms of going from one fight to the next. Sprint makes any build viable for sub-optimal farming.
    The Wizard has no such thing. Either you pick your whole setup to max dps in Archon form (and you go still slower than a Double Tornado barb) or you go something else and fall far behind even the sub-optimal barb builds because your only MS bonus requires you to get hit.

    Quote from Zeel

    And with the gear on your barb witch is a lot of worse than my barbs(you use a skorn as well my barb is DW also really no max MS ?) http://eu.battle.net...8/hero/10522863 I would never run anything but WW barb with your lvl of gear if you think the builds you are running at your gear lvl are optimal or even decent you are sadly misstaken.

    I swap in cheap Lacuni's for farming so I get max MS bonus.
    Skorn is much better IMO for high MP HotA builds - I can't afford a DW weapon set as for now.

    Quote from Zeel

    To me as someone who cleared inferno pre damage nerfs with a wizard I think its more the lack of "skill" and I use the word "skill" losely in a game that is 99% gear based 0.5% luck and 0.5% skill based to execute alternative sub par builds. Seeing as on a wizard they need to stay at "range" is needed in most other builds not with CM in them I think its more of a you issue than a game issue, even though I will not argue with on that point that wizard could use some changes besides + % damage buffs wich I think is a poor way to fix anything with any class 90% of the time.

    I agree with you here.
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    Quote from Zeel

    Oh lol the moment you realise that the OP is a troll you play a barb because they don´t have builds that dominate or something lol ? for barbs untill you have insane gear WW is the ONLY way to go then you got hota builds and ranged barb to pick from.

    I don't exactly get what is your problem.

    And I strongly disagree that until a barb gets insane gear only WW is an option.
    Just check my barb's gear. Is it insane? No, not by any margin. It's mediocre at best.

    Barb has the advantage that the only thing required for an effective barb build is Sprint (any rune) + Battle Rage (Into the Fray) + some critical chance. No matter the rest of the skills, these two give the barb an option to speed farm. The rest can improve it even further.

    I can do anything I want, I can modify the rest of the skills totally freely.
    I can run Ranged. I can run Double Tornado. I can run HotA. I can run an immortal Revenge+Rend build tank build. I can run a no-fury-spender build with Berserker's Rage always on.

    No such diveristy with the Wizard, I'm afraid. Only way to do things fast is by Archon.
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    Well, my take on multiboxing is that the whole idea is very lame.

    Just why would you want to own 4 accounts and play with 4 characters at the same time?

    I totally don't understand this.

    As far as theorycrafting goes though, I think that four wizards with lightning spells and the Paralyze passive might actually paralyze something.
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    posted a message on [GUIDE] Sleet Storm Gameplay + Build Videos
    Pin this!
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    Quote from Nyaldee
    But atm if you're not Archon or CMWW you're shooting yourself in the leg.

    That is exactly the reason why currently I am playing my Barbarian.
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    Quote from Bagstone

    So let me ask you, what was your playstyle as sorceress?

    Btw, regarding your list at the end, arcane IS an element, just like fire, lightning, and ice.

    You say you don't like kiting. You say you don't like CM. You say you don't like one button smashing, Archon, Energy Twister, Sleet Storm, Meteor, hybrid builds, Fire Bolts, Arcane Orb, Blizzard, ...

    I'm sorry, but I feel like this post lacks any *constructive* criticism, you just dislike everything. My personal view:

    There are two dominating builds, namely Archon and CM-based builds (mainly CMWW). I don't think Archon is a problem, it just needs a fix to be viable in group play. CM, in my opinion, needs to be nerfed, like a cap on how often it can proc or a cap on CC/IAS to make it more difficult to become "indestructible" by using CM+DS. But if we look beyond these two skills, there is a lot of variety and no "fixed choices" that you have to take. In fact, I feel like once CM would be nerfed the D3 wizard offers more variety for endgame than the D2 sorceress ever had, simply because you can potentially build a spec around almost every spell.

    I've seen so many people posting here with what we call "unusual" specs, but they enjoy the game and it works for them. It's just once you board the efficiency train that you feel Archon/CMWW is a must. I haven't been on the PTR but even before 1.07 I felt that Blizzard can be a good alternative, in particular if you acquire the suitable gear for this spec; with the huge buff in damage I'll definitely try it. One of my favorite spells, just based on its mechanics, is Arcane Orb and I'm more than happy that they buffed it. Keep in mind that for all these spells there are specific items you can get to increase damage, crit chance, duration etc - obviously these specs don't work if you try them out with gear that was build around a CMWW or Archon spec.

    Edit: Try Disintegrate, Electrocute, Arcane Missile builds. I use them from time to time, it's a lot of fun.

    TL;DR: Completely disagree to your analysis, I think Blizzard is giving the wizard *some* love, although the main problems (Archon group issue and CM being OP) haven't been fixed yet.

    My play with the Sorceress?
    I had multiple Sorc's over the years with Diablo 2.
    The first was a Blizzard/Frozen Orb one.
    The second was a Tempest/Chain Lightning one.
    The third was a Meteor/Fireball one.
    The fourth was a Meteor/Frozen Orb hybrid.

    I just had a blast playing a hero that focuses on one damage type. And I did return to them after a while, just to find out that their style i just as pleasing as when I have left them.

    I of course agree that my post lacks constructive criticism, but that was not the point of the post. The point of the post was to clear my inner butt-hurt about the fact that the Wizard failed to be the Sorceress spiritual heir.

    About the other skills you mentioned: I did try them all. All are fun for a few runs, but they are nothing that I would come back to.

    Last thing: Arcane is not an element.

    EDIT: If I ever decide to gear up my Wizard, I will certainly use your guide, as it is a superb piece of work :)

    Quote from Jaetch

    If you revamp skills, for example, nerf Archon and CM/WW, something else will come along (mass Blizzard, 0-AP Disintegrate, etc.) and become the "best" build. What I do agree with is that the "less-often" used skills can be changed up a little bit to offer more aesthetically pleasing effects (instead of 2 lightning-based signature spells, they could take one out and make it cold-based instead, or instead of Arcane Orb, it could be Elemental Orb).

    You might want to take a step back and roll other characters and just let your wizard take a vacation. One reason you're getting all worked up about wizard skills may be because you're spending the majority of your time playing a wizard. Did you know that out of my 900 hours logged into D3, about 800 of it is on my wizard? Did you know I also quit the game for a good couple of weeks and even sold all of my gear (I do somewhat regret doing that)? The break was good. And even before then, I geared up a monk, a legacy DH as well as a barb to throw some paragon levels onto them. Take a break.

    Or go play the AH, that's what I do when I don't feel like right-clicking for instant win.

    Edit: Oy, man, you have 240K lifetime kills under your belt... you could use a little more serious farming. And also, your hate for WW is really screwing your own gear-setup. 20 APoC but you use Living Lightning? What's the point of the APoC then?

    I do not want CMWW or Archon to be nerfed in any way. I just want a pure elemental build to be completely viable and possible.
    I don't quite play my Wizard now. I did quit Diablo a month after 1.0.5 came.
    I just recently started to play again due to upcoming PvP. I did a few runs with my Wizard but got bored as hell, so I poured my whole money into my Barbarian, and now I can solo mp6-7 in HotA build. I can play higher MP with my Barbarian than with my Wizard, who has 3 time more time invested in it.

    About the build you can see in my profile currently - Living Lightning is to reduce CD on Archon if I happen to lose it when farming low MP's.

    The 20 APoC is a result of gearing for a build that will allow me to face-tank mobs with using Meteor in place of Energy Twister. It was a certain measure of success, but the fatality rate was much higher than in a CMWW build due to the attack delay that Meteor has.

    EDIT: http://eu.battle.net...YXOS!ZgW!baccZc
    The build that I used for the majority of my time as a Wizard. A CM/Kite hybrid, the sole one that provided me with fun for more than a few runs. I actually still use something similar if I'm doing ubers with my friends.
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    posted a message on No love for the Wizard

    I've spent some time testing some various Wizard builds on the PTR and I come to the conclusion that buffing various skills is simply not enough to make playing with the Wizard fun again.

    Don't misunderstand me - the Wizard was great for a time, I've spent 3x more time on my Wizard than on my Barbarian, check my profile yourself
    • Kiting is the most boring thing you could ever do - I gladly left kiting behind when Inferno was nerfed in 1.0.4 (I think).
    • Critical Mass builds don't have any appeal for me - I always hated the Energy Twister spell with a passion, the Wicked Wind rune most of all. Although I did use the Storm Chaser variant for some time before the proc coefficients got nerfed in 1.0.5. After that I decided that I don't want any more button masher specs at all.
    • I did toy around with Sleet Storm and Meteor variants of CM builds, they are simply less effective than the horrible Wicked Wind.
    • Archon. A very efficient way of farming low MP. But how long can you perform the totally brain-dead activity of holding down the right mouse button? I gave up at Paragon 35.
    • For me Archon is totally useless in group play, as you can't maintain the Archon buff as a Barbarian maintains his WotB.
    • Hybrid builds are also quite... meh. I don't even know where to start.
    • The PTR changes to Fire Bolts, Arcane Orb and Blizzard are nice, some people will start using those skills again, but I didn't find any fun way to play with them
    The more I think of it, the more I become totally butt-hurt by the current Wizard design.
    Look at KEY FEATURES:

    Wizards claim dominion over the natural elements of Sanctuary. Crackling flames, bolts of lightning, blasts of ice and whirlwinds are at their command, and this versatility enables them to target foes’ weaknesses and bypass their defenses.

    It looks that the website describes a totally different Wizard than is in game.
    Just count by yourself, how many spells are Elemental, and how many are Arcane and Physical?
    I'll count by the runes:
    • Primary (signature): 5 Arcane, 5 Physical, 1 Fire, 9 Lightning
    • Secondary: 5 Cold, 15 Arcane (!!)
    • Force: 5 Physical, 5 Arcane, 5 Cold (not counting Hydra and Meteor)
    • Hydra and Meteor are the only spells that shine when it comes down to the variation of damage source. All the skills should have similar variation.
    • Mastery: 5 Physical, 5 Arcane

    Oh boy, how I miss the Sorceress...
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    posted a message on You Decide PoE or D3?
    I lol at people that say that "Diablo 3 lacks content" or "there is no end-game".

    For your information, Diablo 3 is not an MMO.

    Just to compare, what "content" or "end-game" did Diablo 2 have?
    None. You ran the same runs over and over, just like you do now in Diablo 3.

    The whole point of the Diablo franchise is to develop your hero.
    Merciless grind in order to upgrade your character, get better gear, to be the best.

    When 1.0.7 comes out, Diablo 3 will be basically Diablo 2 without the ladder system - which I hope Blizzard will introduce, as the Ladder was the sole thing that kept Diablo 2 alive for so many years.
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    posted a message on [PC] Amulet DMG/STR/CHD/CHC
    +27-45 Damage
    +109 STR
    +69 INT
    +95% Critical Hit Damage
    +7% Critical Hit Chance

    What is the worth of this piece?
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    posted a message on Trading Center is needed
    I've come up with a nice (I think) idea.

    Considering that in-game trading is dead and full of scammers, I'd add a Trading Center to the Auction House.
    How would it work?

    The Auction House would have an additional advertisement board.
    On the Board, you could leave your advert, for example:
    "Want to sell [ITEM], price xxx gold".
    You, as a buyer, could send a message to the seller, like
    "I think the price is too big, I offer xxx gold"
    You would talk about the price and then settle on an amount. The usual Blizzard fee would be subtracted from the amount you agreed to, inside a special icon (necessary, as nowadays Blizzard would never add anything that would cut their profits).

    This way, we would re-introduce bartering to the Diablo franchise!

    The feature would also serve as a trading center, as you could post adverts:
    "Want to trade IK Belt with Frenzy for IK Belt with Bash, waiting for offers".

    Additionally, you could write messages to the owners of items that are posted on the regular AH.
    Example: you see a very nice amulet, but heavily overpriced.
    So you write to the seller and say "I will but [ITEM] but for 75% of the amount you listed"

    What do you think of the idea?
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    posted a message on What Mob Density Options Would You Like?
    First step for Blizzard should be to roughly equate the monster density through the Acts, so we can farm wherever we want, not just 3 locations in Act 3

    Then they should decide about introducing a Monster Density Level, just like Monster Power is implemented... but it isn't as easy as it looks.
    More monsters = more EXP and more drops.
    But if we have a simple monster multiplier, then everyone will start playing at maximum density, the time to get to Paragon 100 will be severely lower and the Auction House will get flooded by the insane amount of drops, resulting in further damage to the economy.

    So I guess that Blizzard will set their desired XP/loot amount per run on some level, and with each Monster Density level the XP and drop chance per monster will be lowered, so no matter what Monster Density we play at, we get roughly the same amount of XP/loot. If they don't implement it like this, then everyone will feel forced to play Monster Density as high as possible in order to "maximize efficiency".

    On the other side, the rewards could be bigger with each Monster Density level, but then Monster Density would have to increase the damage the mobs deal, so it will require very good gear to play at maximum Monster Density - like in Diablo 2, not everybody could run the Cow Level.
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    posted a message on Sick of Act 3? Try this Act 2 route I came up with! - 65-75m XP/H
    I did try this run and it is fun.

    + isn't act 3
    + very high elite density in Vault of Assassin
    + easy to navigate - Alcarnus and Black Canyon always look the same, Vault of Assassin is always a big square

    - sometimes there are just not enough elite mobs before you hit VoA, so you need to wander around the Sands just to get stacks
    - of the 3 basic areas for this run, only one is a high-density area (VoA)

    As for now, the run is nice and fun, but in the long run will be even more boring than the usual Alkaizer's A3 runs.
    But, based on the last blueposts, when 1.0.8 comes along and we will be able to choose monster density, I think then it will shine.
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    posted a message on 1.0.7 -- Complete Farm Route
    Quote from Bagstone

    I've heard VoA is pretty awesome, if you don't care too much about NV5 (XP/loot) it gives you an insane rate of elite kills per hour.

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