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    Disclaimer: I'm really not a fan of of making Reaper of Souls a modern D2. For that reason, I have been very sceptical about bringing back Runewords, charms, the old skill tree...

    However, I think that your proposal is a really elegant idea that certainly merits serious consideration by Blizzard! I would love to see the developers test this concept over a couple of PTRs or so, to give it enough time to evolve. Thanks for the huge amount of thought and work that you have put into this :-)

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    Welcome Fatal! I hope that you stay awhile and listen...enjoy the forum :-)

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    posted a message on Mastering All The Set Dungeons - Build Guides, Videos, Rankings And Tips!
    Quote from crayonsmind»

    Sorry I rarely check diablofans anymore, Season 6 kind of killed my enjoyment of the game with the Firebug issues and all.

    Anyhow, I just checked all the links in Chrome and Firefox and they appear to work for me, could you post specifically what Guide you're trying to look at and what browser you are using? That way I can refer it to a mod if it's something I can't fix by editing, thanks!

    I get the following error in chrome when clicking all the class links:

    This site can’t be reached

    ..’s server DNS address could not be found.

    However, I just checked on safari, and it works fine there! This is my go to guide, and I have been slowly working my way through each of the classes :-)

    I am sure that I am not the only one to have benefitted from your huge effort, so thank you again on behalf of all!

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    I learnt a lot too, so thank you :-)

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    posted a message on My Road to Rank 1 EU-NS! :)

    Congrats OraK to you and your team, and thank you for the journey - it was fun watching!

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    Quote from RiffSphere»

    Seeing your (valid) replies, maybe I should not have posted my questions in here.

    I personally found your original questions, and subsequent reply very useful! Sincere and insightful questions (as yours are) lead to clarifications, evolution of thought and healthy debate/discussion. It is very encouraging to see both the OP and yourself discussing the topic in an informed and healthy manner. I wish we could say the same about other discussion threads!

    I avidly follow the Chrome on Rust Videos, and find them incredibly entertaining and informative. However, as a newish HC DH, I struggled with understanding this one (I have simply maxed out on toughness, and hoped for the best!). Your question and comments helped clarify a few things for me, so please do continue to contribute to the discussions!

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    Quote from cupAsoup»
    Looks like a standard pet build with the fear mask and ring of larceny for speed. A nice combination that should work well for farming and T6. Unfortunate that the dmg output is severely limited without an SMK, as all pet centered builds are.

    Still, if you can find the mask/kukri/larceny ring, this looks pretty fun.

    For the haters out there, chill out. This is a nice build that provides some variety to the WD. At least he put it out there in a selfless manner, and not everyone would have thought of it. Good on you Assholic for sharing and providing us with something else to do in this game.
    Please don't be put off by any criticism Assholic. Nice first videos on you-tube. I switched from barb to WD some time ago and have really enjoyed it. However, the class is limited to the cookie cutter pet or jade build, and lacks diversity. This looks like a nice fun alternative for speed farming- so good on you for sharing!
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    I had fun for an hour getting splattered in a T4 rift with a friend - being one-shotted, with no idea what caused it :-)
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