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    Hi Guys&Girls, I have recorded this one on the first or second day of PTR release. This is my longest 3v1 without dying. Nowadays people just leave the game too soon so can’t record any longer :(

    Hope You enjoy the clip & feel free to add me on PtR if you are up for duels.

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    Hey Guys & Girls. Most of you know me from my vids & forums. For the people who don’t know me I’m the Doc who can spam endless bears vs Reflect Packs @MP10. This is the sole build which alows you to maintain your top dps on every MP without the fear of reflect packs and it is going to avoid many unnecessary deaths while you play.

    Building a good doc requires proper equipment. And when I build my Doc I keep in mind that the equipment should be viable for PVP as well. This guide also going to give tips on good equipment for PVP

    I am calling this build Panzer Build since you will have incredible defenses as well as good dps output.

    Now Let's gear up our WD properly for this build.


    First of all we will want to avoid getting increased attack speed keep that in mind while looking for items.

    For the gear get at least 6-7 pickup radius. Since this build plays almost on melee range it is going to cover our needs

    Needless to say you are going to need 4 pieces of Zunimasa’s Set. For budget issues you may go for lower stats but what you must buy is a chest with %6-7 reduced from elites. You can easily find an affordable chest (5-10m max) with 150-160 int, 70-80 Vit and %6-7 reduced from elites.

    When you read Garganutan restless giant rune you will see the following, "Elite enemies include champions, rares,bosses and other players" So I am guessing it will work as reduced dmg from other players which is going to make this gearing good for pvp as well.

    Our Dps is top when we have SH/GF Up and our dps gain from our base intelligence becomes lower yet the CHD and CC bonuses benefit greatly. Again if you can’t afford helm with 200+ int 5+crit just buy a helm with low int (150-160 int) and mid crit (4-5cc). For example, When unbuffed a helm with 250 int 3 crit may give more dps from a helm with 150 int 5 crit, But when you have SH up the 5 crit will give you more. Just keep that in mind while looking for items.

    Zuni boots, try to get armor or all resistance or just get physical resistance they are also cheaper. If you still can’t afford, buy ones with 120-130 extra str since it also gives armor.

    Ring, İf you can't afford a good one get low cc or average dmg. rings with str are also good for the armor bonus they provide.

    Second ring buy a Litany, Again for more affordable ones you may look for average dmg or double int. But get at least %7 reduced dmg from elites.

    By far we already got %13-14 reduced dmg from elites by items, which is almost same as our JF passive.

    Look for an amulet with high cc and high chd (average damage is plus as well as Tal Rasha’s but they are too expensive) Physical resistance/All resistance/Vitality/Armor and High Int is what we should look for.

    Belt, Witching Hour preferably with 8ias & high chd. Armor/All resistance/Physical Resistance/Vitality are the stats you should look for.

    Offhand, Any offhand with 220+ Average dmg, 8+ cc, Mana Regen is ok. Preferably reduced cost for Zombie bears & vitality are the stats you should look for.

    Gloves, Try to get high cc and chd, don't get the ones with ias, look for high int, vit ar

    Braces, Rare bracers with 5-6 cc, AR or Lacuni with int,crit (%8ias), Strongarm with 140int 60 AR. Also every other extra stat is a plus.

    Pants, If you have Lacuni, use a rare with high int, vit AR 2 sockets or If you have rare bracers buy Inna's with Int and %8 ias. You may look for int+vit but they are more expensive.

    Shoulders, A good Vile Ward or equivalent rare.

    This is it for the armor parts, now lets get a proper weapon.


    This is the tricky one and imho this is where many WD’s are confused. Proper 1H weapon for this build is weapons with 1.2 Speed & Black dmg (Black dmg weapons are the ones with +min + max dmg not 300-400 fire, cold, poison etc.)

    Q: Dear Hasansabbah I have a Manajuma Knife with 910DPS, and when I compare it with a spear I seem to loose 10k DPS your suggestion is the dumbest !%+@ I’ve ever seen.

    A: Dear WD, first of all your knife doesn’t benefit from elemental dmg bonuses. Second is that yours have terrible min dmg. With 350-950 (910 dps) damage range you are going to deal lots of low crits. While with a regular spear you may have 570-950 (912dps) you won’t deal low crits since the min dmg max dmg ratio is high. And also your mana won’t burn as much. Back to your question, the reason you see your dps become lower is because of the 0.2 speed difference which is fake dps for us and as I mentioned before, we don’t benefit from ias at all in this build.

    Back to our topic we will also want LS, CHD, int& socket on our weapon, well it is really hard to get so you may just get LS, good dps and socket or instead of socket get high cc. But always invest the majority of your gold on a good weapon since it is the core of your dps.

    Now we can focus on our build. Since these equipmnet greatly benefits from our armor.


    We have gotten ourselves a good amount of reduced dmg from elites from items, so lets buff it more with our active and passive skills so it . This is going to be our baseline.

    I have been using life link dogs since monster power release when mobs started to hit like a truck. Of course I had lower dps and lower defenses but I could survive mid MP’s with ease. As the tooltip says dmg you receive will be reduced by %10. With our items it is now 24% reduced from elites & %10 reduced from trash. If your base defenses are high your dogs will be real though and they won’t die easily. And each can tank away elites&trash which gives us extra defenses which we don’t see on paper.

    I hear you yelling “But hey mobs still hit like a truck!!” Well ok, let’s add JF too. Now we got 39% reduced from elites (LOL) and %25 reduced from trash.

    For the second passive we take GF which buffs our DPS to boot as well as our All resistance.

    For the third passive I use GI, even on High MP’s it has massive boost to your speed & DPS which is going to be explained with other active skills. Yet if you die a lot you may get Spirit Vessel instead.

    For the rest of the skills,

    Soul Harvest - Vengeful Spirit, If you have picked GI, You will have incredible DPS over crowded trash, as the trash die you will be able to cast it over and over. Just keep in mind that when you are vs packs, try to keep at least 4 stacks up.

    Spirit Walk - Honored Guest, This is our panic button, mana regenerator and since it benefits from GI as well it is great to sprint between trash and you can regenerate your mana way too faster by rapid use of SW.

    Big Bad Voodoo - Slam Dance, Regardless for party or for solo this skill is insane. Again it benefits greatly from GI since it allows you to throw it on almost every pack. If you have mana problems, get the rain dance till you gain a good amount of mana/sec & Reduced cost on bears.

    Mass Confusion - Paranoia, Another sick skill we have. Provides %20 extra dmg taken by mobs, helps fleeing mobs to stay close so you can nuke them easier and helps you loose aggro so you can be safe & deal more dmg.

    Zombie Charger - Zombie Bears, Well nothing much to say about this one. We all know it is the most effective dmg dealer in game.

    Well this it for the build, what we have is, http://eu.battle.net...UYdQ!aTY!cYZbcb

    Now it's time to give you guys some tactics.


    Play on maps where there are walls, narrow areas etc. The effective use of bears is when you put your back on the walls/terrain boundaries etc. Try it and you will see bears going on top of each other and you will also realize a considerable range increase.

    Since you will have incredible defenses, you can spam your bears to mobs face to face, or in between crowded areas. And this way you also make sure all yours bears hit your targets.

    Always fight vs packs full stack SH not only for extra dmg but also for extra resistance.

    For reflect fights, try to merge them with non-reflect mobs around so you won't feel much dmg. Use your SW when you are half way down on HP, and of course pick up globes for further resistance and dmg. This way you may deal with reflect mobs which you couldn't deal before.
    As I mentioned on skills keep an eye on your cooldowns in fights so you can spam it over and over.

    Personally I am loving this build both for solo&party. If you want to play on high MP this build gives you ultimate dmg output with high defenses. If you are wondering how it goes on MP10, you may watch the vid below.


    Try it and you will see the change of your char. And if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

    Merry Christmas!
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    Hey people, was shooting some vids on MP10 and this idea came into my mind. Hope you enjoy :)

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