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    posted a message on Minimum bid cap on AH to prevent inflation.
    I vould like to cite a part of my unpublished talk with Clavdivs - vhy unpublished and vhy vould ze talk be published? Vell, i'll leave it as a surprise, it vill be here soon, and it vill be both funny and ...good. But it is perfect, because it addresses AH and fits the topic perfectly:

    "Underbheit: Vhy the AH?

    Clavdivs: Because it's bad.

    Underbheit: Care to elaborate on that?

    Clavdivs: It's bad. 36h wait time is too long and too unconnected with real life. Circadian rhythm of an auction is either a day or two. Since two proven too long - it should be one day. Mortals live in 24h environment, and are free of obligations and available to gaming/auctioning at similar time of the day - have you noticed 'every second day' AH effect? Items for bidding are available in large quantities every other day, time after 20:00h being the time mortals buyout and bid most often. Following day, the AH is practically empty, and bidding ends 12h later, when people sleep, work, go to school, etc. It is designed for mortal men, so it has to be a day or two, or more, not 1.33 or 2.25 days....

    Underbheit: No, I never noticed that. But now that you mentioned, i DO remember a 'good day' for trade, and 'bad day' often coming one after another. This would explain it. Please, continue...

    Clavdivs: Heavenly wisdom found a solution. It is efficient in 24h cycle. Currently, there are 'bid' and 'buyout' buttons, right? Add "Offer". So, there's optimist who put a 200,000,000 on item that The God wants, but it worth is significantly less. The God click 'Offer", types in 'Sonny, I, Clavdivs, offer you 25,000,000 and not a not a denari more, take it or leave it' - he got under column 'Offer' 25,000,000. Rest is same - offers and bids are lot similar, except offer goes underprice. Same 5% min increase, offer cannot be canceled once put (maybe within 5 minutes, in case of mistake, during which offer is invisible. This is 'lightweight' idea.

    Underbheit: Yes, very good - item price started to drop and i've put initial price too high - I accept best offer. Vant quick cash - accept any offer - actually this is vork of genius! A nevermore short just 2mil in 10 mins, frantically put really good item for 2,300,000 only to see it sold exactly when someone buyouts my vanted item. Trully magnificient...

    Clavdivs: [static] ...off, Walter. Stop ki... [static] ...red like the inside of baboon... [static] ...tongue along [long static]

    Underbheit: Vell, I believe, ve vere saved by the static here. What about 'heavyweight proposal'?

    Clavdivs: This one needs a bit more work by the Blizzard, previous one is fairly easy to implement. Mortal has a 'wishlist' - basically same as search window, where he or she 'creates' an offering, along with min-max price range. Offering is not complete list of affixes, or if it is, then affixes are sorted, by offerer, on importance level (violet/orange/cyan) meaning...

    Underbheit: Violet/orange/cyan??? A capital idea - vould green/yellow/red serve beter?

    Clavdivs: Whatever. Have the colors of your stupid flag, put a skull also. What The God is TRYING to say is that one needs at least 50%, maybe 66% or even better 'hits' (colors) to answer to wanted list, in order not to overpopulate it. All 'answers' are listed - in divine wisdom I, Clavdivs, decide to call them 'answers' for sake of difference of 'bids' here, and they could be called 'bids' once implemented - there shouldn't be too many if the selection of affixes is right, and... well, The God decided to give Blizzard opportunity to control server load by themselves. Oh, yes, this system can work for any number of days, though 60+% of bidding is done in last minute"

    Overall, this vas it:

    - lightveight - a proposition of system introducing offers, with potentials of both quick-cash or (practically) ending bid at desired time, and still leaving possibility to do an auction under standard conditions. For 24h, that is. In my opinion, much more flexible and no downsides - probably possible to be introduced with little effort by Blizzard.

    - heavyveight - more complicated system giving even more options to buyers and sellers alike, needing *some* work done by Blizzard

    - gold sink and inflation - this comes from yours truly, Clavdivs system is fully in compliance with Blizzard 15% igg tax. Items are losing price not because there is too much gold - calculate how much you have to farm gold for a 500,000,000 - vhen you say 'gold appears from thin air', it's rather 'legendaries appear from thin air' cause droprates are too high, and 'everyone's got one' - so this is an item inflation, not the gold one. Items have virtually no sink at all - it's either vendor or crafting material or not even picking them.

    On some of item-karma there is a word of Lord God, so I'll save this for later, when all is done...
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    posted a message on Elemental damage on weapons.

    what an unusual stroke of luck that we have you here! well, OP probably didn't knew that for everything he doesn't know, all he needs is to google 'bearbarian and reddit' and answer appears magically four months old... but now i'm sure he won't make same mistake again!

    as for rest of us, i'm pretty sure i know what i was talking about, and it didn't had much connection with topic, and others gave correct answer to OP

    but, we needed you to come in unpleasantly and arrogantly - i vote you to become admin, reddit, reddit - that place is a mess, you know
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    posted a message on Divine website on game improvements
    yup, did the whole thing. just comments, since i intend to join:

    Loot, and why it's do badly executed:
    1. Weapons. In Unterland, weapons is obligatory! And then zi cold shower! Made from random parts? Favorized one build?

    A. Ok, good weapon is so hard to find because it randomly has to roll:

    A. level 63 (never mind the affixes, basic damage will always has substantial influence)
    2. +%damage
    3. +elemental/phusical damage
    4. +large CH damage
    5, +socket

    There are additions to this base, but isn't it highly selective already? vendoring 95% rares weapon or not picking up them at all? The Baron understands!

    Consequently dual-wielding is superior by zi large margine, where applicable - no shield/off hand can offer +15% attsp (FREE!!! and there can be moreof!!!), AND ~200 CH damage. dual-wielders nowadays replace shield/quiver for another weapon. sadly - for a game diversity point.

    B. Shield. In Unterland, shields are not obligatory!
    Ok, good shield is so impossible to find because it randomly has to roll:
    1. level 63 (3700-4700 block, WAS NOT fixed as promised in 1.05, but on far worse manner)
    2. upper 80+% initial random block rate
    3. upper 80+% affix block rate
    4.. +large CC chance (well, only thing they are useful for)

    After rolling those, 3 out of 5 characters ask themselves, jokingly - exchange my second dual wielder for THIS?

    With 3 affixes predetermined, what are other options for a good shield?
    5, large armor bonus, that's what's shield it's about (up to 50% basic nHP)
    6. large +resist all
    7. being a huge reservoir of something that a weapon cannot be - looking into affixes, there is small number of those

    C. A nail in the coffin.
    No other weapon set of affixes is near ones listed above. No shield has it's use on higher monster power - at least, from defensive/keeping alive side. So, classes who can dual-wield mainly do so, and classes who can't use dual, use their class-items.

    I support Clavdivs idea of redesigning shields mechanics - in Unterland, if something's broken, we broke it to pieces! Since MP did exactly the same with shields, we *could* discuss another kind of shields.

    1. Shields with full block (equal dodge) are usable on MP levels.

    2. Noticed diablo II (developers will grind their teeth to pulp if they ever read this) had very low variation between block (FULL block, mind you) on shield type? not 2 or three times between next of class? and those with highest chance were deserved with chars who invested heavily into combat attributes - so no sorcerer could wield it? Let's NOT have +-100% chance of usability at start and then +-33% efficiency roll? 'Complete random' at it's worst...

    3. Each time i see how poor dual-wielding needs help in form of a +15% attsp, i wonder is it just the dw, that needs it? why shield won't automatically gave +15% of something? or 2-hander? compare straight 15% ATTSP on each strike with ~15% CHANCE to REDUCE damage by an amount - admittingly, i think that shield mechanics in diablo II worked well enough and gave space for diversity builds.

    If somebody thinks different, i am eager to hear different opinion on this.
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    posted a message on Elemental damage on weapons.

    Aorry for a delay, but in unterland slaves work twice as hard on weekends, so need of supervision is... increased.

    Anyway, i agree vit you completely on mechanisms points - and i believe that i never contradicted them. So, i agree with you on how bonus is applied. if i made post looks otherwise, that vas my english.

    However, i'm kinda going bit off-topic in this thread - question a usability of sole dps info on char screen.

    Here: initially, Blizzard wanted to make elemental bonuses actually work and make a difference depending on kinda weapon is used (even characteristic of elemental damage vas listed). Somewhere in the vay, they said that it's 'too complicated' and reduce them all to mere addition of damage - i guess initially physical part of damage should have been converted to spell effect, and not the elemental one, but they changed it. Yet, the difference between elemental damage value remained? Maybe it will be fixed... in future patch, or expansion.

    So, current dps indicator is faulty on many occasions, mainly on skill that have no use of attack speed, or have a substantial cooldown.

    Currently, any presence of attack skill, 'boost one's ego' by showing a number different than one that vill be used.

    And that's about all I wanted to say - "don't always look at dps and think change is REAL, especially on attack speed matter - every class has cooldown skills that profit zero of attack speed, and player who uses them a lot and masses attack speed is misleaded to think he's stronger than he really is"
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    posted a message on Divine website on game improvements
    HA, HA, HA, HA!

    so this is your hideout, friend! should I read it all? yes, yes, i suppose i should! brilliant designer, as ever, i see! up for a fun an educational night... will post major flaws (oh "The God has none", i suppose, hahaha, saved you a trouble) here, and may join on your worthy crusade against imbalances or whatever...
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    posted a message on Elemental damage on weapons.
    Quote from unReality

    Couldn't be more wrong.

    There is a difference between the "Adds X% to [Element] Damage" (i.e. Triumvirate, Zuni Boots, Tal's Amulet), and "[Element] Skills Deal X% More Damage" (i.e. Tal Rasha's set bonus).

    What you're describing applies only to the latter (i.e. increase damage for specific elemental skills, not reflected in DPS number), while the "Adds X% to [Element] Damage" applies to your physical weapon damage (i.e. reflected in DPS number, increases damage on all skills regardless of element).

    That does not make me wrong at all. In both cases you described, dps ist showing *something* and doing *something* and those two aren't connected. No matter which scenario you chose, dps shows irrelevant number. It's very simple - one number cannot represent at the same time:
    1. elemental damage modified by a percentage
    2. elemental damage not modified by a percentage

    It's nice to have one general indicator (as now), but we simply need more data to have accurate insight of what's being modified by what and how much damage it does. That's all I'm saying.
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    posted a message on Elemental damage on weapons.
    hmmmm.... it's virtual, as i stated before. +elemental damage works only if skill uses dat particular elemental type, so triumvirate will increase 6% on magic missile (arcane), but not on blizzard (ice). whole elemental thing serves exactly to no purpose, because total damage is wholly converted to a type specified by skill (can be seen easily, since none of the secondary effects are delivered) - posted by blizzard. somewhere. at some point of time.

    so triumvirate, apart from 'virtual dps', increases only attacks/spell damage that convert to specific elemental-type damage - basically, damage is increased either by 6%, or nothing... making whole triumvirate or tal rasha thing pretty worthless, as 3% or 6% is same as +60 or +120 int points (for, say 2000 int wizard), only worse... nothing to hop about, anyway
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    posted a message on Elemental damage on weapons.
    In der diablo 2, we called info screen 'ze blue screen of lies', though it actually vas vey BETTER than here. Here, you have a 'dps' number floating in der space, meaning practically nothing.

    It is how it's calculated:
    http: // eu.battle.net/ d3/ en/ forum/ topic/ 4903361857 [remove der spaces]

    So, it's ze *some* dps, which ist not correct at all, basically since not all skills (unlike weapon) have der cooldown, and all skills modify dmg or dps (unexplained! but likely both, depending on having ze cooldown or not) for a percentage

    This dps, therefore, is incorrect in nature, except if related to a one weapon melee with 100% damage modifier (i guess).

    What needs to be done ist to change the 'yellow screen of lies' to list:
    - damage and cooldown for each skill, and *then* dps (all of that in 'details' section)

    If you *need* to know real dps, then calculate damage, ignore all attack speed modifiers if skill has cooldowns, add in der skill modificators and you're somewhere close. Dat is since you are WD, and not all skills rely on attack speed at all - and ones dat do, don't list it...

    What I'm trying to say is that der dps listed is an approximation in crudest vay possible, and +-4.5k means nothing - you have to look at damage done numbers to draw a precise conclusion (and for all skills, unfortunately). Or decide to try ignoring reality and trust Blizzard arbitrary 'dps'.

    This is my biggest complaint about data presentation in diablo 3, that's vay i vrote so much...
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    posted a message on 100mil to spend... what class?
    Paragon 25... I would upgrade, maybe not for all gold, but again, I do trade alot, so I need substantial cash for ze... transactions (personally, i would spend none of it, and invested ze trading profit into better gear, 100 mil ist nice trading base).

    At ze end, if you are tired of WD, maybe change to wizard, so you can share some of ze gear in beginning (also leave part of nice 100mil unused, ready to multiply in der transactions)? And if you're into PvP, then upgrade for sure.
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    posted a message on [Starcraft2 in Diablo2] A New mods for Sc2! Check this out!
    The stream doesn't work for me, but from what i saw in game-text it looks better than... something we all know... I'll try to make stream work and investigate ze forums, then come back and reply some more
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    posted a message on Most efficient (Post MP) Paragon leveling route?
    True, true. But then, elite-farming vas dominant over level-clearing, and there vas no paragon levels - number of bosses/elites determined ze farming route quality. Currently, only act 3 gives enough normal monster for ze exp/gold farming and increased monster drops rates allow item-farming. that reversed situation - and for ze better, i think.

    And even better if all acts had areas similarly populated as act 3 - new patch could fix this.
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    posted a message on Most efficient (Post MP) Paragon leveling route?
    Quote from Clavdivs

    The God says 'hi!' to his pal Walter

    Clavdivs?! HERE? It was, like, months! We must meet the usual place!
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    posted a message on Most efficient (Post MP) Paragon leveling route?
    Alkazier's and i consider it a designers flaw - it is OK, guy founded best populated route, he deserved congratulations.

    However, Blizzard doesn't, since route with that efficiency exists ONLY in act 3 (and similarly effective variations are also act 3), and that should be fixed - not the route itself, it should be left like it is, it is a composition of several good, interesting and rewarding areas in game.

    What SHOULD be fixed are other acts and areas, they should have more monsters, less dead-ends - it is a hack and slash, after all. More hacking, more slashing, less pointless running! I'm referring to act 1 highlands, act 2 desert and other underpopulated areas
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