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    Quote from Grimy_Bunyip

    but you also have to consider that all jewelry will be rolling i63 enchants now.
    whereas previously maybe only 25% of all jewelry dropped was i62
    and the rest was i61 or lower.
    ^ this. Also, even if the numbers are off (6% compared to 4.5%) you're still talking about almost a 35% increase, so compare the prices of 4.5% rings to 3% rings. There's still millions of gold in price differences.

    Just a quick check of the GAH with rings that have 8% Attack Speed and 30% Crit Damage, a 3% Crit chance ring starts at buyout 20M whereas 4.5% starts at 220M That's a lot more than the 25% you expect.
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    Perhaps a lesson in statistics is necessary for those of you that don't think prices will drop drastically?

    4.5% crit chance is top now on rings and is an outlier. If rings then suddenly roll to 10% those 4.5% rings become way less valuable. esp with the rings now rolling stats based to the monster level instead of the random drop level. If every ring you drop rolls ilvl 63 stats now instead of the 20% or whatever chance you had a ring to be lvl 63 before, you're going to have waaaay more 63 lvl affix rings rolling around (~80% more). A 4.5% ring was valuable before because it was the max value and now it's going to be less that even half of that high value... i mean seriously, how can that not be a huge reduction in price? Compare the difference in price between two trifecta rings, both with high crit dmg and high attack speed... the one with 4.5% crit chance compared to 2.5% crit chance... the difference is Millions and Millions.
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    I don't see your profile on any of the four servers. Can you post a link to your profile on battle.net so we can see your equipment and what abilities you like to use?

    For the most part, you are going to try to maximize Str, and All Resist, with a minor focus on Armor and Vit.

    Eventually when you start having 5M or more to start spending on a single piece of equipment, you want to start focusing on Crit Chance, Crit Dmg, and Attack speed. Gloves, Amulets and Rings that don't have at least one of these are probably not worth spending money on (bracers and helmets also have crit chance available on them). If you are going to use a shield, then you should make sure that has high crit chance on it too (7+).

    Weapons need to have crit chance or at least a socket on them. I think you can get a 900+dps one hander with crit dmg and a socket for under 500k.

    You're also going to want some sort of life gain. Right now, Life/Hit is probably your best bet, but as you get more dmg, Life Steal is going to start becoming better. Life/Kill is always nice, but I wouldn't pay much for it (if you are comparing two similar items and one has Life/Kill, opt for that one).

    You helmet MUST have a socket on it for a Ruby. The exp bonus is pretty much mandatory for Paragon leveling. I would invest in at least a Star Ruby if you don't have one already.

    Confused yet?!? Equipping up can be pretty complicated, but if you keep these in mind, you should be able to put together an inferno worthy set for less than 5M pretty easily.
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    I have done a fair amount of Act 1 farming and have yet to see a Jeweler's plan. I have noticed that I seem to be getting the same Blacksmith plans over and over again and yet when I farm Act 2 or 3 I find different plans. After failing to find any sort of information on Google or here, I figured I would start this thread, but I need help!

    Please post or message me a plan you picked up and what act you picked it up in (I'm assuming plans only drop in Inferno, is that right?). I will update this topic with the information I receive and hopefully we will get enough information to prove or debunk my theory that specific plans only drop on specific acts.
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