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    it seems to me to be because you change a 1h+oh to a 2h. its simply the loss of the offhand too that makes the dip in damage

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    Hey peeps

    i beginning to have some problems with higer MPs
    the build i have now works well with LoH but with my current build im struggling with MP7 and higer while i see my friends clear MP10 and it really annoys me.

    i have tried the projax spiderbear build and the dmg it puts out is much better but it doesent work well with LoH.
    would it be better overall to get a skorn with 5+% LS or a manjumas 1h with LS?
    or is there a high dps build that scales well with LoH?

    i have also seen alot of ppls profiles where they use little to none LS/LoH on their weapons... is that for pure chart dps flexing or can you survive like that?

    i cant link my profile yet but my battle tag is sateda#2122 on eu
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