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    Legendary gems are disabled if you put them on followers

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    and thats the remaster of the previous remaster :P

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    Quote from Nachten

    Quote from H0p31355

    It will be interesting to see how the LB competitions progress now till the end of the season :).

    Or if the players find a new "pizza" ;) .

    in my opinion if nobody re-develops something like Thud or if Killerjohn doesn't come back, this will result in a dead game.
    how and why are you a mod on this website?
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    since Reaper of Souls, Magic Find is a close to useless stat on items. Let's say you have 100% magic find on your gear total, it will only increase your chance to find a Legendary/Set item by 10%, so theoretical 1% becomes 1.1%, In reality its more like 0.01% becomes 0.011%

    also, there's barely any items left with Magic Find anyway, Blizzard stated they weren't happy with the whole system so they kinda squished it, so people don't feel the need to fit 300%MF on their gear like people did in D3classic, not to speak of the annoyance of MF gear swaps before elite kills that a lot of people practised (yuck)

    just focus on gearing for killspeed and enough toughness to handle the highest difficulty setting that feels effective for your character

    (btw in Torment 6 u get a 1600% MF increase, so 100% MF from items would be a minor increase but nothing game-changing)

    not to discourage you from using your MF items, keep them if they're decent, just don't skip upgrades just because it means losing MF.
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