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    posted a message on I need advice for my Demon Hunter
    Lots of upgrade options for you. But question is, what kind of build are you going for?

    It looks to me you want a bit of a balanced (as opposed to pure dps/ tank) build? If so, I'd recommend trying to maintain 400-500 resists, 40K health and 4k armor (after buffs).

    That kind of build is great for a pet/trap/team style of play(So in addition to shadow power, preparation, primary (e.g. bolashot), your choice of a secondary hatred spender attack, companion(not my choice), sentry, marked for death, spike traps, caltraps).

    For passives I'd definitely swap nighstalker for perfectionist, consider steady aim instead of sharpshooter, although your crit chance is low.

    Now, the usual way for a DH to get their dps up is based on crit chance/dmg. The other alternative is to get massive dex, attack speed and raw weapon/affix dmg (not as popular and somewhat more difficult to do). Regardless, there are many deficiencies in your gear. Based on a balance buld style, you need to improve the following:

    1. Crit Chance needs to go way up - try to get to at least 35%
    2. Dex needs to go way up, - at least towards th 2000 mark and preferably toward 2200+
    3. Crit Damage needs to improve - more towards 350% to 400%. This will be difficult unless you use a 2H crossbow with archery passive.
    2. Attack Speed needs to increase would be a nice dps boost, but don't focus on this too much as it suffers from diminshing returns.

    Work towards the above. Your gloves can definitely be better - they can get all of Dex, crit chance, crit dmg and attack speed. Play around with the AH and see what you can afford (perhaps focus on dex and 1 or 2 of the other affixes). Same with rings which are going pretty cheap becauseof everyone's focus on set item rings and hellfire rings.

    Andariels as helm is a good option, or consider bracers with crit chance, 100+ dex, resist all and drop the vitality.
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    posted a message on Yay!!, I found my first set!, but I think it sucks, you tell me.
    That is one of the best Monk/DH belt around for those searching for high DPS that can't afford a witching hour.

    This is because it always has +% elemental dmg and crit chance, which you can't normally get on belts.

    And you've rolled a great one with +dex/vit.

    Keep it.
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    Finding the game so much more enjoyable.

    For the farmers who only care aboout farming efficiency, blizzard have sought you out with MP1/2, which should gives you MF/GF bonus while making it enemies easier to kill.

    For the rest who aren't looking at the stop watch to see how long a run took, then feverishly working their calculators and spreadsheets to determine farming efficiency, MP4+ gives you a great way to challenge your skills and character.

    For me, 1.0.4 was quite simply boring.

    1.0.5, different game. New builds that are quite fun to play (for those whinging, look into it even if takes away from your farming efficiency as the process will not maximise your GF/MF).

    For me, MP4 is more of a challenge than 1.0.4 was, MP5 is a genuine test. Both are great fun to play.
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