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    Quote from TianZi

    I played my DH to paragon 100, and DO NOT recommend it for anything relating to mid-MP farming. While I was able to do MP10 and solo Ubers on it, pretty much anything past MP2-3 already felt inefficient compared to playing my monk. Basically it's slow, but does work.

    If you're fine with low-MP farming, than I would say DH is a good place to go. I was able to keep up fairly consistent 90-100m exp/hour while paragon leveling my DH.


    I love my DH, but he falls behind other classes once you get past MP 2 or 3 :0(
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    I have found my Templar to be very useful in maps with chokepoints. I have beefed up his survivability and I equipped him with an Azurewrathe sword. Azurewrathe's aren't that expensive, and offer both Cold dmg as well as a very high chance to Freeze. He stops lots of monsters dead in their tracks.

    For open areas with lots of monsters, I used to run a Windforce equipped Scoundrel.

    However, since 1.0.5, I've changed to having the Templar full time because I now run a Sentry/Spike Trap build, which calls for having large mobs grouped up on top of you.
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