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    posted a message on Athene kills Azmodan in 25 sec
    Quote from Huminator

    Quote from Ryusei

    Why he's not featured?
    Considering the above Athene 25 sec kill is actualy slow, really slow. However his trolling the masses of the clueless youth. Works like a charm for him.

    mind showing me a very, very quick kill, or should i just say you talk shit a lot?
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    posted a message on MP 8 Three Elites at Once Solo Act 2
    Quote from agadabagada

    god damn, stop posting your mediocore videos then looooosing your aboslute shit when pple tell you that your using inferior and coutner productive mechanics (2h with ww, loh at 80k dps, no thrive on chaos). fuck, welcome to the internet and life. If you put yourself out there (ie posting a video AND THEN making it sound like the biggest thing since sliced bread) you are going to get attention. If u ran a superior build, people wouldnt bitch at that, and then they would say "HEY, YOU DID WHAT ANY BARB SHOULD DO, THAT WAS PRETTY COOL THO SEEING HOW U MANAGED 3 ELITES AT ONCE, GRATS".

    ontop of that, your just an rude, hot headed, low self esteem internet kid who posts low quality videos and looses his shit at the first scent of negativity, its really tiring. please stop

    You want to find out how inferior your build is? go do ubers mp10 solo. hf and adios

    how is 2h WW counterproductive?
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    posted a message on How to deal with reflect damage at mp6+?
    Quote from DenkaSaeba25

    Just wait for the hotfix, at this point...
    there wont be an hotfix for reflect damage
    just need to play on lower mp or get more dmg reduction for physical or all resist or armor for it or more lifesteal or life on hit
    or simply kite it into trash or another pack to help on leeching back some life
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