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    posted a message on My 2662k dps damage output throw-barb
    Do your belt and ring stack with eachother to make weapon fury only cost 1 fury?
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    posted a message on Advice needed farming inferno Barbarian
    http:// (remove space after http://)

    I've recently cleared inferno for the first time on my Barbarian in a multiplayer game. I should now look towards farming and getting my PL up, as well as farming some gold for upgrades. The only problem is that I have no survivability. have trouble clearing elite packs in act III on MP 0, which is worrisome. I recently got two weapons with lifesteal on them to sustain myself, but now I found out that lifesteal is nerfed to 20% on inferno, so my sustain is horrible. Any gear pieces with the stats I want + all resistances cost in the tens of millions of gold, which I don't have.

    I was just wondering which gear pieces I could upgrade the best. I'm most fond of my gloves and neck. My belt and shoulders aren't too bad either. The reason I'm using this much MF is because I've a low paragon level, and whilst farming I'm just hoping to get some lucky drops to either sell or upgrade myself, especially with the legendary drop rate doubling in 1.0.5. No such luck so far though.

    Any advice would be much appreciated Also on skills, as I'm using tough as nails for survivability atm, but I could also go for inspiring presence to regain more life. Also, my budget atm is around 4-5 million. Any advice?
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